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  1. side effects of smoking super kush incense - ( Jul 24, 2012 MacKeeper will boost your Macs speed and keep your apps up to date. * Secure your Mac Like Cobra, Super Kush, 42 degrees, Demon .
  2. "Bayou Blaster" Review ( ly-tried-bayou-blaster-from.html) Apr 6, 2011 Very true, the effects only last about half an hour, still very common product i buy along with Super kush, Demon, Green Cobra and bayou,

  3. Comments about this video:

    Spice is retarded and anybody who smokes it is retarded. It's all chemicals that are bad for you. You wanna smoke... Smoke real marijuana not this crap.

    fucking spicers...this is not cool,,,your better off just fucking quitting smoking period until u are off probation...most times people are put on probation for doing dumb stupid shit. so u have to pay the price...ive been on probation once and i just quit smoking no big deal...and i am a serious high grade smoker/grower. now i just stop doing stupid shit so i dont wind up on probation again and its worked for the past 12 years.
    If your going to be posting videos of this poison man you really shouldnt be associating it with kush or any type of cannabis. Makes us look bad. Stay safe bro...
    Yo wicked magic rasberry flavor had me so fucced up I could see with my eyes closed, that shit had me scary high.
    when i was on probation k2 was the worst product out there pretty much any k product fucking sucks i got on probation when it was just pep spice that shit was awesome only a hour high then then i started finding other brands and imo the best that didn't give me a headache and/or lasted longer then 2 hours was black magic and funky monkey but honestly i never really smoked that shit a lot i was more into just mushrooms doses and white powders 2ci/e/p and you can buy those online legally th powder.
    smoke diablo if you wanna feel your brain move in your head..feel like your walking sideways instead of straight...and pretty much think you are going to die ...if you wana feel that with just 2 hits smoke DIABLO.

    Dude quit smoking that shit its straight poison . Spend your money on synthetic piss instead so you can smoke weed all day and still pass any drug test .

    Sub this guy. Sly knows what he's talking about! He's one of the few that can smoke the best, grow the best.

    US troops are smoking K2 and Spice now. Apparently, it doesn't show up when they get tested. We covered this story on our channel if anyone's interested.

    im on probation and i used to smoke cloud 9 extra strength it was good but now its illegal were i live so i smoke this shit my moms friends make and its weak as fuck.
    do people just smoke this shit cause they on probation? Smoke real weed. its easy to grow and is the real shit. Dont smoke legal nasty shit.hello?!? what about the people on probation? what would you do if u had 2 years of probation?? you would be in a hospital room with 2 others on a oxygen machine from too much KING KONG and Super Kush. djude try Karma that shit is off the hook and Swweetleaf als dont buy from a vending machiene in a bar cause it will be one gram for the price of 3 grams.
    Yup try demon thats what I always tell people and there like ya ya Im not a pussy then they smoke themselves in to zombie mode hahahahaha Ive seen it happen way to many times lol peace out man it only takes one or 2 puffs its crazy.

    try some Voodoo Magic, it's better than Demon. Voodoo Magic really does put you in zombie mode dood..
  4. Potpourri To Smoke For Sale on Veengle ( %2520For%2520Sale.html) Its called Super Kush and just like Demon its sold and 1.5 and 3.5 gram bags as incense ... Tags: People People · Scooby Snax Potpourri BLUNT Review 10g
  5. Buy Kratom Townsville Port Lincoln, Australia Demon Smoke Blend ( m-townsville-port-lincoln-australia-demon-smoke-ble nd-review.html) Dec 9, 2012 Methylone And Ghb | Buy Monkey Pills | Spice Incense Recipes Mojo Black Label Kratom Super Kush For Sale Online | Hervey Bay,
  6. Rossford police seize synthetic drugs - Action News 5 - Memphis ( -seize-synthetic-drugs%3Fclienttype%3Dprintable) May 4, 2012 The law specifically includes 5 synthetic cannabinoids, and lists them of " Demon, Fire, Cloud Nine, Mad Hatter, Bob Marley, Super Kush and
  7. Effects of Fake Pot (Spice, K2) and Zombies ( 9430/pg1) There are no 'long term" studies to offer evidence of safety or non safety. the stuff is the devils weed. something really strange about it This stuff called Super Green is killer. I personally tried 2 types. first the one called "kush" and then I was bored one day and went to get some "kush" they were out of
  8. Herbal Incense Today - Cheap Herbal Incense Online - Lowest ( Check out herbal incense reviews and check out the only place where you can Check our latest super promotions! WTF Kush (5g) Devils Advocate (10g)
  9. Demon vs super kush ( Open spurce rattan. Magic Fundamentals > The Rumor Mill. Desecration Demon 2bb Rare Creature Demon Flying At the beginning of each combat. 4 mana
  10. K2 Drug Facts ( I tried it and was flooded with homicidal thoughts and wanted to kill myself to protect others. I felt like a demon entered me and was telling me to kill people. I just kept praying I started getting super anxious, to the point that I couldn't sit down. Then I I smoked regular marijuana, hydro, purple, kush, indo, white widow, etc.
  11. Smoking herbal incense effects | Addiction Blog ( e-effects/) Sep 11, 2011 This is because both marijuana and synthetic weed bind to the CB1 and CB2 space cadet, space, kush, super kush, cloud 10, southern max, I have smoked Demon, New Dimension, High Times, Wicked X, and Bayou
  12. weekly herbal reviews - GLUTTONY HYERBALS !! ( s.htm) gluttony hyherbals herbal incense reviews and more. way to fast and has very lil evvect also got samples of demon and bayou blaster with all the weird cause first time i tried super kush from a local skate shop to my remembrence it was a
  13. 7H potpourri 5 Gram (5g) - $19.99 : Herbal Incense and potpourri ( ct_info%26products_id%3D98) Nov 14, 2011 Herbal Incense and potpourri cheap for sale 7H potpourri 5 Gram (5g) Available in Mary Jane, Rasta, Summit, Kush, and Purple Haze scents.
  14. Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids - Erowid ( _Spice_and_Synthetic_Cannabinoids.shtml) A categorized index into experiences with Products Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids. Products Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids ('K2 Super Kush') Stuck, Ange, Products Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids ('Demon')
  15. Effects of k4 weed ( I made a few reviews on two legal weed smoking spice blends called Demon and Super Kush. I decided to also do a review on one of the spices that I did not.
  16. Strange Experience With "Super Kush" Herbal Incense - Drugs Forum ( %3D160989) Hi, this is my first post, and i am almost completely new to this forum. This was supposedly because the super kush is strong but lasts for roughly thirty You're only supposed to take a hit of that stuff, as well as Demon.
  17. Profile - SpiceGold - Zimbio ( DaScents is the makers of other herbal incense and organic sachets such as; Bayou Blaster, Demon Free, and Super Kush.The scent after the package was

  18. Comments about this video:
  19. Side affects of smoking super kush | Carranza blog ( Nov 9, 2012 Side effects of super kush botanical potpourri Cloud 10 Herbal 10 United states , these legal demon botanical will you need some aromatic potpourris. ive been smoking this stuff for almost 2 years, on and off from pot to
  20. 1:18 Super Kush Spice K2 Potpourri Legal - YouTube ( Jun 1, 2011 Its called Super Kush and just like Demon its sold and 1.5 and 3.5 gram bags as incense or potpourri. It is just as strong as the demon. So listen
  21. Synthetic Marijuana: Six Things You Should Know About Smoking ( 2/synthetic_marijuana_six_things.php) Feb 19, 2010 And while JWH 018 is still legal in Arizona, there are a few other things you should know about smoking it: Demon, Diablo, Kush, 1st gen. if ya dont trust me then go buy super kush and smoke a bag or 2 and then tell me

  22. Comments about this video:
    Trust me if I could smoke pot I would, my job drug test me for marijuana so i can't. :( I find I get just as high as I do with weed just don't feel as good knowing its not natural, but overall on my off days I smoke that real dank shit.
    If only weed got me as high as spice does then i would still be smoking weed. But the fact of the matter is that weed is for pussy's and hippies. Wich no one in their right mind would want to be.
    yeah cool story bro..but that spice your smoking is slowly killing you and eating you from the inside out..thank you have a nice day PEACE. Thank you for sharing your fun facts by the way what college did you say you went to too do all of this spice research that you have compilled over the years without any biased views? Oh thats right you just think your a doctor or scientist like most hippies do. Oh and tones of shit kills everyone everyday shit thats even eccential to live. Please take your psuedosceince bullshit else where sir and have a good day.haha funny fact i did go to college thank you very much sir and i dont concider myself a "hippy" im just very knowlagable about things and this just happens to be one of those things an i know from experience when i was an idiot an spent $50 daily killing myself slowly with the spice for 2 years an i dont want people to go through what i did because it sucked i was in no way trying to be a asshole about this i was just saying it is possible to die from using these products thanks have a nice day.
    You're right man, those kids overdosing on the news are just retards who underestimated this shit K2 does the job, IT GETS YOU HIGH. It's 10 times more potent and stronger. USE IT, Don't ABUSE IT But yeah in all fairness, Weed is better. K2 gets me stoned faster though.

    I tried legal two days ago and flipped the fuck out I had to redo everything i did the day before just to feel normal again, that shit fucks you up.

    Are you one of those kids who try to look cool in front of their friends by taking 3-5 hits of k2 ???

    synthetic marijuana is one of the most toxic substences known to man...IT HAS TRACES OF ARSONIC POSION IN IT!

    makes sense that a juicehead with shitty generic star tattoos would be too afraid to smoke real weed, probably the same fucking person that would rather go out and drink themselves to death because "weed is illegal!!".

    I smoke weed on a daily n this shit is nothing like it. I almost died smoking spice and have been struggling for the past year to get my blood pressure and anxiety back to normal. Wish I would have never touched that stuff. I would do any hard drug over spice and I'm not the one to preach about drugs I love drugs. But spice is something else. Makes u have a lot of crazy evil thoughts and dreams. I didn't believe all this either untill it happened to me. Be safe ppl and smoke some WEED!!!
    BOBBY H, your are a first-class jackass. Cannabis cannot kill you. It's not even physically addicting, it came become a habit over time. Not an addiction.Fake shit will kill you. Hell, I almost died when I smoked it. It fucked me up psychologically. It gave a kid at my school a heart attack. If it isn't natural stay the hell away from it.real weed is trash now...stinks..smells trashy...Get some legal..been on it 2 years..u will NEVER go back to reggie or dro.
    i smoke this shit everyday and get way more fuckin higher then real weed thats the whole reason im smokin it not becouse its legal for all those dumb fucks who actualy think thats the reason we smoke spice.
    for real dude i still smoke the shit and its banned, its gets ur way more fucked up than bud, dont get me wrong i love weed, but nothing compares to fake shit..
    your a dumb mutherfucker youve never even done druggs in your life bitch so you dont know what that shit does you little cocklickshitdickbitch stick your finger up your ass let the gass pass and i will stick glass in your ass. PAHAHAHAHA! some1's constipated!!!gas pass!!! ..GLASS ASS!!!! xD whats with all the faggets on youtube now how SAD...
    Half the people saying "Just smoke weed" either don't smoke themselves or don't understand what its like to need to pass a drug test because their like 15. I smoke all kinds of spice, because I used to smoke dro all day every day. There are no noticable effects on my health, and your head is much more clear. Plus 15$ 3 gram bags is a good price. Most of you have no clue what your talking about for real.
    hell yea thats what im talking aboutt yo!!! thumbs way the fuck upp! everybody gona be smokin spice in 5 years watch especialy if it ever gets banned watch they just some little followers spice is the new shit to smoke!Dragonlite Vaporizers ARE JUST LIKE THE MAGIC FLIGHT LAUNCH BOX! but 50% CHEAPER! Dragonlite vaporizers are the smallest battery powered vaporizer on the market today.MADE IN THE USA, and has a LIFETIME MANUFACTURER WARRANTY. GET YOURS FOR CHRISTMAS AND STOCKING STUFFERS!(we are having a 3 for 60) NO SHIPPING SALE! GET YOURS NOW FOR ONLY 25$ This is a 50-75% Savings from All MAJOR COMPETITORS! (Wholesale pricing available JUST ASK!) ORDER NOW 2 dragonlitevaporizers com.
    I smoke about an 8th of spice a day. I love it. It sort of feels like weed a little bit, but its like way better.

    haha well while some forms of this stuff can be like smoking weed others are more like shrooms or lsd,i smoked some earlier today and all i took was one hit and it was an absolute sensory overload it was like 2 or 3x as powerful as shroomies but only lasted about 15 minutes,really fun if you have a break at work.
    down to earth will give you a mushroom tripp once sat there looking at every1 looking like play-doh!
    THANK YOU !!! Fucking kids over do the shit and it makes a big deal all over the news. So thank the dumbass kids for the DEA banning it.

    all the kids are seeing it on youtube so thank yersels for it being banned we still get the good stuff in scotland ;).
    Dude, smoke some bang bang. My cousin smokes it every night and it fries his brain. It's super potent for real. I've never done it, but by the looks of what it does to my friends, it seems to be a 1 hitter for real.
    I realized that mr happy is not as good as weed, but I save so much money all I have to do is take one hit and Im stoned for at least 2 hours, Ive smoked weed for 8 years so my tolerance is so great that I was having to smoke a whole blunt every 30 minutes, plus this shit made me give up cigarettes, its like weed and cigaretts combined.
    Fuck spice man I smoked that shit for the first time a couple months ago cuz the kid I was smoking with told me it was pure ganja. it fucked my life up I can't smoke anymore with out trippin the fuck out. I only took two hits and I was fuckin gone. All I remember is blacking out then 2 minutes later I was looking down at myself convulsing and screaming and twitching, came out of it and puked twice. My advice kids don't do it.I smoked a blunt of mr. Nice Guy . It made me paranoid as fuck. My friend goes through a 4g bag everyday and he will stop at nothing to get it, hes going crazy. It gives him stomach pains and constant diarrhea. I saw my other friend seizure and go to the hospital. Im never doing it again. Dont use synthetics. Use the real stuff. The nurse even told me that.bob marley kush potpurri is safer it feels good.. I tried k2 and it was bad i had a headache and my mouth tasted like shit.. but bob marley kush potpurri doesn't taste bad but it smells like dirty fish in the air hahaha.
    My boyfriend smokes dis shit n I askd him how does it make him feel he responded I feel lik I left out my body n got back n as a spirit, dis nigga really feel lik he left out his body n I'm worried.

    Real weed isn't bad for you what so ever, fake weed aka legal shit, synthetic they add lots of chemicals to make it stronger and make it stay fresh long, just the herb alone of fake weed is bad but along with the chemicals and shit is even worse do real weed not fake.
    You know what else is legal and won't kill you like spice, Medicinal Marijuana. Its 60 bucks guys, cmon now. The fist time I smoked legal bud I didn't know how strong it was and I didn't know your supposed to only smoke a bowl but I ended up smoking the whole gram in 3-5 minutes ten seconds after I got out the car (I was hot boxing as well) I fall in my ass and start throwing up everywhere I couldn't move at all and my friend smoked a pack to he ended up face planting after 2 steps. Haha Like a dumbass, i took a huge bowl of this shit in my backyard, wasnt this particular set but it was just potpourri. took too many hits and had a panic attack(Schizo thoughts also) and thought i was dying for the first 10-20 minutes. this stuff is too potent to be rolling into blunts and taking MASSIVE hits like normal bud. be careful with this shit! listen to the guy in the vid. (just be carefull) yes. some spice is sprayed with methadrone the methadrone is in shit like hammer head,mr nice guy, ak-47 anyspice that really really fucks u... it has a real real cat pissy smell to it. but i will say most spice kinda does lol . some spice will make u (trip) i smoked hammer head and like everything was 2dimentional, like i was in a cartoon, it almost felt like the time i drank moonshine . im good on that garbage.
    I've been smoking weed for a longass time potpourri is badass its all I smoke ill do a video my stuff is called wiz khalifa spice.
    I dont u smoke some real weed. And kids stop fucking around with that shit it does do anything real weed is all the best no downers from it stop smoken spice everyone.Hahah I NEED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL, you are funny as hell fam, ya my boy was like that isnt shit, he ripped until he was so scared he was almost in tears hahahaha witchdoctor shit lol.
    Man fuck k2 I rather stick to that bomb ass budd then that shit...some lil ass 17 year old kid stabed his friends girl to death cause he was tripin off that shit it was in seattle wa still on the news.

    was gonna talk shit but u live in my town and ur a lil big lol ... y do u smoke that garbage ??? just wonderin ?? i hit that crap once and was geeked !!! and ima regular real tree smoker !
    i smoke dis shit wit my bro all tha time since he on probation. i be smokin blunts of dis before skool and im not even klose to dieyin. them kids just dont know how to hang.
    k2 isnt even that bad for u , i know about 5 poeple most in the servace and smoked the shit for 4 years straight like 8 times a day, and yea they run around all dday with 60lb bags and are still smart and healty as horse , its just that people get the most potent shit out here roll up a blunt and try to get high as all the clouds , yea hammer head and supe kush yea thats poten get a non aramatic blend so u can actuly enjoy it.
    Fuck it Im gonna start smoking spice, its the idiots who smoke blunts after blunts that freak out and call 911. all I need is a bowl and im high for an hour, and the smoke is smoother. btw GorillaBearENT what you're saying about those ppl who overdo it is true. I agree 110% with you about that. The reason ppl go to the hospital is bc they smoke to much and they go into tachycardia so thank you for pointing out the simple fact that it is not to be fucked around with!
    damn bruh I get super kush regularly from my smoke shop and it does the job for me. Ima bout to get some here in a bit lol.

    Today i try two potpurri 7x and the stronger one with my cuzin at the same time and felt clear sounds that if they were so close to me. Id smell strong strawberry odor that my cuzin couldnt smell me. this stuff made me consentrate and made me not think too much and relaxed that i couldnt care about stress or anger.

    This guy actually tells the truth. DO NOT hit this shit more than a couple of times. I hit this shit 2 or 3 times and literally lost all grip on reality, I felt like I was in a dream, I couldn't move and could barely talk. It didn't deal good, or chill, or mellow either. This stuff is more like crack than weed.
    Real shit be careful smoking this only smoke a little baby bowl cuz if you smoke to much you'll feel weird and won't be able to breath good you'll just feel crazy also look up JWH 18 it's a chemical compound that in large amounts causes organ failure don't smoke this bullshit unless necessary real kush is the only way.
  23. simiterep - whats the difference between demon and super kush ( -demon-and-super-kush.htm) whats the difference between demon and super kush. Matt Damon on debt limit: 'I 'm so. Whats The Difference UFOs and the Christian Worldview Matt Damon on
  24. Herbal Incense Smoke or Legal Marijuana What is it really? ( Legal-Marijuana-What-is-it-really) Jan 9, 2011 back to addiction, i swept through demon, super kush, green cobra and many many more brands easily 20, i then tried this shit called lights out.
  25. demon vs super kush - goakabilji1983 ( per-kush-a66031243) Jan 23, 2013 Does super kush incense show up on drug. Football Fanatics Sports Apparel, Shop,. demon potpourri, Rush Party Usa | Spice Gold Incense
  26. Legal Bud Listings - Legal Bud Reviews ( Jan 30, 2011 Its called Super Kush and just like Demon its sold and 1.5 and 3.5 gram bags as incense or potpourri. It is just as strong as the demon. So listen
  27. What Is Synthetic Pot, and Why's It Causing Heart Attacks in ( 8/what-is-synthetic-pot-and-whys-it-causing-heart-a ttacks-in-teenagers/) Nov 18, 2011 Discover Magazine: The magazine of science, technology, and the future Most of these chemicals bind much more strongly to CB 1 and CB 2
  28. September 19, 2013. Demon vs super kush ( Urinary Streptococcus Viridans Rejection letter for car accident setlement. Puppy remote desktop Secretarias masturbandoce 806 tcm loader parts.
  29. September 20, 2013. Some Yiddish Words... - Hebrew for Christians ( ords/yiddish_words.html) A top notch homemaker; super woman or super woman; eshet chayil par excellence. Brech (brekh) v. To vomit; barf... The smell of the food here makes me what to ~. Evil spirit; demon; incubus. << Return (kush meer in TOO khus) phr.
  30. September 21, 2013. ACE HOOD LYRICS - Born An O.G. - A-Z Lyrics ( l) I wake up and got four or five bitches in the bed (in the bed) Smokin' weed Speedin' like demons is reason heathens is breathin' hard but I roll with some I be swimmin' in a pool of blood cause the A.K. super soak it up. Hahaha nahh fuck that Smokin' weed by the bush with that kush, and you's a fuckin' lame [Chorus:  
  31. September 22, 2013. Rate marijuana strains 1 to 10. [Archive] - Weed Forums ( l) 28 Jun 2008 Demon Kush 10/10 Super Duper Silver Haze: 9 (uplifting intesne head high) Purple kush: 10 (two hits had me going) hahah, i have trust me i LOVE Jack Herer, but compared to ALL the strains out there, or even all 
  32. September 23, 2013. Kush - Legal Bud Reviews ( 8 Jun 2012 Its called Super Kush and just like Demon its sold and 1.5 and 3.5 gram bags as incense or potpourri. It is just as strong as the demon. So listen 
  33. September 24, 2013. 6.20 The Man Who Would Be King - Super-wiki ( D6.20_The_Man_Who_Would_Be_King) 13 Apr 2013 Instead, Crowley needs to focus on finding Purgatory, or they will both "die Castiel is aware of Ellsworth, who he describes as the demon counterpart to and become hailed as deities in a remote village in the Hindu Kush.
  34. September 25, 2013. Xclusives Zone ( 5 hours ago Source for the latest Hip Hop and R&B music, downloads, videos, interviews, artworks, tracklists, mixtapes, albums, news, rumors and more.
  35. September 26, 2013. Top 10 Marijuana Strains | The Weed Blog | The Weed Blog ( /) 24 Mar 2011 Silver haze has nothing on Super Silver Haze. There is no SSH, Purple Kush, Bubba Kush, OG Kush, Sensi Star or GDP on this list, so that shows you this poll D'monik Thehalf Demon.
  36. September 27, 2013. Stoner Comics ( I've got one dude offering me either purple kush and then another with og kush or sweet tooth. Got to try out the purple stuff a couple days back and not gonna lie 
  37. September 28, 2013. Is It the New Legal Marijuana or just "Pot-pourri"? - Kosmo - HubPages ( arijuana-or-just-Pot-pourri) 23 Nov 2012 K2 resembles herbs or potpourri and can be smoked just like I was sweating but felt super cold. I've had my share of "Bad Trips" I spoke to a Demon! I tried it a few times and found one that I liked, KUSH, so I was 
  38. September 29, 2013. Brisbane, Australia Super Kush Incense Review Synergy Legal High ( ne-australia-super-kush-incense-review-synergy-lega l-high.html) 18 Aug 2013 Party pills and herbs banned or maybe not. Buy legal synthetic drugs such as k2 herbal bud. Serenity mood enhancers pills, super kush 
  39. September 30, 2013. Anaheim, California Buy K2 Demon Online Legal Hypnotic Herbs ( a-buy-k2-demon-online-legal-hypnotic-herbs.html) 29 May 2013 Super kush synthetic marijuana optimize your vitality and intensify your clarity. Demon legal herbs users experience elevated mood and 
  40. October 1, 2013. How should I fix this demon fellow? - MTG Salvation Forums ( D544373) Black doesn't touch artifacts or enchantments. pretty easy to cast 2 creatures in a turn to get this back. two SPELLS? super super easy. i don't 
  41. October 2, 2013. [Official] [Developing] B/R Demon Post - MTG Salvation Forums ( D462171) With these two cards, using a tribal Demon (or Angels) deck is the best way to build. In the next section I will explain all the cards proposed, 
  42. October 3, 2013. Black Magic Kush - Medical Marijuana Strains ( kush/) Any kush rated a B should be blamed on the handeling of the harvester,, By contacting me you agree not to be or affiliated with any law enforcement group.
  43. October 4, 2013. Effects of Synthetic Marijuana or 'Legal Bud' Unknown - Alcoholism ( al_bud.htm) Synthetic marijuana or 'legal bud' is a mixture of dried leaves from traditional Blueberry Haze, Dank, Demon Passion Smoke, Genie, Hawaiian Hybrid, K2, 
  44. October 5, 2013. Names of Marijuana Strains - Marijuana Dictionary ( juana.html) Seed sellers may want a link from one of the following names of marijuana directly to your product, (or 619 Vader OG Kush BC Kush BC Mango BC Pinewarp BC Purple Afghani BC Purple Star Big Bud Super Skunk White Demon
  45. October 6, 2013. List of Buffyverse villains and supernatural beings - Wikipedia, the ( lains_and_supernatural_beings) The following is a list of demons, vampires, human monsters, walking dead, ghosts, beasts and any kind of evil being or supernatural creature "The Zeppo") ; Hindu Kush ("Judgment"); Howler Demons ("The Ring"); Intestine demon (" Lonely 

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