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  22. Comments about this video:
    love this shit, very fun.. dont listen to the idiots its jut the DEA wants it gone because it cost pennys to make!!! it would put so many drugs out of business if it was advertised like alcohol.Okay people who are getting scared because of these people ODing please take in mind thousands of people do this...with the right moderation and responsibility you are fine. If you do too much then that is VERY dangerous. Yes i tripped before but you live through it. Just watch yourself and toke slowly.I've been smoking incense for years. Tried it all. Blacked out & had convulsions from it recently. I couldn't tell if I had dreamt something or it actually happened. This stuff is seriously bad and can cause psychosis. I'm done smoking. It will catch up with you eventually and mess you up. Stick to weed or don't get high.
    Quality AM630, AM404, AM251 ,AM1172 ,AM-2201 available for supply to all and make a trail order for a long business term. talajean2
    I get 5gs for 17. Quit goin online dude you get fucked a lot. For real you pay prices I wouldnt imagine payin.Good luck passin a D-test then.. yeah, good old Herb is the best but these things are perfect for passing tests for work or whatever.. Sometimes ya gotta do that or quit.. yeah right lol.. Plus 2b honest these chems tend 2b even stronger highs then THC.. I actually prefer it.. But shit, does it make ya tired!!!!!!
    pretty much. like the first few times you smoke weed, ive been burning bud for about 2 years and ive built up a tolerance but i smoked one blunt of this flame and was L I T.
    I have the same flame insence except mine does not say 50 state legal and it is sold in stores all over md. As far as this stuff goes it lasts a long time and is a wild ^^..if your ever in the area pick some up. So i got this same exact incense and smoked 1 bowl,thats all,about 4 hits worth,walked to my room to go chill and i felt it a lil bit,i sat down on my bed and BAM,this shit hit me,i was laying on my bed TRIPPING,i love this stuff,lasts for about an hour,most people get panic attack and bullshit because they are STUPID and smoke more than they need,this shit it potent,its not real weed,you dont need multiple bowls to get high from this,the high for me is so intense,BUY THIS SHIT. so like i smoked a lot of this last night, and i still feel a tiny bit high... is it still in my system or did i just fuck my body up? lol. please everyone be very careful with flame... I SUGGEST NOT SMOKING IT AT is my story. I've been smoking marijuana for many years now 10+!!! I've smoked all sorts of spice. so me and a friend smoke a blunt...another blunt...and i was fine, SO I THOUGHT. then i pack my 1 hitter cigarette look-alike and after 10 minutes i started getting more and more high. thought i was dying and had A TRIP LIKE EXP. felt my heart racing, extreme vomiting, hallucinations, etc. please be warned. Dude i smoked that flame shit and I thought I was going to fucking die if you havn't smoked it DONT it won't be fun..
    Hey. I am not out to poop on anyone's party, and it sucks that Real Marijuana is illegal in a lot of areas and at the federal level. However, the "50 state blend" from the product flame IS poisonous. I thought the warning on the lable was to prevent the company from liability. But ironicly it is true. The side effects are not the same as marijuana. It almost killed me and has caused suicides and serious health problems in people without addiction, mental or other health problems. Be warned.

    Has anyone tried Code Black Incense? heard its great stuff, just want to get some feedback before i buy some. hit me up.

    moderation is the key! dont try to be a billy badass and smoke the whole damn container. the first time i tried it i took like 8 lung hits out of a 16 ounce can and im not dead! but that was too much, just dont be an idiot.
    i pay $25 for 5 grams that over three times the amount for not even double the price but i get hooked up by the homie at the local shop.
    whats a bowl only heard of blunts,hahaha, smoke it from a rillo n see how much of it you cn smoke i smoke a blunt to the head :) happy lighting.
    I loved this stuff, although when I smoked it with my girlfriend she had one of those "freak-outs", scariest shit ever... still wanna try this again.I think moderation and responsibility play a key role. I had 2 friends that got straight As in high school and went to college early and you could never tell they smoked weed every day. As long as you take care of your responsibilities first and are ready to unwind, this stuff really helps deal with stress. Just today I had to do intense physical labor and yet my body isn't sore because incense helps me relax and unwind. It's the same as drinking alcohol to unwind. Just be responsible.
    i hate to make you upset but pot didnt kill him nor did it attribute to the death of him you cant get black lung syndrome nor lung cancer from cannabis he probably smoked something other than that as well and maybe drank? i think the least of your worries is weed focus on keeping her off stuff like k2 cigs and alcohol honestly pot is the least of your worries look up the studies and research as much as i did/do youll be surprised! as for her dad im sorry for your lose may he RIP.

    marijuana isnt deadly you dumb bitch. its the tobacco that killed him. welcome to life, get off your daughters back.

    dont blame pot lady it was the cigeretts that killed your man i wold stop your daughter from smoking insence it isnt good for you people have died in my area from it do your reserch on weed though read up on why it was outlawed read up on the benifits and read up on the negetive affets of it (there arent many and they arent that bad) tell her to smoke weed instead its safer haha.
    *who is looking for an easy smoke. It is what I call a Trance high. Very relaxing. Not strong. I love to smoke Haze, throw on some good music and stare up at the stars in thought. Again, a trance high for me. VooDoo is fun as well. It made me laugh and smile alot. But please start off small when smoking any of these products. Getting sick from smoking too much seems to be common. And sorry for the double post >.I've tried the same product (Flame) as well as it's other 2 flavors. And yes, I agree about being careful. In my experience, smoking too much will cause you to get dizzy which leads to being sick. VERY sick. Never really had a "freakout" yet but spent a good 40mins throwing up lol. We were smoking Flame from a big gravity bong and yeah, bad idea lol. But small joints (cigarette size) or a pinch for a water bong is just fine. It doesnt take much with Flame. Haze is a good one for anyone who is.
    I've tried the same product (Flame) as well as it's other 2 flavors. And yes, I agree about being careful. In my experience, smoking too much will cause you to get dizzy which leads to being sick. VERY sick. Never really had a "freakout" yet but spent a good 40mins throwing up lol. We were smoking Flame from a big gravity bong and yeah, bad idea lol. But small joints (cigarette size) or a pinch for a water bong is just fine. It doesnt take much with Flame. Haze is a good one for anyone who.
    oh man i love smoking till i freak out !!! OHHHYEAH AHAHXDDD!!! get some am-2021 and smoke it pure youll trip the fuck ooout man XD!!!
    this stuff wasent that gret when I tried it its nothing like the firstime I tried its sister black magic, but it taste good kinda harsh hits your eyes and makes you squint fairly okay buzz.

    I smoked this Thursday and was fine. Last night I smoked it and almost died!!!! I started having halluciations and my heart almost exploded. I am not kidding and this stuff is deadly!!! Im 33 years old...Ive smoked weed since I was 15 and have done all types of acid and coke and this was the worse!!! Please do not smoke it!!!! PLEASE!!!!!
    I'm working on a blend of JWH-221, JWH-250 and AM-2201. The JWH series aren't entirely illegal. Been making my own "incense" for a couple years now and I'm always looking to compare notes.all spice of every kind becomes illegal in my state only in a few days so i picked this stuff up today, i liked it.. alot of them taste like lickerish and i hate that but this was ok. i like this one, green cobra(blueberry) and head trip the best so far. any recommendations?This stuff makes me so sick. I only needed one bowl through a huge GB I made out of like a gallon pitcher...and it screwed me up hardcore. Now if I smell it I just get sick as hell...don't know what I did wrong.
    They only put the warnings on there so that there product doesn't get outlawed. Harmful or Fatal means you can get cancer.

    This shit fucked me up hard, smoked half a blunt with a friend and was tore up from the floor up. Maybe because I havent gotten to smoke weed in like 2 months but regardless it fucked my world up.
    man i got a qestion.. me and my buddy go threw 5gs of this ehhh every 2-3 days but we toke all day? can we die?
    yes you can die. this stuff has been linked to psychosis, brain hemrages, heart failer, etc. STICK TO WEED!

    this stuff makes me feel like i live in makes me think wayyyy to much...all political and indepth into's kindof scary...but when ur alone it's fine...just a weird weird high.

    I have smoked this stuff its ok alot like weed but doesn't last that long but does get you really high for a like 15 mins.
    So what chemical is in it? You give a whole review on this shit and you don't even mention what synthetic cannabinoid is in this? lame!dude! you can buy pure am-2201, where im from people are calling it 'Amy', you need literally a sprinkle over a single skin with some tobacco and you will feel fucked.
    It was ok. It's pretty intense but only lasts a short amount of time so when you really start to feel it you start coming down.
    awesome review my brother yep I agree with Hangin1 looks like another am-2201 blend, fantastic work reviewing it brother!
    Good review, they are probably making this stuff with am-2201 which will give you a decent buzz but will only last for around 30 minutes plus tolerance is built up very fast for this product by most that use it. Have a great week...
    Thanks man! Yeah, I just found out what am2201 was today and thought that was what they used since it doesn't last very long, but it is a lot stronger than JWH imo. Hey ya I agree about the strength of it compared to some of the jwh series but others in my opinion as good as am-2201 and provide a nice duration but I do agree am-2201 is fairly strong just sucks for duration time. Have a great week...Yeah, I agree, I sortof prefer JWH because it had a longer effect. I don't really know any of the new Generation of synthetic chemicals other than this one. Peace man. That is the worst warning label ever...dont wana buy it just because of that warning..Thanks for the heads up.
    I actually agree. Most just say "Not for human consumption" but this one got really carried away with it. I almost didn't want to try it, but the stuff is ok. Still, what you don't feel comfortable with, you don't smoke.
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