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  • Comments about this video:

    Are you serious? Reconsider posting that after reading what you wrote, because it reflects your lack of intelligence and low IQ.

    Can you please help me with this question - do you have to stay on the hormones you're taking for the rest of your life?? I'm a female with mild hirsutism and I've heard the HRT will help me lose the excess hair on my face but I'm wondering hoe long I'd have to take these hormones for. Also could you tell me side effects that you've experienced i.e change in mood, depression etc? You would help me so much with a reply!!

    You will have to continue taking HRT for the duration of your life. The negative side effects are depression, loss of sexual appetite, weakness, and tiredness. These are what I saw, I have no idea how HRT will affect you because you are a genetic woman. Hope this helps.

    well natalie i have a question what else will change besides the hair growth,breast growth and and the looks?
    It has been 2 months now that I've beenon hormones, I userally wear a wig, but when I take the wig off, I'm starting to notice that my real hair feels much softer, and fuller as if its growing long.I'm undecided wither I should let my hair grow out naturally on its own, or just stick with my wig?
    I know im just a stranger and your probably dont care about my opinion but im a mtf and i think i might let my hair grow out and i think you should but that doesnt matter i have a question also whata ge did you start hormones.
    3:54 "let's see if you can see this" OH YEAH I CAN SEE THAT! Baby I would tap you so hard you wouldn't need hormones anymore I would insta-girl your body. Finally thank u for going into so much depth and explaining I've wanted to see specifics for a while thank u subbed u :) x.
    Natalie , u r. awesome, sweetie girl ! My name is Tiffany, also transgender, older, but nonetheless, also just started HRT'S , and blockers, and triple strength mammary plus, n breast cream to enhance my breast growth. Um, I'm taking Premarin injections. Everything seems to be going fine, I'm so happy n excited ! And I'm ready to face each challenge associated with the transition, more power to us, lol Tiffany.

    ok,hun,i still grow hair on my face,im on electolics for over a year in a half,and hair still grows,i know,im a older Transgender woman than you.

    i dont see why umm whatever you people are called no offense just dont get your facial hair removed permantly by a doctor with a lazer.

    Why don't you do a bit of research before you leave a stupid comment. Almost all trans girls get LASER(lazer isn't a word) or electrolysis. I will in the future, but why pay all that money when I barely have any now?.
    I was going to say some to people who make ignorant comments like "uuummm whatever you people are called no offence" But it escapes me what you people are called...OH YEH! IDIOTS!!!!
  • Drug Management for Male-to-Female Transition - Medscape ( The endocrine treatment of male to female (MtF) patients is complex, with many Physical changes expected to occur include decreased body and facial hair,
  • MtF - The Transition Story (Part 2: Transitioning, body and mind ( 755) MtF The Transition Story (Part 2: Transitioning, body and mind) *LONG... AGAIN * User Blogs.
  • Male to Female Surgery | Dallas, Plano, Carrollton, Richardson TX ( -female-surgery/) The transgender male to female surgery process focuses on the areas of SRS ( sex reassignment surgery), facial feminization, breast surgery, and body
  • Re: if I take hormone replacement therapy mtf what will change ( ormone-replacement-therapy-mtf-what-will-change-abo ut-my-body-give-details-please) If you take hormone replacement therapy mtf, you are likely to have breasts with affiliated enlargement of the nipples, redistribution of body fat and thinning of
  • transoptions ( Distribution of body fat from breasts, hips, and thighs to stomach If an MTF thinks she would eventually like to father a child, she should seriously consider

  • Comments about this video:
    In this video i belive 3 months not sure,I been almost 5 months on hormones but i stoped estrogen for almost 1 month and a half.I will start again so basically idk.Espero te vaya muy bien en tu transición, y logres expresar física y sentimentalmente la mujer que llevas dentro de ti.
  • Male to Female Transsexual MTF - Laura's Playground ( Transsexual mtf transsexual transsexuals transexual transsexuality mtf were born with a female mind and soul and a male body that doesn't match.

  • Comments about this video:
    so pretty. great body and clothes. perfect face and smile and voice. so cute. dear lord. you need to come snowboard with me sweetie. a weekend in a log cabin in the mountains.Thank you so much:)))) yes you can ask me anything, my hight is 5'6. so 166cm~167cm :) not too tall :)))). How about a giant WOW. You look great. My heart skipped a beat. So good to see you. Going to get on a plane and sing under your window.
    i have never traded or practiced to change my voice... i havent changed my voice deeply when i was teenager:).
    Not in good shape? Looking truly stunning ( still haven't figured out why you were thinking about getting breast enhancements ;-D ) and, finally, we get to see your fantastic legs. Kept them under wraps didn't you? It's really a pleasure to see you looking so happy and i wish you lots of love and XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
    oh thank you for the wonderful!!!!! comment , i have never did under wraps hehe just i walked a lot instead of taking the bus :))))) anyway, how are u ?

    I walk a lot as well, but my legs just look all lumpy :-(. There again I think I look wierd enough without having sexy legs to ;-D. I'm fine, and looking forward to hearing more about you and your brave and splendid journey , gorgeous lady. XXXXXXXXXXX.
  • Best moments to Begin Male-to-female Transition. ( egin-male-to-female-transition/) Sep 2, 2010 By doing the HRT (hormone replacement therapy), male to female transgenders somehow trick their body in such a way that it will develop just
  • Anna's Place - Talking about it all ( The process of changing role in society (in my case from Male to Female, but the reverse also Female hormones affect the body in numerous subtle ways:
  • Transgender Teens, Part 7: MTF Hormone Therapy | Teenology 101 ( r-teens-part-6-mtf-hormone-therapy/) Jul 16, 2012 MTF teens and their families may opt for starting pubertal suppression. This offers the opportunity for the patient's features and body to develop
  • Male to Female Hormones || Health On 0On0 ( s/) But these hormones have very little to negligible effect on the male body. When a man is given male to female hormones, his body will undergo changes like an
  • mtf | Tumblr ( As you can probably tell from my photo, I am a male to female trans woman currently IT DOESN'T MATTER IF HIS BODY IS SUPER FEMININE AND HE HAS
  • MtF ~ How feminine was your body shape before HRT ? ( 687.0) I know a similar question to this was asked last year, but it was not asked in this specific way. The reason I'm interested, is that I have noticed a
  • Male to Female, however you choose to say it ( You are viewing the community mtf. Find I have set about restoring my body and mind from years of self neglect and abuse I have put myself through.
  • How long is it before the different symptoms of mtf hrt become ( 10905121934AABdaRG) How long is it before the different symptoms of mtf hrt become prominent? I've been Your body is basically going through a "second puberty.
  • MTF Car Body Repairs - ( -body-repairers/m-t-f-car-body-repairs/d53b59261f0f f97821734938dde731b2c7387b84/ml/) Contact details for M T F Car Body Repairs in Wokingham RG40 3BU from 192. com Business Directory, the best resource for finding Panel Beater listings in the
  • Male to Female in 14 Months! Series of Photos Document ( e-in-14-months-series-of-photos-document-transgende r-girls-amazing-transformation/) Jul 24, 2012 But imagine if you were born into a body of the opposite gender, or transgender. If you thought being Male to Female in 14 Months! Series of

  • Comments about this video:
    Have you ever walked out in public like that? If u did i would have thought you were a very pretty lady lol =D.
    i wish i had female hormones so i can get my male clothes out of my closet so i'm not depressed as a boy.

    You are really beutifull as a boy! And could you please tell me what is the song. Because I can't identify it.

    I do a some crossdressing as well have even lesbians wanting me but you make me look hideous. Still not many can sound like a woman like me.
    Hey I meant no disrespect, I really like you and would love to get to know you inside and out for sure. Id bang you so hard you would need an ex.laxe to finally shit, Mmmm hump u till you pass the fuck out4sho u sexxy motha fucking bitch.. holla back!!!
    wooooow ! it's crazy ! I don't like boys but you... you... no, you are not a real boy, it's impossible ! >. are truly amazing personally would love to see more of your lovely are perfection. You are absolutely gorgeous!!! Don't ever give up this part of yourself. Enjoy it to the fullest!!!  *Huggs*. I agree, asians are lucky they can look like this so easily, us white males... quite the opposite :(. Woah, what products do you use. You look amazing. I must say I like you more like a female. Just beautiful.You are so incredibly lucky to have that bone structure. Gorgeous face, thin someone who has been striving for womanhood their entire life, I envy you. . i got a ? 24 in school and work being with women my whole life...but with society changing in a sense where its more liberal and accepting and with the miss canada who was born a man but chooses to live as a women.i find myself attracated more and more to transsexual women.for example you im dign for real like id take u out on a nice date and not give a shit what people think.does this make me gay or bi or what.i hate labels but really dont talk to my buddies about this.
    At the very least you're bi. You may even be pansexual, which means you could be attracted to anyone, regardless of gender identity. =).
    hey im a boy that wants to become a girl i felt like a girl my entire life but now i want to actuly br one im looking for long term help if you will please messge me i realy want this please help me ill do whatever it takes.
    u need to be on sombodies movie or something theres no way ur a guy. im straight and i can honestly say u make a beautifu girl.

    I need some help here, I am a straight man and have never indulged elsewere of that. However, I find you extremely attractive like id hold your hand in public and be like this is my girlfriend people i straight?
    You look amazing! I am a woman and cannot do my make up as good as you, that's the truth. I look at these vids to try and get some tips and technique. I would love to have my make up done for me by someone like you, just to see what I could look like. x.
    wow. super hermosa. y se ve que tambien tienes un hermoso cuerpo, felicidades. espero algun dia nos modeles un bello vestido.
    ES REALMENTE INCREIBLE LA TRANSFORMACION TAN EXTREMA LA QUE HACES Y SOBRE TODO EL COMO HACES PARA LUCIR UNA MIRADA COMO LA TUYA TE FELICITO LES HAS DADO UNA CLASE DE COMO LUCIR BIEN A MUCHAS DE ESAS MUJERES QUE SON FODONGAS!!!! TAMBIEN FELICITACIONES POR LA EDICION DEL VIDEO QUEDO EXCELENTE Y LA CANCION ESTA PADRISIMA!!! UN FAVOR DIME COMO SE LLAMA PARA DESCARGARLA. GRACIAS!!!ok this will most of thee people but not ALL of them hehe...probably som of the gurls probblly be jealous and hated you guy...but I will HATE TO ADMIT IT but you look a lot prettier than thee all other girls lol hahahaha. I need some help here, I am a straight man and have never indulged elsewere of that. However, I find you extremely attractive like id hold your hand in public and be like this is my girlfriend people i straight?This video is'nt just a post: its...a Video! Who expected that? I did'nt. It all kicks in at 1:20.. I can't make that buzzy keyboard synth sound, but yea. You goofy crazy kid : )) I'd say there are as many Guys who think your White Hot as there are Girls who hate you (with envy). Such a cool vid/you dropped a bomb on me.Fabulous hun... i love your look i wish to do this one day soon... my inner girl is dying to come out! loves...
    Shut up? you look amazing I'm going threw a change too and I don't even look like a boy haha so I can't even wait to see how stunning I'll look xxxxxxxx.

    cutest girl i ever seen, marry me... im so sad that i am from poland... in my country i cant see any prettier girl..

    i want to be you!!! I'm going in th eshower right now to start my transformation over again!!! I'm going to follow your video and be the most beautiful girl i can be !!.
    You are every guys dream gurl!! For Sure!!! Do you have a FB? Were are you from, and were do you live? Im from New Jersey! Kisses oxo.
    Lovely transformation video i loved watching u in awe struck with a to learn more from ya ... with love and kisses, kavita. this is the best transformation i have ever seen, you look so real. If i would meet you in a club i would`nt know any better then that ur a real girl. wanna get a drink?
    I got here by just surfing, I'm also a straight male, but this is Amazing! haha, i had to comment, absolutely mind blowing!

    Ur damm awesome and beautiful...but would love to see every single transformation of urs like from clothes , innerwears,breastforms.every single details of urs i wnat to see transformed.its a request.
    holy shit bro... im a girl but I even think this is hot... lol nice!! If i saw you like that id never guess you were a boy!!!!!!!!!! holy fuck. holy fuck. Holy fuck. damn.
    you are gorgeous ^_^ and that outfit is hot where did you get it from def. subscribing to your cannel.
    where did u get those boots, and dress, and earrings please? and what lipstick.lip gloss is that? your soo pretty! .
    I love that Emily Wa and Kcara know each other. you 2 are the most beautiful trannies on the web!! Love you both.
    2 tiptoptgirls oh pls. don't even go there... If straight men is attractive to gay men, they must have an ugly ass girlfriends... or they are straight gay muhther-effers...
  • Hormone replacement therapy (male-to-female) - Wikipedia, the free ( erapy_(male-to-female)) For male to female transgender people, HRT often includes antiandrogens in Sebum also contributes to body odor, the production of which is reduced by
  • Images for mtf body (/images?q=mtf+body&num=30&hl=en&safe=of f&lr=lang_en&pws=0&oe=utf-8&sa=X&am p;oi=image_result_group&ei=ghAUUfbyGrKF0QHp_4GI Ag&ved=0CCoQsAQ) Nov 21, 2012 Este v deo se ha subido desde un tel fono con Android.
  • How to Transition for MTF: 9 steps - wikiHow ( MTF means male to female or can be used as another term for transwoman. like over exercised muscles with acid build up as your body reconfigures itself.

  • Comments about this video:
    i know nothing of sports but i like the little detail of Jessica holding a softball and LuLu holding a baseball :).
    and I bet your some hot stud living in your moms basement. with a 2 inch cock you cant see due to your huge, hairy belly.

    close. the drag stuff was right on. but as far as transgender goes, you dont say transgendered. just like u would say shes a blacked or whited person. and transgender is an umbrella term that encompasses all forms of gender variance, including drag kings/queens, genderqueer and things of that nature. when a person feels they are born in the wrong body, they are transsexuals. regardless of if they are living as the opposite sex, or are taking hormones or had surgery.
    OMG I JUST REALIZED BOTH WERE DUDES...NO wonder you cant move in heels and the chick has a crotch bulge...embarassed...I thought it was two different u obviosuly did a good job. looks like you even put a cup on to cover your goods jessica...dont like the heels with the outfit...looks funny...unless...its just you who looks funny in em because you cant walk or move properly...I'm not sure why I like this video so much, maybe its because your so pretty, or maybe its because i'm like totally a huge white sox fan! It's both, ya thats it, both :) Go sox!
    Short and sweet but to the point, I love it :-) feel free to subscribe to my channel too, trying to keep contact with people I know.

    baseball and crossdressing is like the greatest combination -- that girly ChiSox stuff is SWEET -- totally jealous.
    OMG! i really loved this vid! it really gives a great showing of the wonderful job you do with jessica! it was super funny as well!Haha, If I was as good at video editing... or if the CHI-SOX were a League or even Division rival to my Yanks... You would have yourself a hell of a video response to deal with Girlfriend Lmao... Keep up the good work for us hetero- fem-fellas...
    hey you look beautiful with two pony tails love you... u can try different hairstyle like this does your wife help u in dressing?

    de nada ... pregunta .. ¿cómo te sientes más cómodo? porque .. Te ves muy bien de cualquier manera ...
    it doesnt even matter... WUUURK that pink hat GURL!!!! pero, nena...  no el chándal con los talones.. what are you thinking?? lmfao.

  • Comments about this video:

    I think a better choice for the lower half of you want to see how your hips and b*** have changed uh and if your legs have decreased in anything is nice little pair of hot short shorts yeah that would look really good on you especially.

    Hi Kylee: Do you plan to retain as much of the muscle mass in your arms as possible or is this something you see as going by the wayside as your transition continues? How is the muscle mass in your legs? Do you envision yourself becoming a female athlete? If so, what sports would you pursue?

    I still mountain bike and surf a lot still. I plan on keeping up with those things for as long as I can physically handle them. I'm allowing a lot of my muscle to disappear though and I am fine with that. If I was to pursue any sports it would be Volleyball! I love that sport!

    Good for you... You have to be comfortable in your own skin before you're able to wear the powder & paint of society. Best Wishes & Stay Safe.
    Me too! I think on a scale of 1 to 10 ten being the very worse for me this is a definite 1!!! You my friend should be my personal guide to happiness! With you by my side the sky is the limit!!!! Just kidding.
    OMG ... What happen to my pumpkin boy .. LoL your boobs :P Hikz .. If i had those musculus .. When i'm enter to gym they told i'm to small for that :( If i had those ( not boobs ) .. LOL \O-O/ WoW.
    seriously, i LOVE YOU! geese your so brave and hot! i honest to God wish i had even half your confidence! how did you learn to become so fierce? so proud of your body? i'm so glad you exist, cause you give us all hope, cisgender and transwomen alike :). You are such a nice person! and nice looking too. I guess there's no point asking what made you catch an interest in body-building - never mind about that, but for a moment, while watching, I wasn't scared by the body-builder-attitude :). apparently you can get rid of the muscles through certain forms of cardio so that your body burns the muscle or converts it to fat or something like that. I dunno lol. It inspires me. I tried to contact a gender therapist today. No luck, I'll try again tomorrow. Do I need a referral? I admire your bravery and I can't wait to look as happy as you.
    for a gender therapist no, but for HRT and any type of surgery you do. Just call every therapist you can and don't worry about their reactions to much. Chances are if they don't want to help, they wont call back. Where are you?

    Thanks, I now have a list of therapists and will be contacting several and hope to have an appointment next week. And I'm in central FL.
    It's kinda disturbing that you have such large muscles. It's kinda awesome. I'm still not 100% sure if i want to take hormones. I'm not really sure if i would regret it later or not. At the moment i feel like i would feel better as a girl, but i'm relatively young and i still have time to think about this. Keep doing these videos :3. I'm sorry, i didn't mean to say anything bad :( Guess I was bit surprised. Sorry that i hurt you ;_;.
    I didn't mean to say anything offensive, i just found it kinda surprising that you had such muscles and i didn't expect it at all :( I mean no harm..
  • Incredibly Dramatic Male-to-Female Transformation (49 pics ( maletofemale_transformation_49_pics.html) Dec 2, 2011 Return to Incredibly Dramatic Male to Female Transformation (49 pics) 37. They don't cut it off; they put it inside the body to simulate vagina.
  • Should Male-to-Female Transsexuals Take Progesterone as part of ( TG/%3Fp%3D83) Jan 19, 2012 Clinicians are divided on the subject but there are those MTF TS who step for MTF TS to change their bodies including the development of
  • Just starting hrt mtf. - Empty Closets - A safe online community ( /66446-just-starting-hrt-mtf.html) Currently getting laser hair removal for full body and nervous about my what I have heard, but I don't know much else about HRT for MTFs.
  • Beginning Transition ( issues, including hair removal for SRS/GCS. 3. If you are MTF and overweight, go on a weight loss diet NOW! Your body will not be able to loose that weight as

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