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  1. Petition | Ban "bath salts" the synthetic drug chemicals MDPV ( synthetic-drug-chemicals-mdpv-mephedrone-methylone) In recent reports accross the country "bath salt" abuse has become a national epidemic within a very short period of time sending hundreds of people...
  2. Psychosis from a bath salt product containing flephedrone and ( Psychosis from a bath salt product containing flephedrone and MDPV with serum , urine, We report a case of bath salt intoxication with quantitative MDPV and
  3. MDPV Powder - Buy 6APB 5APB APB Pellets 4MEC MDPV JWH122 ( Buy MDPV powder from Europe's leading MDPV buyers and retailer Sense Aromatic. Search our online store for the finest quality powders.
  4. Next best thing To mdpv - Research Chemicals Forum ( 53614-next-best-thing-mdpv.html) I has the time of my life last year or two before the ban on mdpv in the states and I' m ruined on almost everything else. I used about a quarter
  5. Erowid Experience Vaults: MDPV (also Bath Salts, MDPK ( ml) A categorized index into experiences with MDPV.
  6. Buy cheap MDPV online ( Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) is a psychoactive drug with stimulant MDPV acts as a stimulant and has been reported to produce effects similar to
  7. Bath-salt constituent MDPV more like methamphetamine than ecstasy ( -constituent-mdpv-more-like-methamphetamine-than-ec stasy/) Jan 19, 2013 Powerful Cocaine Like Actions of MDPV, a Principal Constituent of Psychoactive ' Bath Salts' Products. Baumann MH et al. Neuropsycho
  8. MDPV - DEA Diversion Control Program ( v.pdf) Oct 21, 2011 3,4 Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) is a designer drug of the MDPV, like some other substances in this class, is a central nervous

  9. Comments about this video:

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  10. Erowid MDPV (3,4-Methylenedioxypyrovalerone, Bath Salts) Vault ( Oct 1, 2009 Information about MDPV (3,4 methylenedioxypyrovalerone) (sometimes sold as ' bath salts') including basics, effects, dosage, history, legal
  11. Mdpv ( Bath Salts / MDPV , Form of bath salt used to get high, What are Bath Salts MDPV ?, MDPV Horror, Paradise lab present productions ICQ602650742 MDPV 2C
  12. NMS Labs - Designer Stimulants Testing - MDPV, Mephedrone ( timulants-testing) MDPV, Mephedrone and Methylone ("Bath Salts"). Routine drug tests do not detect the synthetic stimulants found in "bath salts" and "plant food." NMS Labs now
  13. MDPV Information | Bunk Police ( Effects Timeline of MDPV. Total Duration: 2 3.5 Hours Onset: 15 30 Minutes Comeup: 15 30 Minutes Plateau: 30 120 Minutes Comedown: 30 120 Minutes
  14. Mdpv - Drugs Forum ( le%3DMdpv) Jan 15, 2013 MDPV is a powerful stimulant that functions as a dopamine norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (NDRI). It has stimulatory effects on the central
  15. Buy MDPV online USA, UK, France, Europe, Germany, Austria ( xypyrovaler/) Buy is best stop for all your research chemical needs. Buy MDPV, Methylenedioxypyrovalerone with us easily!
  16. Urban Dictionary: mdpv ( mdpv) Crackmeth is the NEW shit. Funner than crack and cheaper than meth and twice as smooth! Also known as monkey dust and MDPV.

  17. Comments about this video:
    If asked 'which psychedelic drug do you believe to be the safest and most worthwhile drug to take if totally inexperienced with psychedelics (but long-time fascinated), what would your answer be?' I only ask because I want to have a 'one-off' experience with my girlfriend, and she has never taken anything before whereas I have tried most of the famous ones a few times... I'm thinking LSD since I found that to be the 'warmest' trip but I don't know if I was just lucky that time or what.You're really down playing the dangers. I heard a news piece on Public Radio. They interviewed Joe Dude (some guy) who was on bath salts. He thought huge arrows were flying at him! He knocked the arrows away but he was actually breaking windows! He was extremely violent and paranoid. He was arrested and is facing serious charges. Psychosis and paranoia are common effects. If you want to feel high, go for a bicycle ride in the woods, play with your children, go folk dancing.
    You should've mentioned in the video that you need to take only very small doses of MDPV to get the effects. I think many of the problems with mdpv are caused by people not being informed properly so they take way too much.

    Don't do it! I won't even try it. I'd sooner do Dextro-amphetamine over that. All these research chemicals have little to no research on them. Since there has been little to no research done on these, It's best to avoid them at all costs. Nobody knows the long term effects and damage it could cause.
    ive been using mdpv for close to two and a half months now, and all ive got is avoid this stuff. im fucking serious, its not worth it. its just to addictive and the high doesnt last long enough. it does crazy stuff to my heart beats and throws it out of rhythm every time, it makes me paranoid, thinking everyone is a cop, thinking everyone is out to get me, you know that type of paranoia. this stuff is no good, at all, take it from someone whos addicted, dont even touch seriously lol. Interesting you say some things should be avoided because of the unintended consequences. Spiritual experiences are coming from the spirit world in which there are spirit beings and these have been known to both affect one negatively and positively. In the negative way, horror, trauma and death have occurred. These beings are demons. In the positive way, feelings of connectedness to the universe and godhood occur. But these are from demons too. These feelings are deceptive and lead to death.
    my video BAD SALVIA TRIP is wayyyy funnier. . . .everybody should check it out on my channel. . . .

    I see this on every video about drugs, how "natural" drugs are somehow better and healthier than "chemicals". Utter bullshit. Almost all substances are either derived or similiar to substances found in nature. Tobacco? A plant that has killed millions (and the lethality is not mainly due to chemical processing). The opium poppy? Natural. Alcohol? Produced by way of fermentation by yeast, bacteria, and by extension fruits. Cocaine? Derived from a plant. The term "natural" is bullshit.

    What a bunch of bullshit. Schizophrenia is heavily genetic! Drugs have little to no effect on your mental health.

    they affect your mental state, of COURSE they affect your mental health! maybe for the better or worse but they will affect it!

    hey i have watch lots of your videos i think they are great .. i will like to recomend you to read all of carlos castanedas books.. the first ones talk about peyote datura and mushrooms the others talk more about what this plants of power really of them talks about the anunaki ...hope you like them :).
    "You think that it is ok to ingest all of these drugs as if they come with instruction manuals..." Certainly not. Do you even pay attention when she speaks? She does her research and informs herself as well as others of the potential risks and side effects of using these drugs. In this video, and others she speaks against the substance, so don't make it sound as if she's posting videos only saying "This drug was great! Take it, you'll be fine!" That's not her message at all. :/.
    source? proof? oh wait, you dont have any. and if you do its propaganda. albert hofmann, the father of LSD, lived to be 102. while i dont know for sure whether or not he continued experimenting with LSD, he DID continue conducting research on it, and not only that but he was so intrigued by his discovery that he went on to be the chemist who isolated psilocybin and psilocin. i highly doubt that he was ever diagnosed with schizophrenia.
    i disagree in the fact that we should all avoid possible harmfull drugs. some people can use it responsibly, some can't its more about the person than the substance in my opinion.
    whats the talk on psycotropics drug medications like Atypical antipsyicotics and tyipical antipsycotics and what could be side affects over months and years x.
    Neurosoup I love your vids, so informative and non-biased. Keep up the good work We support you 100%.So basicly, if I do drugs i'm 100% going to get Schizophrenia? Well, that sucks. I'll be sure to tell my 60 year old parents who have done every drug under the sun in the space of 40 years and show no signs of Schizophrenia. Thanks for the info man, i'm sure glad people like who are trying to spread fear into those that what to learn and expierence things otherwise unable in a sobor state.Quite the preacher arent you? Perhaps you should share with us your solid research supporting your claims. I also would suggest you specify which drugs yo are talking about, because not all are proven to damage your brain as you claim. If you're trying to help and inform people, please get your facts straight, as this is a major reason why people go out and try drugs, because they realize things that were told to them before were dead wrong. This woman does an excellent job.You know the truth? Interesting... I never heard about such long term effects. Maybe they are possible, but you sound as it must end like this. I know some people who did a lot of lsd and they didnt end schizophrenic and they are all over 50 years old.Don't bother with this type of drug Krystal. A more detailed description of entheogens is where it's at. x. One with a desire and passion to inform should not ignore things that are less favorable to them. If the substance is becoming popular or even has any measurable level of use by a society, any information that can be provided is relevant. I doubt theres anything more informing than this video for this substance. Its fairly clear that she recognizes the uses of entheogens/hallucinogens.You know, if people wear just educated on drugs instead of being sheltered from them most of the people would make the right choices. Thanks for the info, please keep up the good work.hey so like if im takin ua's for probation n yes redwood duz test me. will i get tested for this or will it come up positive for amps?
    i was tested randomly on the job a day after using it (as well as "spice") the day before. i passed.

    your opinion is correct. it doesnt lead to anything good. i was addicted to this bullshit for over a year, it was a convenient replacement for cocaine. im now in recovery after checking myself into a rehab facility. doing well so far. if someone can do drugs like these, once in a blue moon, more power to you. your willpower is amazing. unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that very very few people can do that, and the ones that think they do have control are usually in the denial stage.
    Sold as "bath salt" are methylone, flephedrone, 3fa, butylone, mephedrone, etc pp. MDPV is just ONE of the hundreds of used RCs, so this is quite misleading. You can't tell people BATH SALTS = MDPV. Nevertheless, I love neurosoup videos (ok, I love Krystle Cole).Unfortunately you ommitted some vital information. MDPV is generally sold PURE, Why? - because it is in fact quite dangerous to cut with anything. It is highly active in tiny 3 to 5mg doses. Now bearing in mind it's usually sold in what might at first appear to be seemingly small 500mg packs (half a gram) DO NOT LET THAT FOOL YOU! 500mg of pure MDPV is 100 doses!! with no dosage info on the pack is it any wonder hospitals throughout the country are filling with MDPV casualties every week..?A kid at mt school killed himself on Bath salts. There were other factors involved but they certainly didn't help.
    I only do up to MDMA, Alcohol. NEVER. MDMA is A LOT safer than alcohol. Cocaine is even safer than alcohol. Look it up, go to wiki and search up LSD. there is a graph that shows the drugs addiction and amount for overdose. Might change your view on drugs...
    effervescent bath salts taken anally spells disaster... she's gonna blow ! would be terrible to waste these bath salts so... if you're not doing anything... ummmm... fancy a jacuzzi you little gorgeous pudding of delight ? :). She already has one on spice. Bath salts are bad. I work ems and the meds we carry will not bring someone back from a's been outlawed for quite a while now in northern europe. from what i've heard from users of mdpv, almost ALL have experienced some kind of psychosis, some more than others. i'd also take an uneducated guess and say that mdpv is the most addictive research chemical still out there. even more so than mephedrone just because of the tolerance scale. worth noting is that i haven't taken it myself, i only have quite alot of friends that have been more or less addicted to it.
    i tried that shit while back- my heart felt like it was gunna explode,. ugh the peak was great though. it the peak actually felt like extacy -thanks for the awesome vids!
    i am dumbfounded yet again by the shit human beings do to get high. everything from licking toads to smoking nutmeg, huffing gasoline and now eating "bath salts." why don't people just cut out the middle man and drive with a blindfold on? this is the kind of shit people do who are either fundamentally incompetent or suicidal. there's a reason things like this and spice are called RESEARCH chemicals. no one knows the damage done. if u need to just take speed. pathetic.Firstly I have to say ,you are so beautiful and your hair is like silk. I love it. I'm from Melbourne, Australia and in the last couple of weeks these bath salts have been on the news as well as a synthetic marijuana that is sold under the brand name of Kronic here. Could you do a video on this synthetic marijuana, as it's advertised as. It has been all over the news in the last few days and honestly, a lot of people never heard of these substances,but since then use & od's have risen.Thanks.
    To put it plainly, synthetic cannabis is simply some plant matter sprayed with chemicals. Some put these bath salts on the plant and others spray with a chemicals such as JWH-073 and JWH-018. She (neurosoup) has made a couple videos on the JWH's actually. So it's pretty much covered. Just avoid the stuff period and warn others about it too.
    yes, she is alive and she is doing well. you should watch her other videos, i have seen all of them and from i have seen it seams like she is a very responsible young women. i feel that she knows what she is doing and although psychedelics are intense, they are by no means deadly or even harmfull if taken the right way.
    Good information, I've never heard of this stuff. I think one of the biggest problems with drug enforcement is this line in the sand that's drawn between controlled & uncontrolled substances. I agree with you that just because something is so-called "legal" doesn't mean it's necessarily safer than an illegal drug. Unfortunately that perception is exactly what this line in the sand seems to communicate to some people.

    When some government mouthpiece says that a drug is dangerous, I just roll my eyes. They've cried 'wolf' far too often. These are the guys who said that LSD would make you jump off a roof and that ecstasy burns holes in your brain. But when the NeuroSoup Girl says that a drug is dangerous, I take it seriously.

    You're not being preachy at all, people have very unhealthy attitude towards drugs in this country. I've heard too many stories of people killing themselves by doing a drug without knowing what they were doing.
    Ya sure its legal and you don't get caught for being high on this shit, but its so not worth it...i will stick with the good old illegal drugs like LSD,ecstasy,cannabis,and shrooms :) its much more safe. Ya sure its legal and you don't get caught for being high on this shit, but its so not worth it...i will stick with the good old illegal drugs like LSD,ecstasy,cannabis,and shrooms :). i like what your doing here educating people, but i especially don't agree with your choices regarding lsd and silos... its unfortunate, i could be wrong and dont know the whole story (im sure you wouldn't tell it even if it showed you had no part) but im still unsubscribing because i cant honestly take you seriously bad this isn't mephedrone... it clearly reads mdvp (bath salts are no longer mephedrone trust me ive been buying every brand there is to find it :,( the only thing i cared about in life they made illegal.
    the fact that it was the only thing you cared about in life tells me you are in a pitiful selfish rut and you should consider getting back in touch with your soul some time soon..

    idk if you've done a video on prescription anti-depressents...i know people that snort wellbutrin after shaving off the outer layer..iv tried it..its not terrible..except the burning sensation of napalm inside my skull..but after that the buzz is kinda nice...definetly not worth the trouble though...
    Mephedrone, I've heard, is much more common as a 'bath salt' than this MDPV chemical, which I've never even heard of it before this video, in fact.Umm, yeah. Sounds like lots of fun. I'm gonna go take a bath with ground mimosa bark and glycerin and absorb dmt through my skin. :-D. why would you use glycerin? if any thing you would have to freeze the mimosa first. Then you would boil it, add lime juice to the bath and wait 24 hours before submerging your self. if you can handle a 4 hour dmt trip (or more Ive never done it topically, I assume 4 hours).
    thanks for doing this video, i recommended bath salts because i heard so many negative results and i too think people should be aware. well done!
    Thank you. You destroy the 'druggie' stereotype completely and prove that we aren't all dopey dropouts :).
  18. MDPV Megathread 8: The Girl Who Chased The Dragon's Tail ( thread-8-The-Girl-Who-Chased-The-Dragon-s-Tail) MDPV 414px MDPV.svg.png Old thread here
  19. Bath Salts Chemistry - Chemistry - ( emistry.htm) Usually this drug is 3, 4 methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) although Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) is a psychoactive stimulant that acts as a
  20. The USA Bans 26 Drugs Including 2C* Family, Mephedrone, MDPV ( drugs-including-2c-family-mephedrone-mdpv-and-synth etic-cannabinoids/) Jun 20, 2012 It's not surprising to see MDPV on the list, as MDPV is a primary culprit in many MDPV, often likened to PCP, is a drug known for a range of
  21. MDPV - Methylenedioxypyrovalerone, MDPV Drug ( om_content%26view%3Darticle%26id%3D55:mdpv%26catid% 3D34:artcle-blog%26Itemid%3D62) Offers MDPV, Methylenedioxypyrovalerone, MDMA, Methamphetamine, 3,4 methylenedioxy, methylenedioxyphenylalkylamine,
  22. The MDPV/Bath Salts Connection | Who is McAfee? ( ction/) Nov 29, 2012 Pure MDPV is the most addictive substance known to man. Erowid ( is the the largest repository of drug usage reports on the

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