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K2 Herbal Incense (Special Blends) (http://k2feelgood.com/k2specialblends.htm)

Get you K2 incense here. Better than marijuana and it's legal. Special blends.

K2 Incense Herb - Herbal Incense for Sale - The Official K2 Smoke (http://www.spicester.com/)

The official site for authentic K2 Incense herb. We offer K2 herbal incense legal in every state.

Synthetic cannabis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synthetic_cannabis)

It is best known by the brand names K2 and Spice, both of which have largely It is often marketed as "herbal incense"; however, some brands market their

Images for k2 incense + (/images?q=k2+incense+%2B&num=30&hl=en&s afe=off&lr=lang_en&pws=0&oe=utf-8&s a=X&oi=image_result_group&ei=9KAoUe7pLNDW0g Ge04DICA&ved=0CEkQsAQ)

What is the deal with this stuff? Is it legal? Is it any good? I keep seeing ads for it but don't know anyone who has used it. I imagine it is not as.

Comments about this video:

Check out Voodoo Incense, bought from them never been happier voodooincense.webs.com FREE SHIPPING, TOP QUALITY Herbal Incense, Affordable price. 1 G - $10, 3.5 G - $25, 7 G - $45 or you can get Wholesale and buy bulk. My order was shipped to me in less than 3 days from when it was placed and no matter what all orders are shipped out within 24 hours of the Payment. Great Customer Service and always updates with new Herbal Incense and flavors as well. Worth ever $ (A++) Company.
Wow!! you and the fuck face above you need to shut the fuck up! Don't even joke like that. He asked for your opinions and instead you tell him to hang himself. FUCK OFF!k2 is only good when used properly. Problem is no one REALLY knows what it contains in each bag so it's always 2 your own risk. Everyone's [bad] trip can be different & it is easy to OD on a strong brand. It can put you in a stupor or scramble your brain cells. I've already been to limbo & back so only do it if you can't do real weed cuz it affects a different part of your brain than weed.Yeah, the RCs in these incense blends are all full agonists so they use your cannabinoid receptors to the complete max while THC is a partial agonist and doesn't use your cannabinoid receptors to the max. You can use these RCs safely, you just have to use small amounts and let your head rest out when you're finished. I've been using a blend I made myself with 500mg of AM-2201 (500mg is a very small amount) for 9 months safely and I haven't had trouble with my health.I agree; find out which dosage works for you. Only downside is I have to deal w/ the incense smell every once in awhile LOL. you dont die from smoking weed k2 or drinking you die from the things you do while in the high or drunk that it gives you. like magic mushrooms also called a sort of hullucinigan. so who ever took it might think that they have wings and think that they can jump out of a 7 story window when in reality they are just some kids on drugs and eventually they jump out and die thinking they have wings.
I think if you don't like to smoke k2 or smoke weed do you let the me andthe other people do us if you get so worked up about people smoking k2 and weed that's your fault I mean why not make coffee soft drinks and energy drinks illegal they stimulate your brain like k2 and weed so technically everyone gets high.
Other physical negative herbal incense side effects include impaired reaction time and coordination. Herbal incense can also increase blood pressure, surge the heart rate, cause pulmonary palpitations, and decrease blood flow to the brain. These are all serious dangers of smoking synthetic marijuana which can cause long lasting damage to the body. The chemicals within herbal incense also have been attributed to headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and even fainting when fumes are inhaled dire. All that money you spent on that nasty K2 shit, you could've spent on weed. Which has never killed ANYBODY in the history of man. Unless it was a 2,000 pound brick dropped on his head. STOP SMOKING K2!!
You do kill yourself but think, I'd rather wait for weed to become legal but kill myself in the process than smoke it underground.
Just smoke some weed or something. Thats why I started smoking the shit was too quit weed but now I'd rather smoke some crack or shit again than this shit. In fact, I would in a heartbeat.
Had a seizure 3 fridays ago for the first time in my life despite not having smoked this shit in about 3 months. Was watching a movie, next thing I know I'm watching the movie and theres a glass of water in my hand and my dad asking me if im ok. Im just wondering why the fuck my tongue hurts. I go upstairs to the bathroom theres blood all over the back of my shirt. Havent had any since then but been having auras every day. A feeling like deja vu.
This just sums up the stupid laws we have. Hash has been here 1000's of years - its pure and the only side effect is a bit of light psychosis. This shit is new, these people who take it are guinea pigs. Are these people going to end up vegetables in 5 years time? Weed should be legal. People making this shit and then selling it as incense but intending folk to smoke it should be made to smoke this "incense" for a year to see if they end up with a single working brain cell left.I'm 13 and 100lbs I smoked like 2or 3 bowls and I was really high but fine then my friend that is 14 and 140lbs takes two hits and passes out I freak out and check for a heart rate and can't fined one I start crying thinking my friend just died then he jerks awake.he is fine now. Idk if he didn't really have a pulse or not I might have just Ben really high bit idk I still smoke legal all the time though but I am very careful now. Like really, I thought the world of this stuff. Me and my friends took ONE hit each, and we thought everything was ok, we were happy, chillin, enjoying the buzz, then our friend says he's really feeling it, we tell him to sit down and he drops into a seizure. It is really your decision to smoke it, but im telling you I witnessed this shit first hand. If he was alone he would've died.PLEASE DO NOT SMOKE ANY LEGAL HERBS OR INCENSE. I JUST WATCHED MY FRIEND DROP TO THE GROUND IN A SEIZURE AND IF WE DIDNT CALL THE AMBULANCE HE WOULD HAVE DIED. HIS HEART RATE ROCKETED TO OVER 200.The problem is that the "strong" incense brands that anyone has smoked and either tweeked tha fuk out, is most likely because it was counterfeit product. When i smell the shit and it dont smell or look right i just didnt try it. I never had any bad reaction to spice bsides once that the local store got cheap and decided to order the counterfeit product. Be aware. This stuff gets you high as fuck.You can't just have a fucking seizure from getting high. If you did, you would most likely have some sort of underlying cause like epilepsy...
I just got out of the hospital after watching my friend take ONE HIT and drop to the ground seizing and screaming, vomiting and convulsing, he does NOT have epilepsy. I watched him almost die man.
damn well that's nuts man. Me and my friends used to smoke this shit and it never happened to us thankfully. I wish I would've known what it was before trying it.

I don't believe that shit kills I have people telling me they don't want me smoking that shit I have smoked before and I like better than weed for one its legal and you don't get the munchies like you you with weed. Like you said siezures are stuff people have that is in the body a certain chemical can trigger that and people can die from siezures. matt.
my opinoin about the deaths and seasiures is these people are smokeing too much k2 isnt like weed you cant smoke bowl after boul after boul like you can with weed. drinking and smokeing k2 severly increases the effects. as long as you dont smoke to much 2-3 hits is plenty good enough let it take effect if your not quite feeling it take another hit thats why kids are haveing seizures they smoke way to much or they are mixing it with other substances. and of course if you can smoke weed do it its alot better for you but if you have a job and its to risky then k2 is an alternative i smoke it myself i have never triped but my buddieshavebecausetheysmokedal-ot.
u die from it because ppl think its just like weed u only need 2 or 3 hits when u use k2 ppl are smoking way to much in one session trust me i almost died cuz i smoked a blunt of it.
5yrs ive smoked spice and incense on and and i have to say overall its ALL BAD. if you need to get high use weed and there are plenty of ways to pass a drug test and the hassle is WAY worth it. theses legal highs cause heart damage and lead to psychosis that cant be reversed. just look around and research. you may not think anyone this will happen to you but then it does. just dont use it. stick to natural weed.I found this video because I just had two seizures last night. I mixed it with beer. I probably drank too much. I've smoked K2 quite a lot and I know how to hit it and not take it in too much. So, it was a shock. I did have those seizures, though. So, I don't think I'll do it again... at least not with alcohol.Don't be mistaken. K2 can and will kill. You cant smoke a ton like you can with weed and people get carried away and smoke too much. There have been two people pretty recently that died in my town from k2 overdose. But as far as i see it, as long as you dont initially smoke too much, you're fine. But thats where the risk comes in lol i smoke it too. My friend Dylan was smoking diablo and had a seizure, then passed out, and began throwing up while unconscious. We had to roll him on his side and keep his airway clear. It was scary.hay man i live in nz and smoke k2 blue black and orange every day and love the shit. was just wondering if u ever smoke though a bong? or chop it with baky.. And for all u people that are gona say no way u dont mix baky with dope or legals but dont judge untill uv smoked it 4 a good few days .. trust me bro giv it ago it gets u way more fukd then cones man.My seger BAD los of balance not thinking of anything and my contion was no longer in my head-BAD-FREAK-OUT. Syn is the only brand to ever give me a seizure. One bong rip of fire and I was in a whole other world. Did not know where my body was but I remember flying and time traveling then the trip went wrong and it sucked me into a big black universe where I was free falling. I eventually came to reality and puked forever. Scariest trip ever but k2 is pussy shit SYN is a one hitter dick in the dirt out of body experience type of high...
Almost true, but you mentioned "God," which is total fuckin bullshit. I will not take advice from a moron who believes in fairy tales.
The other time I thought I was dying was when I smoked after not eating or drinking all day. I was in the sun too long too. It was some scary shit. I couldn't breathe for a minute. Then, everything started sounding far away and everything started fading to black. I got some food, drank a lot of water and got inside where it was cooler. I was all good after a little while and whent right back to smoking. lol. I've felt like I was gonna die on incense before but I didn't do anything stupid, like call 911. I new I was jus too high and it would aventually ware off. The first time I thought I was gonna die was when I took Percocet and smoked three or so bowls of WTF. I just layed down for a while and I was good after ten minutes or so. It scared the hell out of me but it was fun as fuck after I calmed down and now that I know I wasn't really dying, I'll probably do it again. The other time I thought I w. You should try out New dimension, its on a spendy side but its very worth it. It comes more moist than most blends so burns very slowly and has the stronges frui smell ive ever had. Its really good. just a heads up, a review on it would be sweet too! keep the vids comin brother. I miss the original k. Its illegal in missouri now so we gotta get the shit thats got more chemicals and is worse for u. I buy shit called sniper. Its pretty good but i miss the original k. I used to think it was just people who couldn't handle it until I almost died from it on March 4th,after smoking it all day every day since Winter of 2011.I went insane for 2 mos.,had sickening withdrawels similar&worse than opiate withdrawel,and still suffer neuro problems now.I never thought I'd be sane again.I'm NO Newb.I take 110 mg of Methadone daily&only picked up the habit bc of drug testing&false advertising of "synthetic Marijuana".I'd rather smoke weed&be alive than go crazy or die.Got to be the nicest reply I've gotten after telling my 'story'. Thank you very much. I'm doing much better & can perform my job now with confidence - which is the biggest step in my recovery so far. I just focus on spreading the word that it's poison & NOT marijuana in any way shape or form. Again, I really appreciate it, God bless. :).
K2 is fucking stupid, why do you guys smoke it? Fuck that shit, that's like smoking a joint and having someone spray Cologne and spray paint all over it. Do you even know what's in it?

Well then... your just really lucky, a liar, or you have never tryed one that is strong enuff to do that to you.
About the seizures...I smoked 7 grams of k2 summit within an hour and a half (blunts) ... no negative effects, I got incredibly couch locked and ate a half of a box of stale wheat thins, but no seizures, no rapid heart beat, no panic, just a full stomach and a lot of laughs.
its not AM 2201 blend or similar for sure then. Not sayin you get seizures, coz you wont, if you smoke alot the first time before testing it it should knock osmone on their balls to be honest, but yeh you couldnt smoke 7g of the blends ive tried recently 0.5max a joint and some tobacco if ur makiin em.
In my honest opinions I have yet to see a single true case of all these problems it causes. It apparently can give you so many different problems. With such a wide range of apparent syptoms, not linked to weed, why would you believe that a chemical that closely mimics the physical properties of thc caused them all? Is it not more viable that the individuals were prone to it and happen to also be smokers? Approx 108 people die a minute, its easy to blame synths instead of researching the death.First time i did K2 i panicked like no other, threw up, and had the fastest heart rate ive ever had before. Weed - K2. My opinion is tht the people who smoke spices and have seizures is because they are probably little 14 year old wanna be stoners that think they know what they are doin and smoke lime half a bag in like 30 mins the first time i smoked k2 i had a great time because the guy i smoked with knew wat he was doing i think all the little kids tht wanna try k2 shud wait until they get older because they get anxious and tht makes them scared and it makes them feel like they will die and i think thts wat.
probably 14 lol im 25 and more than an expeirenced smoker, i tryed annihilation legal high, for the 1st time ever i had one bowl, and within 20 seconds i was trippin my dick off yeah kwl great... but i was alsoblackin out and havin breathin problems, i scared the hell out of my 2 friends wich they deserved for makin me think it was real weed. But still im old enuff and wise enuff to know whats what , and if something legal can drop you off one hit... then its no wonder it says NO HUMAN CONSUM.

I have been smoking spice for 5 months, usually two hits a night. I love it! I have no side effects from smoking it besides not always remembering what happens when high. I love weed but I like being able to smoke this without worry about the fuzz.
alright i used to smoke spice i had been on probation and could only smoke synthetic i have smoked the last year and a half or more and not moderately ..alot , just last week i had seizures was in icu for 5 days this girl also came in while i was there and she died my whole family thought i was dead i think its certain types that cause seizures if they arent made right but its risky .. to each there own.
its you retards out there that give it a bad name for us who know how to smoke it and know how to use it..YOU fucking retards who smoke it..obviously have no idea how to handle it at all.so you get all freaked out an think your going to die an all kinds of shit..if thats the way it makes you feel then just stop smoking it..and stop giving us a bad name who know how to enjoy it..nobody cares about your bullshit keep it to yourself an let us do our thing.an just dont fuckin smoke it PERIOD!
who said you carnt or shoulnt smoke it go ahead and die, i think ppl are just ryin to warn you dude grow up.

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k2 incense. Lots of people don't know the benefits of K2 incense. At the outset K2 incense is named K2 incense as a result of the undeniable fact that it truly is

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There have been countless reports from all over the country of the various side effects and health... (25 signatures on petition)

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K2 Herbal Incense is one of the first few USA branded incenses on the market and we are proud to offer it in a variety of blends and quantities. Buy K2 Summit

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These are the list of the best movies to watch stoned on k2 incense. 3. Half Baked Pack a bowl of some K2 incense when you watch this one. This entry was

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Jan 27, 2010 Until recently, I thought K2 was an Asian mountain, the world's second highest peak. Come to find out K2 also is a type of incense the Kansas

Herbal Incense: Buy 2 get 1 FREE, 50 State Legal, All Natural (http://www.fastincense.com/)

All Natural Herbal Smoking Blends, Cannabinoid Free, Herbal Incense, All Natural K2 / Spice type Herbal Incense, Federal Ban HR 1254 compliant, Legal in all

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Jun 21, 2010 k2 incense.com; k2incense.org; k2verified.org FAKE K2 RESELLER CREATES INTERNET SCAM TO.

K2 incense provides high for some, scare for others - Topix (http://www.topix.com/forum/news/drug-testing/THIIT8 BC74KB3P97J)

It's drug war propaganda bull s***. It's the new reefer madness. It clearly states that K2 is not for human consumption. It's an incense. Stick a fork

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0 listings of Incense in Miami on YP.com. Find reviews, directions & phone numbers for the best k2 incense in Miami, FL.

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Feb 16, 2010 Cheapest place to buy k2 incense online? Hey i am looking for the cheapest site to buy k2 incense. Anyone know where i can find any good

Re: K2 Incense - Fairfax Underground (http://www.fairfaxunderground.com/forum/read.php%3F 2,367697,1106984,page%3D2)

Re: K2 Incense. Posted by: adubkin (). Date: June 15, 2011 08:49AM. dumbasses Wrote:

K2 Incense Information | Spice, Synthetic Marijuana, Bath Salts (http://www.k2info.org/)

Dec 27, 2012 K2 Incense, Synthetic Marijuana Health Risks/Side Effects · What is of removing synthetic marijuana, otherwise known as K2 Incense from

The Pitch | k2 incense (http://www.pitch.com/kansascity/k2-incense/Profile% 3Foid%3D2390303)

I found a scary long list of k2 incense counterfeiters on this website, http://www. k2incense.org. Some of you have been putting that crap in your body. INFORM

Terms and Conditions - K2 Incense Online | Buy Spice Online (http://k2bathsaltsonline.com/Shipping_%26_Returns.h tml)

K2incenseOnline.com and K2 Incense Online, LLC is not responsible for the misuse of any of the products listed in this site. By continuing to view or purchase

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