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  1. October 7, 2013. Red Dawn Vector SHOT Reviews - Mood Enhancer Drink - fitFLEX ( html) It was a capsule called "Captain Crazy" but it has the EXACT same ingredients as this The trick with the vector shots or pills is to throw up and get it over with.
  2. October 11, 2013. Party pills trip was a nightmare - Drugs Forum ( %3D35290) When a family member told her party pills would help to get more gardening done, Ketrina Joe Duffy is captain of the psychonauts. it isn't funny that you can feel scabies move under the skin and that they itch like crazy.
  4. September 29, 2013. Album: Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Psychedelic Pill (Reprise ( ic/reviews/album-neil-young--crazy-horse-psychedeli c-pill-reprise-8229160.html) 28 Oct 2012 Psychedelic Pill is his second album with Crazy Horse this year, but their First night: Captain Phillips the Somalis vs Captain America tells 
  5. October 8, 2013. Top 10 Weird Legal Drugs and Effects | Paranormal News Central ( /top-lists/496-10-weird-legal-drugs-and-effects) has had experiences with drugs one way or another (alcohol, prescription pills) . Looks like cats go crazy with catnip for a reason. The book Captain.
  6. September 30, 2013. Psychedelic Pill | Album Reviews | Rolling Stone ( hedelic-pill-20121030) 30 Oct 2012 Psychedelic Pill a twist and made it mine," he sings over Crazy Horse's rough country swagger, Psychedelic Pill is Young's second album of 2012 with the Horse, his perfectly MOVIES 'Captain Phillips' Is Oscar Worthy.
  7. September 26, 2013. Neil Young and Crazy Horse Announce Second New Album - Pitchfork ( y-horse-announce-second-new-album-of-the-year-psych edelic-pill/) Neil Young & Crazy Horse have announced an October release for their first album of new original material since 2003, a double album titled Psychedelic Pill,  
  8. October 3, 2013. Groove - - Buy @ Captain Amsterdam ( Kratom · Kava Kava · Detox Products > · Blue Lotus · T Shirts · Roca Patch. Information. Shipping & Returns · Payment · Privacy Policy · Testimonials · Disclaimer
  9. October 4, 2013. The High Street ( 77/Legal-party-drugs-sold-like-sweets-in-a-town-nea r-you.html) 9 Apr 2012 SUN INVESTIGATION: WE reveal legal highs marketed as 'fertiliser' or 'bath salts'
  10. September 24, 2013. The Red Pill Room: Wife Test: An Introduction, and Batshit Crazy ( t-introduction-and-batshit-crazy.html) 16 Apr 2013 The goal here is to balance your own pack of crazy with that of your wife years ago she was the daughter of the Republican precinct captain.
  11. October 13, 2013. Captain Crazy Party pills - Powers Rider ( s_p/captain1p.htm) Captain Crazy party pills, captain crazy pill,captain crazy cap, cheap captain crazy.
  12. October 2, 2013. NBA Finals Lakers Celtics Game 7: "Crazy Pills" Ron Artest validates ( ba-finals-lakers-celtics-game-7-crazy-pills-ron-art est-validates-loonies-everywhere-with-championsh/) 18 Jun 2010 NBA finals, Lakers Celtics Game 7: Captain Obvious is reporting that The man known as 'Crazy Pills' became something more in Game 7 of 
  13. September 28, 2013. Urban Dictionary: crazy pill ( crazy%2520pill) look out! muffy forgot to take her crazy pills today and she's found where the chainsaws Pills mentioned in Zoolander in which people appear to go crazy.

  14. Comments about this video:

    i dont think these are just herbal. they probably contain chemicals also. don 't be fooled by the ingredients label on the packet. the people who make these don't give a fuck and nobody would find out what they pu tin them. stay away form this garbage. its chemical junk. it could fuck your health up.

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    just get real mdma... or real pot... or real coke... FFS you may go to jail but you only have one life. I rather have a ticket then die on 500gram caffeine. You guys are dumb as fuck taking this garbage, just take the real shit.I have original mdma pills with brand names; Nintendo , Mortal combat, Purple party flock , ninja turtles , lambogihni, Blue superman , Green android , white tony montanas , Yeloow Nintendo ,reply me asap via email for order; madachemicolab2 dont buy this stuff there sythentic and filled with chemicals and can infact kill you if you use them in the wrong way im useally tolerant of drugs but ones that can kill you then big no. plus no one knows what are in these new brands of legal highs atleast pure ectasy has 20 years worth of research no one knows whats in this stuff. plus the main componenet is caffiene so u might is wll drink a costas or starbucks alot safer and just becuse there legal doesent mean its safe not enough research.
    i am a legit supplier of eastacy pills safe and sound i also have mdma for offer hit me at alimahassan4712 gmail .com for a trial order.

    Prolargent 5x5 Extreme Started working within 45 mins for me, and lasted for up to 60 hours. Gives me really strong erection (100%). I prefer Prolargent 5x5 Extreme to Viagra and Cialis because for me Cialis is slow to work (3-6 hours) and the quality of erection is poorer (max 80%)...
    Molly party pills , OG kush , Purple Kush , Mastet Kush and others available for sale : Text or call me at 817-668-8606.
    there is no salvia in hypnotics it tells you ingredients on package, plus you can look it up online and find out more.
    I've had the exotics, not as strong, but still felt like the real thing. Damn you must take tons of shit if you can't feel anything of these. Whatever the reason, I feel bad for ya cause me personally and others that have tried can.I recently took one hypnotic pill, even when the pack said for someone over 130 lbs to take 2. I am 230 lbs and can handle high dosages. I used to pop 2 and 3 good tabs. took one blue hypnotic and after an hour was rolling good. It was just like a good, clean tab, probablly much better than what u can find on the streets these days, and so clean feeling. I ate on it and there was no come down, much like some molly.haha Im glad you picked this up, you're the first and I was waiting for someone to comment on it. Yes its sightly put on (im aussie) - I was trying to cater for a US audience then was like fuck it who cares whilst recording lol. Still an alright video yeah?
    I've tried every1 of those crappy pills, I didn't get anything at all.. I had 2 hummers and 2 exotics over the night and absolutely nothing.. Got them rom the shivaheadshop... Waste of money if u ask me.
    PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW i am legit supplier starting new shiping service from around the glope. email... onlinediazapharmaco2 text cell...(214) 400-5878 you can chat with me only serious buyer my skype id... i have all anabolic,painkiller,sex,sleep etc and meds,mari at high quality and at affordable prices.
    For those of you that do not know. There actually are legal herbs to party with. It isn't illegal to try and buy legal stuff no matter what it is as long as it is illegal. Besides. Who would buy illegal when there are tons of legal stuff like amanita mushrooms.

    Your a fucking idiot- amanita muscaria is nothing like psilocybin. Psilocybin mushrooms are not considered poisonous where as amanita muscaria are. Also the trips are nothing not even close. The only similarities they share are they are both mushrooms.
    Warning! I went to the website and my AVAST anti-virus software refused to let me go in informing me it would destroy my computer. So, good try but it didn't work.
    The worst drug experience of my entire life was in late 2009 and I had some of the original Hypnotics (they've almost certainly changed since then). Had two and seriously thought I was going to die. Would much, much rather stick to MDMA - better researched, almost certainly safer and actually a bit cheaper...

    And those have got to be fucking cops advertising selling drugs on YouTube down there hahaha. I hope no one is really that stupid to try to buy or sell drugs on YouTube comments.
    lol this is what you do go to omegle its a place where you talk to strangers then as common interest type like gay or something and just start giving that number they put to every single person or just type lesbian there is a lot of guys and tell them to send pictures or call it.
    Don't be fooled by the word herbal. They can only say that because there are herbs in there. But it's really chemicals sprayed onto herbs.

    wonderful review my friend!!! I subbed! I also review all sorts of party pills, anxiety, energy, trippy and more kinds of pills and capsules. Please check me out and sub if you get a chance and have a wonderful day!
    Just wondering do any of these mimic the effects of Alcohol? cause that's what i'm really after hear, because these are so much better for value... 100 bucks for 20. which is like 15 nights out if you take 1 1/2... or are they more like weed?Just tried mt first legal pill, Cok-N. Took two of them, and didn't really feel anything at all. What pill would you recommend if I wanted an energizing and mood-lifting effect?
    OK i searched "piperazine" and this video came up, right off the bat I know these are baadd..

    other night took 2 hypnotic, 1 giggle (downing the pills with absinthe and jager) and constant intake of kronic pinapple express... and some sex pills. too pleasurable. too intense. religious experience. but just right haha.

    i've taken a hypnotic and a giggle together mixed with some magic mushrooms. And i felt nothing, fuck all, felt absolutely ripped off...
    yo stop posting this shit and getting it banned you fucking idiots are ruining our generation with ya snitchin on yaself...they're labeled party pills and the effects are on the jar and on the websites.. ur the idiot (among other reasons) for thinking this will have any effect whatsoever.
    I would say personally they are safe if you take them every couple of weeks. Not all the time. Messes with your heart.

    oh right thanks im looking for a legal high that aint too strong just to get me up and cherpy and not a horrible comedown with random aches and pains.
    oh right thanks im looking for a legal high that aint too strong just to get me up and cherpy and not a horrible comedown with random aches and pains.
    Hey mate, just spoke to you last time (a bit long). I can't order the web I used to order no longer availabe. If you know any hypnotic they sell just send me a pvt message. I still have 20pills but just wanna save some. LOL.
    hey wanted to ask, what if im gonna take hypnotic not at a party? i mean i just wanna chill and have space trips lol. Could you describe effects in details? would be appreciated. 11 months ago, hm, are you still interested in knowing? ;) I once took two of hypnotics at home. Was just chilling on my bed listening to music, wanted to chill out some more and try these. For 1 hour I was sitting there like "hm, why can't I feel anything..." then it hit me. I felt like I was on a cloud, and could feel warm waves going through my body. The music I was listening to sounded absolutely incredible. I looked at the celling and I just felt like I was floating.Umm. Not good. Drugs are BAD. Here's something to know, Before party pills were 'party pills', they were used as a worming treatment for farming animals. How do I know? Because I am studying them right now.
    Took 1 Hypnotic pill yesterday at about 6pm after eating. After about 40 minutes I felt myself coming up fairly high but then it just plateaued. I found myself on that edge, when you're close to getting smashed, but not quite there. I took another pill hoping it would push it up a gear, but the only thing that magnified was the negative effects of the drug - for me this was nausea and mild sick feeling. I was slightly annoyed because I really wanted to get down with some groovy vibes haha.
    dude if they have them in your country you should try e-scape (only nice the first couple of times you have it), green goblin and pink panther! Avoid AMT, bleh. :P.
    Great review iv had all of them and I agree with you, the giggles are yuck made me feel really sick! Diablo's and hummers were my fav tho but the hypnotic was pretty awesome !
    I took both Hypnotic pills yesterday and when it started to kick in it felt incredible. I became really light and i thought i could float away any second. It didn't seem real, it felt like i was dreaming and my body went really numb and i couldn't feel pain. I would bite my lip and it wouldn't hurt. Then i got paranoid and it took my boyfriend half an hour to calm me down. It was the worst experience. I just wanted it to stop. I couldn't handle it.
    oh yeah two is too much! I know the feeling. Just do the one in future. Best not to be alone as well.

    anyone from the USA order it in and have any problems with it? i know a lot of bans have come in to effect so not sure if its worth getting if it will be a problem...
    sorry dude, I'm based in Australia. If you search for DMAA under the organization over their responsible for banning items then that might help. DMAA is the active ingredient.I know a Guy, Who recreationally uses many illegal drugs, coke,X,tree,lortabs, etc fairly regularly.. Do you think these "Legal" highs would have a Noticeable Effect on someone with this kind of tolerance?
    Thanks for this, I live in the UK and have recently stopped using illegal drugs such as pills with MDMA and such in them and have been trying 'legal' highs, have you ever used Benzo Fury? I had about 15 on a 5 day bender ( This was the first time I had used the) They're great.

    Hey mate, nah never tried Benzo Fury although I'll put it on my list ;) 5 days geez-us! How was your heart? Any palpitations. If you were on the featured products for 5 days I think you would have a heart attack lol.
    To be honest, no, nothing at all. Its probably the cleanest high I'v ever had, if I were to describe it I'd probably say, you come up like MDMA, when your wired it feels like a really clean M-KAT high but the best part is defiantly the visuals I got, which may have been from sleep deprivation as well but I'v been up for 8 day's on other drugs and never got visuals so I believe they can give you some pretty nice hallucinations. The other people I was with had some nice visuals too.I was looking at getting some of the hypnotic's, have you ever done M-KAT or MDMA, would you be able to compare them?
    Yeah Hypnotics are awesome. I think the Giggle's are too much and make you feel nauseous (and I've got a pretty tough stomach!). Haven't done M-KAT and as for MDMA I cannot say on such a forum due to Terms of service :(.

    I wouldn't be too concerned with this, it's most likely just the default in the shopping cart setup. If you're paranoid just enter a fake number.

    one more question, I don't know if I have high blood pressure but if I did would one hypnotic kill me?
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  18. October 12, 2013. Party pills - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ( Party pills, also known as "herbal highs", "pep pills" "dance pills" and "natural power", is a colloquialism for a type of recreational drug whose main ingredient 
  20. October 1, 2013. 8 hours after party pills (no alcohol) and vomiting. Do i drink ( 20100726094242AASvCbX) "8 hours after party pills (no alcohol) and vomiting. So i went and watched Inception on this crazy party pill, legal ones no bzp and all that, 
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  23. October 14, 2013. PT | Phish | WTF! We just got this stuff in at the headsh ( s) It says in the online reports NOT TO TAKE MORE THAN 1 CAPTAIN CRAZY PARTY PILL (you will regret it). I wanna hear first hand from 
  24. September 27, 2013. Psychedelic Pill: Music ( Horse/dp/B0097L29KM) This item: Psychedelic Pill ~ Neil Young Vinyl $68.99 The first album of original music from Neil Young and Crazy Horse in almost a decade, including over 85 minutes of music. Sep 11, 2012 by Captain Chaos | See all 28 posts 
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  27. December 4, 2013. Adventures in Red Pill Wifery | A First Officer's Log ( Posted by redpillwifey on December 8, 2013 in Uncategorized two wet cats trapped in a box together, Captain M went to get his testosterone tested, just in case. And after January, this place will be in network, so no more crazy office fees.
  28. December 5, 2013. Fish Charters | Crazy Lady - Rich Turturice ( h-turturice.html) Captain Rich Turturice - U.S.C.G. Licensed Skipper; Ohio Licensed Guide; and Fully Take a motion sickness pill or patch if you've never been on Lake Erie.
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  30. December 7, 2013. Top 10 Weird Legal Drugs and Effects - Paranormal News Central ( d/articles/top-lists/496-10-weird-legal-drugs-and-e ffects) and just about everyone has had experiences with drugs one way or another ( alcohol, prescription pills). Looks like cats go crazy with catnip for a reason.
  31. December 8, 2013. Product - Super Fun Cave ( dd-and-adhd-focus-and-energy-2-capsules/) The Gallery of Rogues. Captain Amsterdam and kratom and vietnam capsules and powders; Cotton Mouth Candy produces vegan friendly all natural dry mouth  
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  65. April 25, 2014. Captain Crazy Pills 30ct box - 7CityGifts ( box/) The party is on and nothing is going to get in your way! Get ready to experience the intense, electrifying effect captain crazy. Whether you're at the club, rave, ...
  66. April 26, 2014. Captain Crazy Party Supplement 2 Pills - ( -partyn-pills-2ct) Captain crazy party pills are 2 pills that are just fun in a capsule. Hit the party seen after taking captain crazy and you are bound to dance the floor up.
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