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Legal Marijuana - Herbal Smoke - The Synthetic New High ( 24 Jan 2011 And when we use the word "Genie" we are talking about one of the many new names used for synthetic pot. You can buy the product at Bay 

6 Terrifying Reasons You Shouldn't Smoke Synthetic Weed ( u-shouldnt-smoke-synthetic-weed/) 30 Dec 2011 Maybe outlawing JWH 018 was intended to make synthetic weed harder to get, but it didn't. You can buy the shit for cheap on eBay, even.

Comments about this video:
guess why people buy synthetic cannabinoids? that's why weed is illegal ironic isn't it? anyways I've smoked noids for like 1-2 months everyday multiple times a day and nothing ever happened to me, sure there have been times when I smoked too much (it's hard sometimes to eyeball the right dose of powder to smoke) but never had any real problem.
Iv known kids who's had heart attacks on sight from smoking spice bevause that stuff has ur heart rate really high like 10 times over the normal rate.

Synthetic weed makes ur heart beat ten times faster then regular weed I just tries some for the first time today and it was not a good high. Shit wasn't even humorous to me. Spice will kill u trust me it will.

Some people think its the same and its not.. So many different types and its always changing. Dangerously stupid to smoke that crap..

My boyfriend robbed his grandmother while high on synthetic... He's in prison now for it. He had medical exams done and his liver is messed up from it and he has a few spots on his brain from it. He's straightened up his act now. But please people don't risk it. This stuff maybe legal and you can smoke it so you can pass a drug test but it's not worth your life.
that fake weed is for people who cut corners. Don't take short cuts! get the real shit! it's safer! and people please... KNOW YOUR LIMITS! if you allergic to crab don't go to a red lobster a pig out on the all you can eat crab fest! same shit with weed! if you don't know what it will do to you, then don't smoke 10 onions of the shit! use common sense!a im fucking chiefing on kush men tha fake stufff and my tia is huffin tha paint mayne u gota do tha drug dont let tha drug controle you...Never heard about this happening to people who smoke regular weed. I feel really bad about what happened to her but people need to differentiate between real weed and synthetic weed. Use common sense; there's no such thing as legal weed. If you can buy it from a gas station, its probably gonna kill you. . . Or make you wanna kill yourself. Stick to the real shit. It'll be legal one day. . . one day. Soon.synthetic weed is not illegal. It is labeled as a fragrance and provides a bs warning that states its not for human consumption. The chemicals used to make this are outlawed, but then different strains of the chemical are released as soon as one is banned. In the meantime, the packets are sold legally at most smoke shops.
best spice i have smoked was rasta style caution. gave a really nice high that was much better compared to other kinds i smoked.

I feel bad for her but nobody put a gun to her head and said smoke this no offense but its her fault bro.
Im bout to try to smoke weed tmr, but im scared something will happen :( help? Like will i get a super bad reaction?you've probably already done it, but if you didn't you dont have anything to worry about. this girl probably became like this because she overdosed. when you smoke weed you need to pass it around dont smoke the whole thing. i felt a little light headed and the next time i tried it i was just stoning. like i just didnt think about anything at all. it was really relaxing. just sitting there under the moonlight.
dam dude... the feds won't have to work too hard to bust your ass! you just told EVERYBODY all your shit!
do u like dubstep if yes i will upload my playlist video if u like it i will give u the link : l ok plz rply. shit synthetic marijuana was really good it just depends how you take it i triped and would do it daily and i loved but yes it does do damage but not the first time unless ive nver tryed that . dude you'r a tweeker that shit will drive you retarded why not smoke the real thing, this shit that's being sold easily in shops is the new crack. i do i just prefer both spice for a nice high for good 20 mins and i know people that did it 2 years straight daily just depends how you take it ..i liked weed so i went to something stronger because i know i can. They put embalming fluid and formaldehyde in it. Mmm! So your telling me and the rest of the world that you are going to risk smoking this synthetic weed b.c you heard some other chap smoked it for 2 yrs straight and was okay? Sounds logical. What about the ppl who did it a few times and had brain damage, became paralyzed, had seizures, and even died b.c of it? They dont count right? I was one of those who smoked it and was left in a psychosis for almost 2 months after i quit smoking it.
it builds up in your system over time, and the more frequently you smoke it, the more toxic it becomes. I started smoking it every day, and at first I was okay.  I was okay when I did it occasionally. But when I started doing it every day, I got terrible insomnia, I became extremely paranoid, I had disorganized speech, I became delusional, and eventually started hallucinating and went into rages. All because I had the same fucking attitude as you.
You must have run into a dangerous brand, because I smoked ounces of this stuff. The brands I have tried are as follows: Happy Shaman Herbs(couple different kinds), Dejavu Herbs (4x,6x), Fusion(all flavors), Gods Of Aroma(Hermes), OG Kush(supposedly non-synthetic), Sexy Zombie Herbal Incense, and Zero Gravity Potpourri (Blueberry, Juicy Fruit, Hypnotic). None of these caused me any problems, beside becoming lazy which I already had been from smoking weed daily for years. Maybe I was lucky, Idk.
I never did try actual K2 or brands labeled as Spice though, mainly because I couldn't find them. I did hear that Fusion and Gods Of Aroma were just as strong as actual K2 and Spice, and also that some of the brands like Happy Shaman Herbs and Dejavu Herbs were no where near as potent as K2 or Spice.
I was in the mental hospital 9 different times after I quit smoking it because of the psychosis it left me in. I also got in trouble with the law because of my erratic behavior from the spice! I spent 15 days in jail total, and am now on probation for a year, ALL BEAUSE... I KNEW I could get fucked up on spice because it was stronger then weed and I KNEW I could, I KNEW I could just pay 10 bucks for a gram of spice at the headshop in town! Now my life will never be the same.dam for some its bad ...IDK about you but it wasn't as horrible as Ive been hearing 15x,20x,30x, ...never once of my daily use for about 1 year never had bad effects like that ..altough my friend passed out for about 1 hour ...but never happenned to me. Well It's Your OWN fault, One for Abusing this Substance, For Two, ABUSING THIS SUBSTANCE. =/ I smoke it every single Day, I'm fine. No Brain Damage, No Jail Time, Haven't gotten into ANY trouble. You guys just don't know how to deal with it. ^^.
I smoked it for quite a while regularly as well, I'm completely fine. You think we would be dead by now if it was so dangerous. I'm sick of everyone coming out against it, and saying you will die. Why am I still alive then? You seem to be the only one here making sense.

WOW a tuff guy. Maybe you just have not got the right stuff yet.. LOL You still buying the pretty pink bags with flowers? Your the type of guy I would love to pack a bowl for and record and post on youtube. I would only be laughing at you while you are rolling on the ground screaming for help because you the the kid who could toke.
Typical high school teenager. At least you found out the hard way. I bet you dissed the kids who didn't want to do spice.Your life has only begun. It will never be the same because It will only get better. Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them. I hope your story will help others who still have a soul.You should NOT compare real Cannabis to this synthetic shit. Also, you said teenagers should listen to adults or authority about drugs use, if she just went ahead and smoked the real thing she would have been fine. The drug war is the fuel for these synthetic compounds. Cannabis would have never caused such a thing.dude synthetic weed is legal and anyone at any age can buy it because it isn't regulated, look up spice, its fake weed.
Umm no, you have to be at least 18 to buy it, and some places won't sell it to you unless you are 21. You can't buy this stuff if you are under 18, they won't sell it to minors.
Damn. That is some fucked up shit. People dont smoke or do any synthetic drugs. All synthetic drugs are man made. Man(human) in general is evil, greedy, jealous, etc. We do things to benefit ourselves not others. Natural earth given marijuana is totally fine but if your going to smoke it or ingested in any way, wait until your old enough. I much rather have my kids smoke weed then drink alcohol or smoke tobacco, hands down. But i would wait until your old enough to know whats good or bad for you.
Thats some heavy shit. .. I have smoked natural weed for 6 yrs now . . bought this synthetic one thinking that it actually was the natural because of how it looks .. one blow is enough to get stoned and i smoked it as if it was a regular joint. . seems like it gets your soul out of your body. . i had a massive badtrip. . say no to SYNTHETIC marijuana .. keep it natural .

These kids buy fake weed like spice now spice can kill u i am 19 and ive never in my life heard of synthetic weed this shit is not growin as a plant its being man maid and all i gotta say is this is realy serious its not like back in the day as where you can buy weed of the street and its coo nahh it aint like that no more.
I like to think that too, but once people tried this stuff there will always be someone out there who wants to smoke it because it gets you much higher than real weed. So I think it would still be out there even if weed were legal. Now maybe if weed had already been legal, no one would have made this stuff. But if you think about it, even if weed were legal employers would still drug test and then this shit would have been made anyway. I honestly think this stuff would have been around eitherway. I smoke this stuff and i had bad trips after like a month or two my anxious got really bad so i went to my doctor and they give me so pills after i smoked that shit i stayed cleaned. i used to smoke this back the when it was legal in Florida . Dont take more then two hits because it will fuck you up and make you trip ballsss. Personally i liked the high and i smoked this for two months straight and now Im here with good grades and im not blind . I didnt notice any side effects and nor did any of my friends ..They should have put this in the E-Surance commercial, rather than Gas Station sushi. Don't get gas station weed, folks. Get the real thing. Or some Kyo-Kane!
ive also had some bad experiances with this stuff it is legal in most states and sold at gas stations so alot of teenagers and young adults try it out as an alternitive to marijuana because it is legaland it affect everyone differently some people like it some people dont but this is a very dangerous drug and the best thing to do is stay stay away from any kind of drug but if you are looking for a high you should justsmoke real weed because it cant hurt you like this stuff can.

terra, salvia, spice, all that shit fucks u up... badly weed is scary to made me trip cow balls I smoked almost a whole gram by myself for my first time out of purple k u s h it sucks I was scared to death I thought I was going to die I smoked like 3 more times after I don't really like drugs makes your life change and more stupid.
salvia is in a whole other category. It's not synthetic. People should research about salvia and how it can be a spiritual thing with shamans. I agree with you, salvia is natural, and it is an extremely potent psychedelic. I love Salvia (leaves, 40x extract, 60x extract it goes all the way up to 160x extract which I couldn't even imagine as 40x and 60x had me tripping major balls with a full blown psychedelic trip) It should not be grouped in with synthetics, at all.That shit that the government want you to buy will fuck you up. Tells you how much they really care about us.
Im sorry bur i smoke that legal shit daily i go through about 20grams a day and ivr been doing it for 8 years now that shit she smoked was laced or something else bc its perfectly fine.

Ok that came off as rude... Just to let you know Hydro is old school for us old timers... Just a hint of whats really going on... Some of us sold out to the Boss Man long ago. I personally have not. I withhold all my findings and how to dos. If you decide to get serious, I might share some real knowledge, not for the weak minded.
You know jack. Keep pounding them books while those like myself live in the real world of hands on. When you come to me for advice shall I laugh or pay you mind. Please. Your ego falls short of glory. I am the originator of grafting the ganja to cactus while you were still in diapers. This you will never learn and its for a good reason. Do not fool yourself. The problem is self control is not something that most people learn. You can thank me for Bubble Gum as well. San Diego.. Remember that. ;).
Shoulda woulda coulda.. Kinda like you staying in school... The smart thing would have been to never start in the first place and to choose better friends. Everyone makes mistakes and knowing this should help you to help others from making the sames mistakes. .

Clearly your the sharpest marble.. Wicked alright. Stupid wicked should be the name. Please share this link if you truly are not a fucking idiot. We all make mistakes and others just do not learn from them. Stick with the real thing. You might save a life by sharing this link.. Now's your turn to prove you are not a heartless coward.
Yes to your question. The shit I used was banned the very next day. I had no clue what it was until after the fact. I was told it was just a regular bowl of legal weed. I thought oh its legal sure why not. Big mistake. It would have helped if I read the package first and did my own research. Thought I could trust my friends. Trust only goes so far now.. Its all crap if you ask me... They change the name of the ingredients and somehow someway find ways to make it legal. Satans Playground Hell..
Lol I was in an extremely bad mood when I made that comment. I cooled down and decided to remove it. I realized I was taking out the anger I felt on you, that wasn't right and I hope you didn't take offense. I've never had problems with this substance, although I am very sure there are dangerous brands of it out there, I never ran into one that caused any problems for me though. And I've tried several different brands. Maybe it is a good thing, but it pisses me off when people freak out about it.

'Synthetic pot killed my only son' | The Northern Daily Leader ( /synthetic-pot-killed-my-only-son/) 3 May 2013 Kerry said she believed it was then he'd started buying the synthetic form of marijuana, with more than 200 forms of the product legally 

'Spice' Or Synthetic Marijuana Linked To Psychosis, Brain, and ( 9/spice-or-synthetic-marijuana-may-cause-psychosis- brain-and-kidney-damage/) 29 Jun 2013 Teens using "spice" or synthetic marijuana are suffering strokes and who think it's safer than pot (and even legal) because you can buy it at 

10 News is there for largest spice, K-2, or synthetic marijuana bust in ( %3D324625) 11 Jul 2013 At each of the stores busted Wednesday, detectives say they've had undercover officers buy synthetic pot in the past. Packets of "spice" often 

Teenage girl left brain damaged and paralyzed after smoking ( -damaged-synthetic-pot-article-1.1255698) 5 Feb 2013 RELATED: DEA RAIDS SYNTHETIC POT AND BATH SALTS MANUFACTURERS AND ILLEGAL TO BUY, POSSESS OR SELL FAKE POT.

Weed - Legal Weed Smoke Buy Weed Info and - Easy Smoke ( Buy Weed Get High Quality Smoking Mixtures Alternative Our Head Shop Smoke don't contain additives, synthetic, illegal drugs or pharmaceutical agents.

Scooby Snax for sale: why synthetic marijuana laws hard to enfor ( or-sale-why-synthetic-marijuana-laws-hard-to-enforc e) 26 Apr 2013 Experts say it's synthetic marijuana, a dangerous drug kids are smoking. The federal government outlawed synthetic marijuana two years 

Looking for synthetic pot and bath salts? They're harder to find ( -bath-salts-fake-pot-ban-20130804_1_bath-salts-synt hetic-pot-synthetic-marijuana) 5 Aug 2013 Still, one Fort Lauderdale mom says her 21 year old son can still buy synthetic marijuana from a Sunoco station in Pompano Beach. "I feel like I 

Synthetic marijuana: A legal high that has far-reaching effects ( 806872/synthetic-marijuana-legal-high-that-has-far- reaching) On any given weekday 15 to 30 people reportedly stand in line waiting for a Chambersburg Mall store to open so they can buy synthetic marijuana or herbal 

Local stores still sell banned synthetic marijuana - ( ry/Local-stores-still-sell-banned-synthetic-marijua na/wk5OskysfE2HyMR_x2GTDQ.cspx) 9 May 2013 Michael Smith says he was addicted to synthetic marijuana for two years. That's why he was mad he was still able to buy it on store shelves, 

K2/Spice Synthetic Marijuana Easy to Buy at Royal Oak Gas ( k2-spice-synthetic-marijuana-easy-to-buy-at-royal-o akdce9f7238e) 23 May 2012 A Beaumont naturopathic doctor answers questions about the dangers of the easy to get drug.

Cops: Bucks County woman, 42, bought teens synthetic pot ( cks-county-woman-42-bought-teens-synthetic-pot/) 28 Jun 2013 The Northampton woman also reportedly provided the teens with beer in exchange for gas money.

'K2' - 'Spice' - 'Synthetic Marijuana' - Hybrid Elephant ( Spice, JWH 018, Synthetic Marijuana, Black Magic, Black Mamba, Genie, to go out and buy legitimate, if illegal, cannabis rather than bothering me and, no, 

New types of synthetic pot being sold at stores ( local%26id%3D8645703) 2 May 2012 The sale of synthetic marijuana was banned by the state a little over a year ago, but teens can And get this, you don't have to be 18 to buy it.

Synthetic pot still on the market | ( ill-on-the-market-1/nQXr9/) 9 Aug 2012 "If he couldn't buy that crap, it would take a load off my mind," GBI testing confirmed that synthetic marijuana was in the system of three young 

We Smoked Illegal Fake Weed And Survived!: Gothamist ( t.php) 30 Mar 2012 For our highly scientific study we bought three packages of synthetic If you are looking to buy synthetic weed for its intended purpose we 

Tai High - Legal Synthetic Cannabis, Legal Weed, Legal Highs ( com_virtuemart%26page%3Dshop.browse%26manufacturer_ id%3D10) Buy Synthetic Cannabis like K2 online*. For all information about the legal highs and psychoactive substance laws in New Zealand, please visit;

Federal agents target sale of synthetic pot from Dallas smoke shops ( nts-target-sale-of-synthetic-pot-from-dallas-smoke- shops.html/) 25 Jul 2013 That led agents to James Stuart and Worthington, who were making their own product in bulk and also buying synthetic cannabis from EZ Way 

September 25, 2013. Synthetic marijuana case thrown out - The Killeen Daily Herald: Crime ( ase-thrown-out/article_13b18ae0-de12-11e2-a348-0019 bb30f31a.html) 26 Jun 2013 25 to buy synthetic cannabis from the smoke shop. The informat purchased 10.5 grams of the substance, which later tested as negative.

September 26, 2013. Better than Weed: the latest drug craze is a fake version of pot that ( 8/27/better-than-weed/) 27 Aug 2013 The Izms dominates the synthetic pot market in the GTA. is the grandson of Richard Wookey, the developer who began buying up property in 

September 27, 2013. Jailed merchant had sued to halt law on synthetic pot | The Journal ( L03/308319990) 31 Aug 2013 The laws include not only the synthetic marijuana type drugs, such as Bays was, according to the federal criminal documents, buying his 

September 28, 2013. Teen left brain damaged and blind after smoking synthetic marijuana ( n-left-brain-damaged-blind-smoking-synthetic-mariju ana.html) 5 Feb 2013 Common side effects from smoking synthetic marijuana include to have smoked the fake weed with friends after buying it from a gas station.

September 29, 2013. Synthetic marijuana sting in Harrisburg yields seven arrests ( synthetic_marijuana_sting_in_h.html) 25 Jul 2013 Additionally, some of those arrested were buying the synthetic marijuana at a very low price and selling it at a markup of 1500 percent in some 

September 30, 2013. PD: Mom smoked synthetic marijuana, passed out with kid in car ( -mom-passes-out-with-child-in-car-police-say/-/1178 8162/22254890/-/sc61aqz/-/index.html) 2 days ago Melton said she never fell asleep and didn't know synthetic marijuana is illegal. "I didn't know. I was buying it from a store. I thought it was 

October 1, 2013. Click here to buy wholesale K2, spice, herbal incense, legal incense ( 10 Feb 2013 Buy K2 ONLINE | PURCHASE SPICE INCENSE | BUY HERBAL I worked out a deal for my readers save 10 percent off any purchase with the 

October 2, 2013. Synthetic marijuana: A legal high that has far-reaching effects ( hetic-marijuana-legal-high-that-has-far-reaching) On any given weekday 15 to 30 people reportedly stand in line waiting for a Chambersburg Mall store to open so they can buy synthetic marijuana or herbal 

October 3, 2013. Synthetic marijuana tested for dangerous chemicals | ( -marijuana-tested-for-dangerous-chemicals) 9 May 2013 Newschannel 5 was able to buy two packets of synthetic marijuana online. NewsChannel 5 had the packets tested at the St. Charles County 

October 4, 2013. Colorado probes three deaths possibly linked to synthetic marijuana ( lorado-spice-idUSBRE98516A20130906) 6 Sep 2013 Synthetic marijuana has been easy to buy in head shops, gas stations and over the Internet, and is the second most abused illegal substance 

October 5, 2013. Family's home synthetic cannabis fortune | Newcastle Herald ( ome-synthetic-cannabis-fortune/) 23 Aug 2013 A NEWCASTLE family who made synthetic cannabis in their ''I'll ask what it is, specifically, when I'm buying something now,'' he said.

October 6, 2013. 3 deaths may be tied to synthetic marijuana in Colorado - ( juana-denver/index.html) 7 Sep 2013 "If you have synthetic marijuana, stop using it and destroy it. Schedule I controlled substances, making it illegal to sell, buy, or possess them.

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November 14, 2013. Synthetic Weed | Legal High Store ( Synthetic Weed, Order all your natural legal highs in one place, our online store Don't risk your health any longer, purchase your party pills from someone you 

November 15, 2013. Lawsuit filed over teen's death from synthetic marijuana | ( t-filed-over-teens-death-from-synthetic-marijuana) 23 Sep 2013 Recently, an investigation was launched after hospitals in the metro area saw an influx of synthetic marijuana related illness and three possible 

November 16, 2013. Legal Marijuana - Herbal Smoke - The Synthetic New High ( 24 Jan 2011 And when we use the word "Genie" we are talking about one of the many new names used for synthetic pot. You can buy the product at Bay 

November 17, 2013. Synthetic Marijuana (Cannabis) Spice / K2 - ( Synthetic marijuana is a designer drug made from lab synthesized chemicals to marijuana as Schedule I controlled substances, making it illegal to sell, buy

November 18, 2013. Sheriff's fight against synthetic pot pays off - Tampa Tribune ( synthetic-pot-pays-off-20131025/) 25 Oct 2013 She said it now takes some effort for those seeking to buy synthetic marijuana. Buyers have to turn to the street or find a select few store owners 

November 19, 2013. Should Synthetic Marijuana Be Banned In States Where Real Pot Is ( marijuana_n_3861228.html) 3 Sep 2013 Lab produced synthetic pot products called Black Mamba and Spice were if i can smoke pot legally why would i buy synthetic "marijuana".

November 20, 2013. Teen's dramatic recovery after smoking synthetic marijuana - CNN ( juana-bauer-update-irpt/) 11 Sep 2013 Nine months after synthetic marijuana destroyed a portion of her brain, Emily Bauer did something few people thought she could: She went 

November 21, 2013. 'A 10-year-old can buy' synthetic marijuana - ( 5/1101) 1 day ago Like its namesake mountain peak, K2 offers a legal but sometimes fatal high, one
December 6, 2013. Jailed merchant had sued to halt law on synthetic pot | The Journal ( L03/308319990/1039/local03) 31 Aug 2013 Jailed merchant had sued to halt law on synthetic pot Bays was, according to the federal criminal documents, buying his chemicals from 

December 7, 2013. Synthetic pot widely available amid legal grey area - Newfoundland ( /synthetic-pot-widely-available-amid-legal-grey-are a-1.1307869) 26 Feb 2013 Should Canada's drug laws crack down on synthetic pot? found that the product is available to buy in stores from St. John's to Vancouver.

December 8, 2013. Synthetic Marijuana (Cannabis) Spice / K2 - ( Synthetic marijuana is a designer drug made from lab-synthesized chemicals to marijuana as Schedule I controlled substances, making it illegal to sell, buy

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December 10, 2013. Buy Synthetic Marijuana | Facebook ( ana/599332033429385) Buy Synthetic Marijuana. 11 likes. buy marijuana canada,buy marijuana online, buy marijuana seeds,high times seeds,buy marijuana seeds canada,buy 

December 11, 2013. 'A 10-year-old can buy' synthetic marijuana - ( 5) 19 Nov 2013 Like its namesake mountain peak, K2 offers a legal but sometimes fatal high, one victim's parents say.

December 26, 2013. Synthetic marijuana sent more than 11,400 people to ER in 2010 ( t-more-than-11400-people-to-er-in-2010/) Federal data shows that synthetic pot use, while not an "epidemic," is They are labeled "not for human consumption," but people often buy them for their 

December 27, 2013. Synthetic Marijuana: The High Cost of a Cheap Drug | K2 Kush ( a-proves-deadly.html) 5 Feb 2013 Synthetic marijuana has been linked to a growing number of deaths You don't know what you are going to get with every batch that you buy

December 28, 2013. Synthetic Marijuana (Cannabis) Spice / K2 - ( Synthetic marijuana is a designer drug made from lab-synthesized chemicals to marijuana as Schedule I controlled substances, making it illegal to sell, buy

December 29, 2013. What Is Synthetic Marijuana And How Does It Compare To ( marijuana_n_3908171.html) 11 Sep 2013 Much like Frankenstein's monster, synthetic marijuana was created in a lab and resulted in a Suzanne Leigh: Buying Pot For My 11-Year-Old.

January 14, 2014. Whatever You Call It, Synthetic Pot is Poison - Youth Today ( e_id%3D6344) 11 Dec 2013 But experts have another name for synthetic marijuana: poison. Indeed She said it's frustrating that youth can still buy synthetic marijuana.

January 15, 2014. Kellen Winslow Jr. charged with synthetic pot possession ( len-winslow-jr-charged-with-synthetic-pot-possessio n/) 6 days ago Kellen Winslow Jr. charged with synthetic pot possession The whole point of synthetic pot is that you can buy it because it isn't illegal.

January 16, 2014. Synthetic Marijuana (Cannabis) Spice / K2 - ( Synthetic marijuana is a designer drug made from lab-synthesized chemicals to marijuana as Schedule I controlled substances, making it illegal to sell, buy

January 31, 2014. Houston gains key role in synthetic marijuana - Houston Chronicle ( /article/Houston-gains-key-role-in-synthetic-mariju ana-5024607.php) 30 Nov 2013 DEA says Houston is both a big market for synthetic pot and a major "When buying a package that looks the same every day for a year, you 

February 1, 2014. Synthetic Marijuana (Cannabis) Spice / K2 - ( Synthetic marijuana is a designer drug made from lab-synthesized chemicals to marijuana as Schedule I controlled substances, making it illegal to sell, buy

February 12, 2014. Synthetic cannabis: prevalence of use among offenders, perception ( s/article/synthetic-cannabis-prevalence-of-use-amon g-offenders-perception-of-risk-and-negative-side-ef fects-experienced) However over half (60%) of users still believed synthetic cannabis was legal to buy at the time; The majority of detainees did not agree that synthetic cannabis is  

February 13, 2014. 2 arrested after call to deputies to buy synthetic pot | StMaryNow ( all-deputies-buy-synthetic-pot) 2 arrested after call to deputies to buy synthetic pot. Thu, 2014-02-13 14:15 Harlan Kirgan. Bayou Vista, La. -. A 39-year-old Bayou Vista man and 21-year- old 

February 14, 2014. Ailments related to synthetic marijuana likely to rise, experts say ( -outbreaks-of-synthetic-pot-illness-will-increase-s ay-experts-20140122,0,4695995.story) 22 Jan 2014 Emergency room admissions due to the use of synthetic marijuana are "You can buy designer drugs of abuse at convenience stores and on 

February 15, 2014. Floridians Are Losing Their Minds on Synthetic Cannabis | VICE ( r-minds-on-synthetic-cannabis) 3 Dec 2013 Often referred to as spice, synthetic cannabis is really a catchall term test stops buying it, demand goes down, it becomes more expensive, 

February 16, 2014. Spice World: In Oregon, synthetic marijuana is more illegal than the ( orld.html) 4 Jul 2012 In reality, though, you'll have little trouble buying synthetic pot. WW stopped by two Portland smoke shops asking for Spice. We were offered 

February 17, 2014. Synthetic Marijuana News, Photos and Videos - ABC News ( etic-marijuana.htm) weather to legally buy marijuana . (RJ Sangosti/Denver ... such as solid forms of synthetic marijuana called "waxes ... coming for treatment for marijuana 

February 18, 2014. Synthetic Marijuana (Cannabis) Spice / K2 - ( Synthetic marijuana is a designer drug made from lab-synthesized chemicals to marijuana as Schedule I controlled substances, making it illegal to sell, buy

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