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Comments about this video:
I feel like you have the same tolerance as I do. Like the demention shit. And I've tried about half of the products you've tried, and some different ones then you've made videos on. I like your concept about it, k2kidsforlife.#trustory. My buddy and me use to smoke 7 grams of Syn a night. Great stuff love mixing berry faded with mean green and twisted!
I'm 14, and my dad gave me 3 hits of "syn ripped" and I couldn't feel my body and I was all tingly. But now I smoke syn everyday before and after school.
Hmmm im gonna order some see how it goes, i usually get devilicious blood or crazy pig, depends on where i go i guess. But ive never heard of some of the shit your smokin >.< lol.
so i bought some of this syn fire incense and my friend and i had a really intense trip off of it and he looked dumb as fuck... he was trippin me not so much i like to enjoy intense highs not trip out... but i think this shit is bad if you smoke too much. try some?


I can't believe some peeps still pay 20 a gram for the gas station shit. I buy quarters (7 grams) of the best cense online for no more than 40-50 bucks. I still overpay for the MNG stuff once in a while (love relaxinol) but i didn't even buy relaxinol this week i think orange dream and float are better. some good blends out there you just have to look, don't have to pay 20/g for sure.
hey, i noticed unmentioned u like Flame to get real high. Do u think Flame is stronger than Zombie Matter/Supernova? Dude at my shop keeps talkinnbout flame. But im hesitant cuz 1g of it goes forn$20.;. Try SYN Mean green!!!!!! Fucks you up. Also i highly reccomend u try THUNDERCLAP. strongest synthetic ive ever smoked. get some spice called killa gorilla 3gs for 15$ down here great deal n pretty damn good try it out man. .
Hey you guys should try our my blend, look up Chris's Spice on google, we have free samples on the website and free worldwide shipping on most orders .. have a good one.

AM2201 Research Chem --> Make your own Incense/Spice $15 per gram $135 per 10g, $250 per 20g, Larger Discounts with Quantity!! ALL Other Chems Available Upon Request (MXE, JWHs, URBs, etc New or Old!) US Located - and Payments Accepted! money transfer as backup! Will Beat All Competitor Pricing! CONTACT: beckyb1988ny(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Dude, I use to smoke my FLAME alone every night, gotta work 8:30-5, can't get high at work, sucks. Anyway, every since I found you on YouTube I get high with you every night. Thanks for being there...Sandi💘.

AM2201 Research Chem. 99.98% PURE $15 per gram, larger $ discounts over 10g! Will beat ALL Reputable Sources Pricing! Secure Paypal Payments Accepted/money transfer/Moneygram! USA Located! Make your own Herbal Incense for a FRACTION of the Cost! Over 300 Steady, Satisfied Customers and Counting! Contact: beckyb1988ny(at)yahoo(dot)com.
Anylevel4SynoutofabongwilltopA-NYIncenseEVER.Synuses6syntheti-ccannabanoidsandbluelotusandsh-it.wayyymoreexpensivetomakethe-ncrappyonecannabanoidsprayedno-nsense.. I agree with you 100%! I've tried many herbal incense products, and none of them got me to the level of insanity that smoking level 4 SYN products out of a bong have. I'm talking the entire room bending, and swaying like circus mirrors, flashing lights/colors all around, forces of energy/waves blasting through the atmosphere, hearing voices in my head, hearing alien like space shuttle sounds all around the perimeter, feeling as though I'm possessed etc... etc... !!!
a friend n i tripped balls on this shit...we had the ripped on with the red devil. We had 4 hits n she was taken to the hospital shortly after and unresponsive for 18 hrs...I wouldn't recommend this stuff.
i just paused at 8:41 when you rated it a 9 lol im now going to click play and see if you change that rating in the next 54 seconds of the vid ha ha ha.
HA HA HA HA first time i smoked syn i was thinking the same shit lol i was on my 3rd hit pulling my fourth i didnt even know it was 2 late after the second hit ha h aha all fun from there on out for a long time.
Syn Levels of "Aromatherapy": Level 4 – Ripped, Twisted, Fire, Berry Faded Level 3 – Mean Green, Swagg Level 2 – Smooth, Suave, Chill, Lemon-Lime, Spearmint, Blonde Level 1 – Orange, Strawberry, Cherry, Bubble Gum, Chocolate, etc... (All Syn LITE blends. Nice review! Haven't tried Berry faded before but I've tried other potent flavors like Fire, ripped, and mean green. This stuff is great and defiantly worth the money.Hey everyone, for the people looking to buy Syn, you can buy it online at or ask your local shops to contact us and get their Syn in today! SYN IS IN!!!!I ordered some because it had a good review from Jay. The package arrived in the mail today... Went right into it, took two pulls, held my breath for a few seconds and excelled. Within seconds I was feeling nice. Within a minutes I was faded, no pun intended. I'd say the intense meditation lasted over two hours then a nice mellow to baseline lasted about another hour. Total experience, three hours.yup yup yup syn is the best shit i have had. I tried it over a year ago have been talking about it every since found a place to order it and will be in the mail tom i can not wait. Shout out from kc. First time I tried this I found a half empty package laying on the street, my lucky day this shit gets you fucked.Haha, this stuff is pretty common here, but overpriced. I just make my own blends now to save a shitload of cash. You can use AM-2201, or your choice of any of the other RC's. You could even add some Blue Lotus extract oil to the mix of your Damiana/Herbs to make a really killer mix. And if you'd like a flavor or scent, there is a liquid you can pick up at most head-shops, that I haven't personally used, but some do.I got a bit paranoid when you started talking about trippin out bad on spice. I have some assasin and bob marly. It does the trick. This channel is awesome.  I hate buying up to 15$ worth of spice and not getting anythiing out of it. Peace. sick review I love Syn products, I think the other flavor you were trying to describe was "Ripped" or maybe "Fire".

syn incense on Veengle (

I NO LONGER ENDORSE THIS AS A SAFE SUBSTANCE TO USE Review of Syn mean green incense. Buy syn products at

where to buy on line Syn incense products - Ask Community ( -line-syn-incense-products)

Syn Incense is an herbal product advertised as a substitute for marijuana. It has a hypnotic effect and is legal to use in the US. You can buy Syn Incense

Buy syn incense onlineuy syn in (

Aug 10, 2010 Buy syn incense onlineuy syn in, Phimsexveitnam, Bethenny frankel sold, How to disarm a anti theft system in a 2007 chevy cobalt.

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Buy Herbal Incense from the leading herbal product online store.

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Buy K3 Incense Cloud 10, Herbal Incense, Zombie Matter, Strongest Herbal Incense, Buying Herbal Incense, Herbal Insence, Herbal Incence STRONGEST Analysis (

This report is the estimate value of syn,The security rank of syn The website www.syn is currently hosted in: Atlanta United States,on a server with the IP: syn incense.mobiBuy it

buy syn ripped incense online - E cigarettes dealers in tulsa ( /buy-syn-ripped-incense-online/)

Feb 25, 2013 buy syn ripped incense online. 'Spice' incense contains designer. Syn Ripped Herbal Incense HERBAL INCENSE WHOLESALE BUY

Buy syn incense online - alpaybarnlo1979's blog ( yn-incense-online.html)

Mar 14, 2013 2McsgDTA gA8plxc5 XBES7LqLe SHaDy qorbJu CQSwozMC8 J7KVfwxAL eerx6 UEFa7TG [a=]yiRO3K6TD iLFLJc o2UzQF xl5AsnLGW

syn incense - What everyone should know about syn incense (

Some vital facts on syn incense. Explanation on syn incense. All the necessary information on syn incense. syn incense. an < B> Incense</b>. | Facebook

Can syn incense be purchased at gas stations in missouri? | ChaCha ( urchased-at-gas-stations-in-missouri)

Jul 6, 2010 Where can I buy Syn incense near Miami, Oklahoma? Try The Ninth Yes syn incense has been made illegal by most s... 92 days ago via web

Buy Syn Incense Online ( .html)

Buy Legal Herbal Incense | Spice Incense amp; Other Blends Online Buy Herbal Incense | Mr. Happy Herbal Incense and Potpourri Buy Herbal Incense | Spice

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Sudden cousin nor dashwoods unlocked buy syn herbal incense the an. Led he and buy syn herbal incense leave buy syn herbal incense song possible we buy

Page 1 of comments on SYN incense Mean Green Review - YouTube ( O4)

I NO LONGER ENDORSE THIS AS A SAFE SUBSTANCE TO USE Review of Syn mean green incense. Buy syn products at Sort by:

What store in branson missouri sell syn incense? ( on_missouri_sell_syn_incense_p273693762913554)

Great smelling incense??? you can buy at if you have paypal .. they have a large variety of flavors and stuff. The is for SUMMIT a Gold label

Syn Incense - All the necessary information on Syn Incense ( m)

Amazing Syn Incense videos. Syn Incense | Facebook syn incense new products coming soon! < B> Syn Incense</b>. Are arranged for a photograph in

syn incense reviews (

syn incense reviews Lunesta and weedMedical device sales business planWhich stores can i buy electronic cigarettes in mn syn incense reviewsMost recent

Where can you buy syn incense in Arkansas ( ense_in_Arkansas)

Yay, I've finally found some. I tracked it down through local head shop intel. I am not going to say where I finally found some SYN. Because next thing I know the

Syn Mean Green Incense ( cense.html)

What chemical is in the syn incense? I know the incense in made ... Syn incense Syn insence where to buy Incense online mean green Mean green syn

Where can i buy syn incense online? | ChaCha ( incense-online)

Oct 11, 2011 ChaCha Answer: You can buy incense in many different stores. Popular Where is the closest place to Fayetteville, AR to buy Syn incense?

Incense in Kansas City - Syn Incense (

k2, k3, incense, legal incense, legal herb, incense in kansas city, cheapest incense, cheap, kansas city, mo incense, syn incense, strong herbs, kansas herbs.

buy syn incense online - Methylphenidate urine test ( 7/buy-syn-incense-online/)

Feb 27, 2013 buy syn incense online. SYN incense Mean Green Review YouTube. Are you looking to buy herbal incense wholesale? We are best online

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8 Aug 2013 syn incense ripped Are you looking to buy herbal incense wholesale? We are best BUY WHOLESALE HERBAL INCENSE ONLINE now !

September 23, 2013. 10 FREE SAMPLES POTENT HERBAL INCENSE - Topix ( 4FS25)

hi, would like to try a sample of your incense. my name is thomas webb, watsup names gary looking to get a frre sample if its good i will buy 

September 24, 2013. Synthetic Marijuana: Six Things You Should Know About Smoking ( 2/synthetic_marijuana_six_things.php)

19 Feb 2010 Herbal incense blends containing JWH 018 may soon be banned in Kansas. Such is why I ALWAYS buy pure chemical. Another detail that 

September 25, 2013. Smoking Incense - Medical Discovery News ( ngIncense.html)

The incense, when smoked, produces effects similar to marijuana, yet, any child can buy it. That's because it's marketed as incense and labeled "not for human 

September 26, 2013. Addiction - Am-2201 addiction...Seeking advice - Page 2 - Drugs Forum ( %3D168986%26page%3D2)

It was Syn incense from Kansas City if anyone can answer that i get employed and never touch the shit again. ill probably buy a bag and 

September 27, 2013. Best Place to Buy Herbal Incense online - Purchase Online Spice (

Do you want to buy Herbal Incense Online for the best price? Purchase Online spice Herbs from Shop 4 herbal incense.

September 28, 2013. Can you buy syn incense in kansas ( yn-incense-in-kansas)

Can you buy syn incense in kansas Blackberry messenger no actualiza foto perfil.

September 29, 2013. - Find More Sites - (

Common Scents Aromatherapy Quality Syn Incense Produce Secure & Discrete. Buy herbal incense, legal herbal incense, herbal incense, herbal smoke, 

September 30, 2013. Can you buy syn incense in kansas ( -incense-in-kansas)

You must be 18+ to purchase this item. By agreeing to the Terms & Agreements at checkout you accept the full responsibility in purchasing this item. Buy Official 

October 1, 2013. Syn Bag/syn Herbal Incense Bag/syn Spice Potpourri Bag With ( erbal-incense-bag%25252fsyn-spice-potpourri-bag-wit h-ziplock.html)

Syn Bag/syn Herbal Incense Bag/syn Spice Potpourri Bag With Ziplock, You Can Buy Various High Quality Syn Bag/syn Herbal Incense Bag/syn Spice Potpourri 

October 2, 2013. Syn Ripped Incense 3g - China Food & Beverage Online ( ipped-incense-3g.html)

Greece Syn Ripped Incense 3g manufactures and Syn Ripped Incense 3g factories,Lacey Candy Store is one quality china supplier for you to purchase Syn  

October 3, 2013. Will Syn fake weed get you high? The Pitch product tests for you ( will-syn-fake-weed-get-you-high-the-pitch-product-t ests-for-you)

3 Dec 2010 and 3 gram bags of the Syn incense blends Chill, Suave, and Smooth. a drug test, what reason do you have to buy synthetics anymore?

October 4, 2013. buy syn herbal incense - presinudvigba25 - ( cense/15085538)

HERBAL INCENSE WHOLESALE BUY WHOLESALE. Syn Incense Berry Faded Custom Printed Her.

October 5, 2013. What chemical is in the syn incense? - I know the incense in made ( n_incense-qna841578.html)

24 Nov 2010 To correct the question asker, Syn incense is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri and is produced in Buy syn mean green incense online.

October 6, 2013. What is syn incense - WikiAnswers (

Where can you buy syn incense in Arkansas? to say where I finally found some SYN. Because next thing I know the cops will be busting down this poor.

October 7, 2013. SYN Brand Incense - WellUGift (

SYN Brand Incense. SYN Brand Incense. The name says it all. These SYN ful flavors and blends are as potent as they are delectable. Another one of our top 

October 8, 2013. Wholesale Syn Incense-Buy Syn Incense lots from China Syn ( ncense.html)

Wholesale Syn Incense from China Syn Incense Wholesalers about Wholesale Industry & Science and more on

November 29, 2013. - Hand-blended Herbal Incense: Psychic Strength ( sychic-Strength/dp/B000JMV1RK)

Hand-blended Incense made with Organic and Wildharvested herbs and essential If you want to buy a product from Lady Raven, the expect the unexpected.

November 30, 2013. AnswerParty | When is Syn Incense releasing a new product? ( incense-releasing-a-new-product)

There's no news of new products, but for the month of December, they are offering a buy two get one free offer through their website. AnswerParty on!

December 1, 2013. Tylenol 3 in urine buy syn herbal incense - ( l-incense.html)

7 Jan 2012 HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis buy syn herbal incense Cup in Los Angeles. HIGH TIMES is proud to announce the first ever Medical Cannabis 

December 2, 2013. Syn incense reviews - birdfrumhysteve52 - ( iews/15556978)

buy syn herbal incense Herbal Incense Review: Mary Joy Herbal. Syn Fire Incense. 50 State Legal Herbal Incense $6/g -LINK. Incense | Herbal Smoke Blend 

December 3, 2013. Syn incense for sale (

Buy syn incense - syn incense - What everyone should know about syn incense . Fav-store specialize in supplying special featured herbal medecines, 

December 4, 2013. Best Place to Buy Herbal Incense online - Purchase Online Spice (

Do you want to buy Herbal Incense Online for the best price? Purchase Online spice Herbs from Shop 4 herbal incense.


Are you looking to buy herbal incense wholesale? We are best online wholesale dealer for legal herbal incense. BUY WHOLESALE HERBAL INCENSE 

December 6, 2013. Buy syn incense online - protabfatato24 - ( line/16035853)

The Dipper Incense Buy syn incense online Custom Printed Herbal Incense Bag,

December 7, 2013. buy syn incense online | Crystal blog ( se-online/)

23 Nov 2013 Bizarro Incense Review Buy OnlineHerbal Incense For Sale | Buy Best Herbal Incense Online CheapThe Official Site of Bizarro Incense Bizarro 

December 8, 2013. buy syn herbal incense - izunicriou34's soup ( herbal-incense)

1 Dec 2013 Buy Herbal Incense Online. buy syn herbal incense. Herbal Incense | K2 Incense | Online Herbs. Herbal Incense For Sale | Best Herbal. Herbal 

December 9, 2013. Buy Spices | Stash & Green Stash | Herbal Blends | Black Mamba (

Buy Spices, K2 incense, Smoke, Black Mamba, buy, Spices Gold, Platinum Stash , Herbal Blends, POTPOURRI, Spices Diamond, Green Stash,

December 10, 2013. Syn incense for sale (

Your search for " syn incense for sale " did not return any products.However, below are matches found using some of your search terms incense Buy syn incense 

December 11, 2013. Syn Ripped Incense 3g - China Food & Beverage Online ( g-775916.html)

Ripped Incense 3g provided by Lacey Candy Store in Greece. You may also find other Syn Ripped Incense 3g related selling and buying leads on 21FOOD.

December 12, 2013. Online Buy Wholesale syn incense from China syn - ( tml)

Wholesale syn incense from China syn incense Wholesalers Directory. You can Online Wholesale 7h incense,Wholesale china incense and more on 

December 24, 2013. Syn Ripped Incense 1g - Others - Products - Power Plants S.A.R.L ( 90675)

Syn Incense is one of the strongest all natural blends available today.

December 25, 2013. buy syn herbal incense by pardbimensfert1985 on deviantART ( y-syn-herbal-incense-403867134)

29 Sep 2013 Buy Gasex - Stomach upset - For Order Herbal Products Online Buy Products In Fav-store . Greeting to favstore, we 

December 26, 2013. Syn Incense in Kansas City, Missouri with Reviews & Ratings - ( se)

4 listings of Incense in Kansas City on Find reviews, directions & phone numbers for the best syn incense in Kansas City, MO.

December 27, 2013. Syn Herbal Incense Bag - ( bag.html)

21 Products Syn Herbal Incense Bag, You Can Buy Various High Quality Syn Herbal Incense Bag Products from Global Syn Herbal Incense Bag Suppliers and 

December 28, 2013. Syn 11g Herbal Incense Spice Potpourri Bag Wholesale/syn ( g_herbal_incense_spice_potpourri.html)

Syn 11g Herbal Incense Spice Potpourri Bag Wholesale/syn Incense Bag , Find Complete Details about Syn 11g Herbal Post a quick Buying Request! Verified  

December 29, 2013. Where can i buy syn incense in platte city mo? | ChaCha ( incense-in-platte-city-mo)

Try the Dilly Bean. It is located at 100017th Avenue, Monroe, Wisconsin. The phone number is 608-328-2326. ChaCha on! Syn Incense is not 

December 30, 2013. Where can I buy Syn incense near Miami, Oklahoma? | ChaCha ( incense-near-miami,-oklahoma)

Try The Ninth Chakra located at 1621 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139. Phone number: (305) 538-0671, or Smell This located at 7307 NW 61st St, 

December 31, 2013. Where is the closest place to nw arkansas to buy syn incense ( -place-to-nw-arkansas-to-buy-syn-incense)

I'm not finding a place that specifically says they sell Syn incense. You can try a smoke shop. There is The Looking Glass, located at 1602 Rogers 

January 12, 2014. Buy syn incense ripped best price (

Buy syn incense ripped best price Get an amazing price when you shop Premium . We are now offering our best deal ever on a new incense called Syn-Nombre.

January 13, 2014. buy syn herbal incense | Diigo Groups ( /buy-syn-herbal-incense-10352901)

23 Aug 2013 buy syn herbal incense. Buy Gasex - Stomach upset - Digestion. Mr. | Herbal Smoke Blend Review of MrSmileyHerb's new Primo flavors done 

January 14, 2014. Syn Incense Price,Syn Incense Price Trends-Buy Low Price Syn ( tml)

Syn Incense Price from Cheap Syn Incense lots, Find Syn Incense Price Trends at Industry & Science Price,Packaging Bags Price and more, You will Get Low 

January 15, 2014. buy syn incense online - ridempsymthirs35's soup ( syn-incense-online)

20 Dec 2013 buy syn incense online. Incense Today | Buy Herbal Incense Online. Where to Buy Spice Online | Smoke | Spice.

January 16, 2014. New Products : STRONGEST Herbal Incense - Legal Highs, Legal ( al_herbal_incense/new-products)

New products 1 - 10 of 28 Platinum - the stuff of wedding rings, diamonds, Marilyn Monroe, and lots of other fun things. Buy Platinum Herbal Incense today and 

February 7, 2014. Mean Green The Original Herbal Incense ( l-incense-aroma-fruit-punch)

Mean Green extreme herbal incense blend. This fruit punch herbal incense is potent. Strong herbal aromas with a kick.

February 8, 2014. Online Buy Wholesale syn herbal incense bag from China syn ( cense-bag.html)

Wholesale syn herbal incense bag from China syn herbal incense bag Wholesalers Directory. You can Online Wholesale Industry & Science,Wholesale and 

February 9, 2014. Centrenic Blog | WY ju Buy syn incense online (

23 Jan 2014 WY ju Buy syn incense online. Buy syn incense online. Musclemax Supra Shoes Australia Extreme Now anyone can please take a body which 

February 10, 2014. Where can i buy syn fire or syn ripped online? | ChaCha ( fire-or-syn-ripped-online)

4 months ago. A variety of Syn Incense, K2 XXX Kush can be purchased on this website: ChaCha for now!

February 11, 2014. Buy Herbal Incense Online | Buy Wholesale Herbal Incense Cheap (

A great source to buy herbal incense online. Buy your favorite herbal incense online at great wholesale discounts!

February 12, 2014. Syn Herbal Incense | Facebook ( 45648112169026)

Syn Herbal Incense. 302 likes. Pandora Herbal Potpourri on Sale for 3 grams $18.00 Syn 1 gram for $10. and 3 grams for $25.00 816.516.3104 

March 3, 2014. Knock-off of k2..Syn...the punishment? - Yahoo Answers ( 10805183135AAOWav2)

I went with my friend to buy this Syn that a gas station sold..syn is basically i bought it then was pulled over..long story short i was 

March 4, 2014. The Dipper Inc.: Buy Incense Online, Over 100 Incense Fragrances (

Buy incense online from The Dipper. We offer over 100 incense fragrances, cones, burners, sticks & more. Buy incense from The Dipper online today.

March 5, 2014. buy syn incense online - pilapomerar28 - ( ine/19232433)

Buy syn incense online - Buy Products In. Order Syn Incense Syn Incense for Sal.

March 19, 2014. Web - Buy SYN Incense - Your First Place on the Internet ( fo.first/search/web%3Fq%3DBuy%2520SYN%2520Incense%2 6fcoid%3D994%26fpid%3D2%26qlnk%3DTrue)

Web search results for Buy SYN Incense from firstplace.

March 20, 2014. bravunbiga - buy syn ripped incense online - bravunbiga - Home ( line.htm)

Related Questions. Where can i buy syn fire or syn ripped online? A variety of Syn Incense, K2 XXX Kush can be purchased on thi. Where can i buy syn incense 

March 21, 2014. Where can i buy herbal incense in kansas cityhere can i buy herbal (

Syn incense kc. Laws and legal news about Spice Herbal Incense a one stop shop if you are looking to buy herbal incense aka legal weed. 3 Nov 2012.

April 14, 2014. How to make syn incense (

Buy Herbal Incense (Legally) to Make Your Own House Blend, Feel the Aromatic Magic of Herbal Incense In Your Living Place, The Best Place To Buy Herbal ...

April 15, 2014. Where can you buy herbal incense in Missouri? - Answerl ( ncense-in-missouri)

Missouri herbal incense q missouri herbal incense. Do you need blood tests for your dog to enter canada? ... Do you have to be 18 to buy syn incense in ...

April 16, 2014. Wholesale Syn Incense - Buy Cheap Syn Incense from Best Syn (

Wholesale best syn incense online at discount prices from Chinese wholesalers on Find cheap syn incense and get worldwide delivery.

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