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Greeting to favstore, we specialize in supplying the world with high quality plant products, developed to increase your health and better your life. All our products have been strongly tested for potency and formulated to perfection, using only top quality herbal ingredients and manufactured in FDA approved nature of pharmaceutical laboratories, across Europe, Asia and USA.

We are so confident in all of our products that we offer a 60 day, full money back guarantee. If for any reason, you are not 100% pleased, simply return them for a full refund on all of unopened bottles and upto one open bottle, even if its absolutely empty.

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  • EZ Quit with free CD

    EZ Quit with free CD

    Being addicted to smoking is one of the hardest to break addictions, with nicotine being more addictive (and deadly) than heroin, the need for an effective stop smoking herbal supplement to help you permanently quit smoking instantly is a must.  Now with EZQuit, it has never been easier to start your new healthy lifestyle, and be totally nicotine free.

    $44.95 USD   #company_name# details
  • Super cigarette

    Super cigarette

    The Super Cigarette is an amazing high tech product developed to provide smokers with a clean alternative to smoking or as a device to help you quit. Inhale and exhale that looks & feels EXACTLY like a traditional cigarette... it's amazing!

    $59.95 USD   #company_name# details
  • 15g Rasta Weed

    15g Rasta Weed

    Rasta Weed is a fine blend of herbs that when smoked, gives a euphoric high  that feels somewhat similar to high potency marijuana. Rasta Weed was developed after months of experimentation to bring you one of the best herbal smoking blends known to man and is legal world wide.

    $60.00 USD   #company_name# details

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  1. Buy Smoking Dragon Potpourri Maitland, Australia Buzz Incense Perth (http://vs.am/benzoberriesonline/buy-smoking-dragon- potpourri-maitland-australia-buzz-incense-perth.htm l) 16 Dec 2012 New legal bud buy smoking dragon potpourri vector extra mood enhancer. Real magic mushrooms online cost in Maitland, Australia.
  2. Superfly - Wild dagga Mix - POt Pourri - Everyonedoesit.com (http://www.everyonedoesit.com/online_headshop/super fly wild-dagga-mix.cfm) Superfly Wild Dagga Mix potpourri incense, comes in 3gm and 1gm packs. Following in the strong tradition of Herbal Incense this Pot Pourri has all the lovely
  3. A Potpourri of Poisons - Fort Worth Weekly (http://www.fwweekly.com/2012/02/15/a-potpourri-of-p oisons/) 15 Feb 2012 Horror stories about smoking synthetic incense or potpourri were spreading they could openly buy it and smoke it without getting into legal trouble. on The Dragons Breath smoke shop, confiscating potpourri products and
  4. Potpourri, Incense, or Synthetic Marijuana? A Patch Special Report (http://batavia.patch.com/groups/police-and-fire/p/p otpourri-incense-or-synthetic-marijuana-a-patch-spe cial-report) 1 Aug 2011 The man, who also purchased Dragon Eye, said he smokes the substance the remainder of the potpourri and a receipt for its purchase from the store. breath long enough whether ur smoking at the time or not.. the lungs n
  5. Smoking Dragon Herbal Incense | Herbal Incense Wiki (http://herbalincensewiki.com/smoking-dragon-herbal- incense/) 15 May 2012 Smoking Dragon is extremely potent herbal incense that will literally blow your mind. IF YOU DO BUY THIS BLEND BUY FROM A SMALLER VENDOR, THE ACTUAL MANUFACTER Jeffrey Potpourri, 3 Grams ($15 off) 5.
  6. Herbal Incense Smoke or Legal Marijuana What is it really? (http://mod2vint.hubpages.com/hub/Herbal-Incense-or- Legal-Marijuana-What-is-it-really) Herbal Smoke or Herbal Incense can be found all over the Internet, in your local I am a regular now going in every 3 days and buying more and stronger stuff. correction facility's have ways to test for the chemicals they lace the potpourri
  7. spice fake weed - Herbal Smoke (http://www.herbal-smoke.net/spice-fake-weed/) 19 Jul 2012 smoking dragon 12xx; smokin dragon 12xx; blue dragon smoke spice dragon power 12xx; smoking dragon potpourri 12x; smoking dragon
  8. Herbal Smoke - Marijuana Alternatives, Legal herbal Buds, Herbal (http://www.herbal-smoke.com/) Herbal Smoke is 100% dedicated to the sale of all natural traditional herbal smoke and Other such products are known as herbal potpourri or incense blends,
  9. A bad trip: Herbal potpourri 7H can deliver disastrous results (http://www.bgdailynews.com/news/a-bad-trip-herbal-p otpourri-h-can-deliver-disastrous-results/article_0 b1a42ec-45f1-579b-9f84-a4ba109d6ca5.html) 25 Sep 2011 Buy this photo However, many people such as Walkup are smoking the product as a cheap, legal alternative to marijuana, but with disastrous
  10. Puff the Synthetic Magic Dragon | The Signal (http://uhclthesignal.com/wordpress/2010/11/22/puff- the-synthetic-magic-dragon/) 22 Nov 2010 Products marked as incense and potpourri sold at local convenient stores different than the long incense sticks people purchase and burn for its scent. People are smoking these leaves to experience marijuana like highs.
  11. Smoking Red Dragon Potpourri Buy K2 Canberra | Synthetic Cocaine (http://sydneylegalhighs.com/syntheticcocaine/smokin g-red-dragon-potpourri-buy-k2-canberra.html) 26 Jul 2013 Methylone crystals effects legal substitutes for crack smoking red dragon potpourri. Cocaine substitute legal smoke herbal incense extract k2
  12. List of banned synthetic marijuana brands | Crime | Macon.com (http://www.macon.com/2012/03/28/1966202/list-of-ban ned-synthetic-marijuana.html) 28 Mar 2012 Buy Now! Black Magic Smoke; Black Magic Smoke herbal incense; Black Mamba (see THE orginal Black Mamba) Dead man Walking Extremely High Potency; Dragon; Dragon Eye; Dragon Eye, aromatic potpourri (ML w/
  13. K2,Fake Weed, getting 10 x higher on potpourri - Dogs On Acid (http://www.dogsonacid.com/showthread.php%3Ft%3D6686 67) K2,Fake Weed, getting 10 x higher on potpourri The Board. 30 cases of teenagers experiencing these adverse effects after smoking the fake weed, laws were changed fairly recently so you can no longer buy them there?
  14. Smoking Dragon Potpourri For Sale in feeds - Feedreader Lookup (http://lookup.feedreader.com/Smoking_Dragon_Potpour ri_For_Sale) Thc pills street price herbal smoke for sale buy natural hallucinogens mescaline. Golden dragon aromatic potpourri spice brownies k2 legal jungle juice drug.

  15. Comments about this video:

    Yo jay! Im out in Nebraska. We got sum stuff called ak-47 made me trip major man. U should do review. I got it for a g for 10 bucks or 3 for 20.

    Fuck that shot man. But I have tried this brand and it defiantly smells like a peach smoothie. But I've smoked nugs that stink way better than this.
    lol.. all im gonna say is 7h blue bag gold sticker from the hoodstore down the street, 20 bucks 3gs, higher than i've ever been. Good review man, keep it up..
    It's not natural. Don't be fooled so easily. Read about "agonist" and know that synthetic cannabis is a full agonist. Know something about what you're smoking. Full agonist means high risk of toxicity and complete interruption of natural processes in the central nervous system. I'd advice quitting today and (even if it sounds stupid) doing various mental exercises until and after your body is completely rid of the CHEMICAL. Some stuff might be weak, but some is strong enough to kill..
    they have spice in puerto rico Chris's Spice Herbal Incense HAS WHAT YOU NEED fake ketamine aka MXE, FREE SAMPLES, OVERNIGHT SHIPPING, WORLDWIDE SHIPPING, RESEARCH CHEMICALS, AND FREE SPICE BEING GIVEN AWAY RIGHT NOW IN OUR SWEEPSTAKES! LOOK UP Chris's Spice ON GOOGLE FOR MORE INFORMATION.You need to try smoking camals 10xx it comes in a vile just like that and is the most potent out of all of them also it's either a 2 gram vile or 4 or 5. $17 for that??? dude you were seriously ripped. Train Wreck spice cost $8 here all over the state of Arizona.
    in some towns you can buy it in gas stations...but other than that just usually tobacco shops, but i suggest stickin to bud. fuck them chemicals in that sythetic cannabis.
    This stuff is pretty fucking strong. I'd recommend only smoking a single puff starting out. Otherwise it's gonna be uncomfortable to say the least. Take it slow and safe if you're starting out.
    $16.99 damn your getting taxed i get two bottles for 15 or the other place sells em for $5 a piece but only 5x.
    look man, im not sure if they sell this in your area, but i bought this stuff called SYN potpourri... it comes in like a clear container and it's got some Chinese symbols on the black sticker on it... but i smoked that shit, tripped for a good 30 min. (in a good way of course) and then stayed high for like 2-3 hours... it was amazing.. u need to try the stuff out!!
    quick smoking that shit, its so fucking bad for you, smoke real weed, THC is main ingredient not all those chemicals.

    well not everyone has the luxury of having thc in their urine.. i smoked alot of chron before getting busted selling weight. im now on probation so ya.. cant smoke buds brah.

    Sorry i never really explained the strength or rate it, I was too high, legally haha. the strength is in the description, and the high is really nice yet strong, NOT for beginners. Peace out and keep smoking.
  16. Smoking Dragon Potpourri Review Buy Legal Synthetic Lsd (http://vs.am/blackmagicherbalincense/smoking-dragon -potpourri-review-buy-legal-synthetic-lsd-melbourne -australia.html) 16 Dec 2012 Buy legal snortable powder online smoking dragon potpourri review marijuana substitute perth. Mojo diamond extra review buy pills in
  17. Dragon Eye Potpourri 3g - Legal Enjoy (http://legalenjoy.com/index.php%3Fmain_page%3Dprodu ct_info%26products_id%3D25) 23 Jun 2011 Dragon Eye potpourri is gaining popularity for its great value. It is made of damania leaves and other fruity extracts. Upon opening the potpourri
  18. I Want To Buy Smoking Dragon Potpourri Online For Cheap (http://www.seacoast.com/topic.php%3Fhealth%3Di%2Bwa nt%2Bto%2Bbuy%2Bsmoking%2Bdragon%2Bpotpourri%2Bonli ne%2Bfor%2Bcheap) Learn about I Want To Buy Smoking Dragon Potpourri Online For Cheap and find vitamins and supplements priced at wholesale cost or below for Heart Disease
  19. Smoking Dragon Potpourri 10Xx Best Recreational Benzo (http://desibizbuy.org/buypartypills/smoking-dragon- potpourri-10xx-best-recreational-benzo-philadelphia -pennsylvania-usa.html) 17 May 2013 Herbal marijuana cigarettes online best recreational benzo ninja turtle with lsd. Legal high euphoria distributor in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
  20. Teenagers Can Get High Legally With Fake Weed | Suite101 (http://suite101.com/article/teenagers-can-get-high- legally-with-fake-weed-a211981) An increasing number of teens are smoking "fake weed", incense sprayed incense/potpourri is available on the street, in health stores, for purchase on the
  21. smoking spice potpourri (http://thumbcreator.com/smoking/smoking-spice-potpo urri.html) Black Mamba Spice Shop | Smoking Botanical Potpourri | Buy. Potpourri Herbal Smoke Incense... Dragon Eye Potpourri Spice Herbal Incense; Flash Back.
  22. Smokin Dragon 12xx Herbal Incense Review - Incense Sticks - Zimbio (http://www.zimbio.com/Incense%2BSticks/articles/Wpy mEmF3l2E/Smokin%2BDragon%2B12xx%2BHerbal%2BIncense% 2BReview) 15 Mar 2012 Smokin' Dragon Herbal Incense Potpourri 12xx POWERPACKAGINGThe packaging is usual for Reduces the amount of cigarettes i buy.
  23. Buy Pineapple K2 Buy Synthetic Ecstasy Methylone In Adelaide (http://legalhighsaustralia.cafe-sciences.org/buy-pi neapple-k2-buy-synthetic-ecstasy-methylone-in-adela ide-australia.html) 16 Aug 2013 Where to buy bayou blaster potpourri in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia? in Australia? smoking dragon incense buy legal liquid ecstasy
  24. Buy K2 Herbal Seeds Smoking Dragon Potpourri 10Xx | Lowell (http://desibizbuy.org/buypartypills/buy-k2-herbal-s eeds-smoking-dragon-potpourri-10xx-lowell-massachus etts-usa.html) 23 Apr 2013 Raz 1g paypal smoking dragon potpourri 10xx mdma side effects. Purple puff herbal incense the best place to buy in Lowell, Massachusetts,
  25. Herbal Incense Potpourri Spice Smoke For Wholesale - Alibaba.com (http://www.alibaba.com/showroom/herbal-incense-potp ourri-spice-smoke-for-wholesale.html) 2247 Products Herbal Incense Potpourri Spice Smoke For Wholesale, You Can Buy Various High Quality Herbal Incense Potpourri Spice Smoke For Wholesale
  26. Naperville, Illinois, Usa Golden Dragon Aromatic Potpourri Review (http://legalhighscalifornia.com/buyamphetamineonlin e/naperville-illinois-usa-golden-dragon-aromatic-po tpourri-review-legal-shroom-pills.html) Published on January 27, 2013 in Buy Amphetamine Online. 0 Comments. Legal synthetic drugs online golden dragon aromatic potpourri review in Naperville past experiences: and subside after about the smoke shop blend fatigue, anxiety,
  27. November 24, 2013. Legal Herbal Ecstasy Pills Sterling Heights, Michigan, Usa Buy (http://legalhighscalifornia.com/legalecstasy/legal- herbal-ecstasy-pills-sterling-heights-michigan-usa- buy-smoking-dragon-potpourri.html) 22 Aug 2013 Buy Snow Blow Party Pills Concord, California, Usa Diablo Herbal Pills Pills Sterling Heights, Michigan, Usa Buy Smoking Dragon Potpourri.
  28. November 25, 2013. Herbal Incense Potpourri 2g 5g 10x 5x Variety - PandaHi (http://www.pandahi.com/1007804992.html) 3 Mar 2012 I have the following LEGAL Herbal Incense Potpourri Items for sale:5 Grams 10XX Legal Smoking Dragon Blueberry - 10$5 Grams Mary Jane
  29. November 26, 2013. k2spice (http://k2spice.blogspot.com/) 16 Jul 2013 And after hearing that Smoking Dragon are to change their chemical mix, I may The Fly High Potpourri company has made some quality products with a Remember when you could purchase incense, and just pack the
  30. November 27, 2013. Charleston, South Carolina Smoking Dragon Potpourri Review Best (http://bluelagoonliquidecstasy.blogspot.com/2013/11 /charleston-south-carolina-smoking.html) 8 Nov 2013 Common rave substances smoking dragon potpourri review best dxm high. It can I buy DEX powder is the own effects from one injects.
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  33. November 30, 2013. Smoking Dragon Potpourri Side Effects Buy King Kong - Blogger (http://chillherbalincense.blogspot.com/2013/11/smok ing-dragon-potpourri-side-effects.html) 25 Nov 2013 Safe smokable legal highs manufacturer in McAllen, Texas. Buy king kong potpourri bayou blaster have thc diablo spice no thc. One of free
  34. December 1, 2013. Pure Dmaa Powder Melbourne Fort Collins, Colorado Buy Smoking (http://lsdhallucinogen.wordpress.com/2013/05/11/pur e-dmaa-powder-melbourne-fort-collins-colorado-buy-s moking-dragon-potpourri-online/) 11 May 2013 Uppers and downers effects where to buy in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. Melbourne Fort Collins, Colorado Buy Smoking Dragon Potpourri
  35. December 2, 2013. Mind Candy New Formula Review Smoking Dragon Potpourri 10Xx (http://bluelagoonlegalhighs.blogspot.com/2013/11/mi nd-candy-new-formula-review-smoking.html) 25 Nov 2013 Ultra kush incense sublingual herbal highs kronic synthetic marijuana whyalla. Smoking dragon potpourri 10xx best buy in Durham, North
  36. December 3, 2013. K2 Spice Brownies Smoking Red Dragon Potpourri In Lubbock, Texas (http://buycocainepills.com/pepspice/k2-spice-browni es-smoking-red-dragon-potpourri-in-lubbock-texas.ht ml) 13 Jul 2013 Exotic herbal blend smoking red dragon potpourri legal bud dose. Names of uppers drugs how to get in Lubbock, Texas, USA. Purchase impact
  37. December 4, 2013. Smoking Dragon Potpourri Get High Off Energy Pills | Dream Herbal (http://dreamherbalincense.blogspot.com/2013/11/smok ing-dragon-potpourri-get-high-off.html) 27 Nov 2013 Spice diamond australia smoking dragon potpourri jamaican breeze incense review. Buy hawaiian gold herbal seeds at discount price in San
  38. December 5, 2013. Buy Smoking Incense Brisbane Smoke Dragon Potpourri | Aztec (http://aztecgoldherbalincense.blogspot.com/2013/11/ buy-smoking-incense-brisbane-smoke.html) 17 Nov 2013 Buy Smoking Incense Brisbane Smoke Dragon Potpourri. Serenity herbal smoke smoke dragon potpourri lucid ecstasy pills. Herbal incense
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  46. December 13, 2013. Smoking Dragon Potpourri Side Effects - Seacoast Vitamins (http://www.seacoast.com/topic.php%3Fhealth%3Dsmokin g%2Bdragon%2Bpotpourri%2Bside%2Beffects) Learn about Smoking Dragon Potpourri Side Effects and find vitamins and supplements priced at wholesale cost or below for Buy Today at Seacoast.com!
  47. December 14, 2013. Smoking Dragon Incense. WHoW - Drugs Forum (http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/showthread.php%3Ft %3D195818) I just bought smoking dragon incense 12xx and holy shit. Smoking Dragon Potpourri is one of the main veins in head shops, along with some
  48. December 26, 2013. Super Kush Spice K2 Potpourri Legal Weed Smokers Review (http://www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DqclfCdH9DJc) 1 Jun 2011 review on the Demon potpourri blend that you can legally buy and smoke. SMOKING SPICE REVIEW DRAGON SPICE REVIEW SPICEby
  49. December 27, 2013. Is It the New Legal Marijuana or just "Pot-pourri"? - Kosmo - HubPages (http://kosmo.hubpages.com/hub/Is-It-the-New-Legal-M arijuana-or-just-Pot-pourri) 23 Nov 2012 It also points out the dangers these smoke concoctions present to the people who buy them without knowing what ingredients are in them.
  50. December 28, 2013. Smoking Potpourri!!! | The Wizards Community (http://community.wizards.com/content/forum-topic/30 43496) Since the products are arguably considered potpourri, it blurs the line you can go buy that off the shelves at the local walmarts...hahahahahaha like wizard smoke, dragon smoke, dream smoke, some of this stuff, and it
  51. December 29, 2013. Seattle, Washington Buy White Spice Atomic Potpourri Smoke (http://buycocainepills.com/crystalmeth/seattle-wash ington-buy-white-spice-atomic-potpourri-smoke.html) 5 Aug 2013 Dragon spice liquid buy white spice buy smoking dragon potpourri. Spice smoking blend drugs the best place to buy in Seattle, Washington,
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