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993 Products scooby doo bag 4g.10g/free wholesale scooby snax bag herbal incense potpourri for sale 3 gram CAUTION red printed foil herbal incense potpourri bag bizarro herbal incense bags/Bizarro potpourri smoke bags/zencense


Negotiating with the seller gives you an opportunity to buy this item for less than the BIZARRO HERBAL INCENSE 1.5 GRAMS BIZARRO ZENCENSE 10 GRAM THE HOME STORE LAUNDRY BAG HAS OUT SIDE POCKET GREAT FO

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Herbal Incense klimax incense 10 grams Barely Legal Incense RAW legal in ALL . Buy Sonic Zero Herbal Incense by Zencense Replaces Sonic Boom . 7H Hydro or Super he rbal incense potpourri $28 for a 10 gram bag 100% Legal

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Where to buy zencense bizarro Product: Bizarro Herbal Incense Manufacturer: Zencense . reach out from under the counter and sell a 3.5g bag of Bizarro to this guy, hadn't seen any herbal. Buy Bizarro 10 gram herbal incense online.

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Shop by Price 100 Pack 10 x 13 Poly Mailers Shipping Bags Self Sealin. AU$ 20.54 BIZARRO ZENCENSE 10 GRAMS 100 PACKS ASSORTED FLAVORS

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7H 10 gram bag herbal incense potpourri free shipping 7H potpourri 5 Gram (5g) $19.99 : Herbal Incense and potpourri ... Legal Herbal Incense For Sale Buy

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I've bought about 5 of the 1.5 gram bags and it's very addictive. I am buying the 10g sacks at 35$ a pop, do any sites sell them cheaper? and sonic zero are the best blends, period. and they are all made by zencense.

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378 Products Buy it now Spice smoke 4g.10g herbal incense potpourri for sale bag. Min. Bizarro paper sticker for potpourri smoke/zencense herbal incense

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10 14 2010, 12:06 PM Now these are what you will find in the little 1 gram vials or pouches of "incense" sold every fucking This is the url http://zencense. us/ And it's the $100 a bag weed high...not like the K2 which was an anxious, hyper You can also just buy the chemical direct and make your own smoking blend.

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Buy herbal incense online! Lifestyles Bizarro 1.5 gram. $15.95 Bizarro 10 gram. $63.95 Bizarro 3.5 gram herbal incense. Bizarro Orgazmo 10 gram

Buy Herbal Incense | Herbal Incense | Lifestyles Waterbury CT ( 3Fsort_by%3Dprice%26sort_order%3Dasc%26layout%3Dpro ducts%26subcats%3DY%26features_hash%3DV20)

Buy herbal incense online! Lifestyles has a wide selection of all

Zencense's "Bizarro" | /T0rque's Incense Reviews ( s-bizarro.html)

Sep 13, 2012 Could someone post a Link to buy Bizzaro or Orgazmo online? Maybe not immediately after, but 5 10 min. much then be careful because it different from bag to bag..u can buy one of the weekest bags and up to a ten gram a day habit in just six weeks. thank god they just stopped selling it in my state

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Phatpugs, the unassuming plain mylar packaging was a little surprising to me I didn't expect an unmarked bag, so I cannot comment on that. I was hoping to see

Comments about this video:
Check out quantum leap herbals they will hook you up with all your herbal needs for X-Mas and the New Year. That is a .com website. dont smoke this herbal shit, i know plenty of people who have had seizures from it or other blends. at this point i think they are adding bath salts. why not? they are making mad money off this shit. and if you think you can pass a piss test dream on cause i sure as fuck didnt.yea some of the shit out there is just straight up intense and nothing like weed imo. shouldn't even be called 'synthetic weed' - feels more like a stim or tryptamine. whatever the new trance herbals stuff uses though is pretty close to THC.
Without a doubt... those concentrates they make are probably the most similar of anything I've tried recently. Not many 3rd generation products out there that compare to the 1st and 2nd...

anyone here know where to get these new trance herbals concentrates in norcal (bay area)? yes we have the best medical weed in the world but i hear this shit is insane...

Other physical negative herbal incense side effects include impaired reaction time and coordination. Herbal incense can also increase blood pressure, surge the heart rate, cause pulmonary palpitations, and decrease blood flow to the brain. These are all serious dangers of smoking synthetic marijuana which can cause long lasting damage to the body. The chemicals within herbal incense also have been attributed to headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and even fainting when fumes are inhaled dire.

Yeah but ask someone to go into the shop for you even if they are random if you give them some money then they'll do it for sure. But my advice stick to the illegal shit if you want to have a better time this shit frys your fucking brain, but if you can't get stuff like that smoke this but not ever day just like weekends and shit. Bizarro gave me a 30 minute painful seizure, couldn't breath, couldn't speak, all twitchy, could have died, being poisoned is not the same as getting high, this isn't safe, its not like any JWH based synthetic. Hopefully my brain will be ok in a few days.
This has now been made an illegal drug and is now classed as a class A drug it's insane it's on the same class as heroine and when i smoked it i was tripping balls. .
but it has killed over 9 people in scotland alone this year because you arent meant to smoke it, you're meant to use it as inscence or "hot box" with it.yeah a very small amount of this will put you instantly into the freakout zone, but some heavy concentration bland music and a bit of dry heaving can stabilise it, once it plateaus the high is extremely mellow and well worth it. just put a micro thin line in the paper and avoid pipes and bongs. and dont smoke it every day it WILL send you psychotic. take care folks.. We call it annihilation in UK, leeds anyway but fucking hell this is too strong for me, and if you get this do not put anywhere near as the amount of weed youd put in a spliff, half the amount and half it again, 3 puffs will get you high no doubt :).
Dude have you ever gotten a bad trip yet? I did 4 bong hits off the 7h kush today I couldn't move everything was very slow and I could feel my heart beat super fast. Ill never smoke that much ever again.

Dude Bizarro is FUCKED. Smoked too much of it at once n almost killed somebody. I stick with Zombie Matter all the way!

dude ive smoked bizarro and zombie matter before, like a whole package at a time and zombie matter is way stronger than bizarro me and my friend were having a full on acid trip.
cjslab*biz for rcs am-2201,urb-144, for big orders just call the number on the website we can get just about any rc 100g am-2233 $725.00.
While i was watching the video i spilled an ash on my stomach and it burnt me and it landed on my bed she and left a black stain.. :( FML shout out?

although i agree spice is dangerous and shouldnt be smoked, why the fuck were you idiots driving and smoking it?
hey man i like your vids and i smoke fake too. which kind do you think is the best for u. keep it up man.

There is none, unless you have a history of heart conditions. There's a reason why you don't take things that speed up your heart rate. I guess now I can say to you, that you're a faggot ass bitch that doesn't know what you're talking about.
i would never let this guy roll a blunt for me to smoke. he fuckin puts the whole thing in his mouth.
You are a huge douche-Bag!!! Keep on smoking and kill the last 2 braincells you may have left.. Please do us all a favor and Stop posting you ramblings.. MORON!!

Buy high quality cannibinoids to make your own incense blend, or you can buy our potent incense blends at : ur-supply(dot)com You will not be dissapointed. ;).
defcon 5 is a waste of money for probabely 90 % of people who use spice TRUST ME DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. Does anyone know where to get herbal incense in Australia?... Stuff that actually works would be good...Lol, only way i could tell u is find a dealer on the street. good luck. There is this smoke place near where I live and I actually just found out they sell a bunch of drugs there under the table. They still sell banned stuff. King Kong and Diablo. I smoke king kong and it absolutely fucks you up. Anyways, maybe a smoking place like that can send it to u haha. i only know of places in the US. I Always get from moodchillin com every other week. they r fast and have gd deals usually. try them?Not sure man... have you checked trance herbals? They shipped to my buddy in the UK 5-6 months ago, said it cleared customs no problem. dunno bout austrailia tho.. is incense even legal there?
they have this stuff called REAL WEED and i hear its even better than spice and safer... no im jk they have spice in australia called kronic which is decent.
There's a shit ton everywhere online, always...ALWAYS, look up a review cuz they have some crazy and unhealthy bunk shit out there too.
Jay you gotta see the may 26 review code black by Asperninja. We all knw you diedn and came back as a Zombie...Does it Matter? GM Holdencaufieldman.
Hell I do almost everyday, smoke till I puke sometimes, How to prevent from getting to high is instead of smoking until it hits you , Hit it only a few times hold it in for about 10 secs, and You will have a pleasant high.
Shockwave is all day long strong it is gone and replaced by its G3 Bizarro Really nice for a G3 put only an 8 strength love zencence flavors oops now it kicks in ...yep Holden.
Well here we go guys HoldenCaufieldman here I will do a music choice which is easy to find but really before your time many are still Playing today. I am not afiliated with the music biz or any band I recommend just love music which enlightens me and expands my mind.and hope you try some.Ex besides REM A very common used CD is The best of the talking heads 2 cd set. best from start till present.I am wonderiing if commenting on good mood music is allowed...Here we go. Recommendation of the day for Defcon I just spent the day with the last of Shockwave Strawberry is REM-All REM Rocks I saw them play at a party inAthens Georgia 1985 way before their time CD NEW ADVENTURES IN HI FI_ #5 6 10 12 in that order will give any aroma a really powerful pleasant experience try em used store $2.-HoldenCaufieldman.
Hey again jay please help me with my comments by responding. I have left you afew new comments on some videos. Also Everyone there is a new reviewer once he gets his feet wet he is a nice new edition note one his brand new reviews he shouts you out lots.HoldenCaufieldman. I also have a question about a false + from new chems from standard urine test dead negative on standard lab retest. I have never had this problem but 2x in 2mo.recently my friend has Ideas? I love Zencense alway a treat. 10's.

What's happenin' Jay. Huge fan and fellow scenthead. I listen to your reviews on the way to work man. You've compelled me to start reviewing some products of my own, so if you get the time, check out my channel and let me know what you think. I always link you in my descriptions. Get a live stream going soon so we can all get blazed together. I found stickam generally works the best, But peace out and keep smoking bro.Another great review bro. I was wondering if we could see more of the effects the spice has on you like after you smoke you can bullshit around a little longer cuz I can't really tell if you get fucked up off the stuff. Maybe you just have a really high tolerance like you say but I get fucked up off of it. Either way thanks and give you boy a shout out on your next review (I'll be watching) lol. Lol good review dog.. fuk a new camera lol yall need to stop bitchin bout tht we rlly dnt need to see wat hes doin its jus audio tht counts ya fools lol keep em comin my dudee.
Dude, get a new camera for these reviews. We like watching them but it sucks when they freeze. And HIGH DEF would be nice.  Take care.

Damn freezing screen!!! Yo bro... Throw me a shout out on your next review please!! Keep tokin' and stay high bro!!

got a question for you jay if they legalized marijuana today would you smoke that or would you still smoke spice?

Colorful herbal spice small aluminum foil zipper top bags with tear ( 32313719-212357787/Colorful_herbal_spice_small_alum inum_foil_zipper_top_bags_with_tear_notch.html)

Colorful herbal spice small aluminum foil zipper top bags with tear notch On this Product Details Page, Delivery Detail: 10 days after order approval & receiving deposit Payment Terms: T/T,money transfer,Money Gram bizarro herbal incense bags/Bizarro potpourri smoke bags/zencense herbal incense bags/small

Avalanche/Orgazmo Herbal Smoking Spice Review - Yahoo! Voices ( oking-spice-review-11859135.html)

Nov 12, 2012 Avalanche/Orgazmo zencense is a cheap, legal alternative to smoking marijuana . is a red and yellow lightning bolt, both of which come in a small black bag. How To Buy It: Avalanche/Orgazmo spice can be bought online at The largest package, 10 grams, can be purchased online for around $55.

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Bizarro Herbal Incense Buy Sonic Zero Herbal Incense by Zencense Replaces Sonic Boom. Bizarro Herbal Try Kush incense 10 gram bag our brand new.

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Bizarro 1.5 gram Herbal Incense. Bizarro Herbal Incense Buy Sonic Zero Herbal Incense by Zencense Replaces Sonic Boom . kush herbal incense 10g // Dynamic d140 hcg Bob Marley Incense 3g Bag $19.99 : Herbal Incense and

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