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  • Captain_Black's Cove: Bizarro Effects ( Nov 13, 2012 Bizarro brand incense is a synthetic marijuana blend thats meant to be smoked similar to how one might smoke weed, My experience with this
  • Bizarro Incents Drug ( ts-drug.html) InternetWebGallery. Home · Galleries · Advertise · submit site
  • Welcome to bizzaro world... | ( -world.196695/) Dec 12, 2005 bizzaro smoke,; bizarro legal weed,; bizzaro synthetic marijuana,; bizarro synthetic marijuana,; bizarro fake weed,; bizzaro fake weed,; bizaro
  • Synthetic Weed Bizarro | Windows To The News ( Source : Bizarro K2 Ingredients Wikipedia... Source : Bizarro Incense Synthetic Cannabis Source : Synthetic marijuana: JWH 018 | Herbal Smoke Blend
  • Smoking K2 Bizzaro ( aro.html) Calls for Ban of Synthetic Marijuana. Some patients have needed to be tranquilized by doctors after smoking K2, and the drug... Melanie Bizzaro (1) Melvin

  • Comments about this video:
    Check out the short documentary about synthetic marijuana on our channel. The youth in Washington, DC shared their experiences and perceptions. Thanks for the support!
    MR. NiceGuy is the best you can get case closed. I don't do it(anymore) but if I did Mr. NiceGuy would be the best;).

    this shit aint worth it i smoked it for about two months and spit up a chunk of blood keep it nautrual somke pot stay away from this shit they change the cems every time it is banned so you have no clue what is going into your body.
    and you need to try this shit called bizzaro, its like taking a hit of acid and crack its crazzzzyyyy.
    Not for human consumption means you aren't supposed to consume it in your body in any way. Distributors aren't supposed to sell it to you if you intend on smoking it due to it's dangerous nature. That way, if you end up killing yourself or dying due to smoking unknown chemicals then it legally isn't their fault. Kids, don't smoke synthetic marijuana. Smoke the real shit. BTW, Obama just passed a law banning all synthetics still being produced and distributed so you won't be able to find it.
  • Wiki Bizarro Synthetic Weed ( -weed.html) Synthetic marijuana legal, for sale across SC : News... Wicked Herbals Amped Exhuberance Powder, White Water Rapid... Jwh | Herbal Smoke Blend Wicked
  • Very scary experience last night, please help?? - Page 2 ( ml) Sounds like synthetic weed (goes under names such as Spice, Bizarro, etc.) Yeah I'm actually kind of scared to smoke bud now, do you think I:lol be fine? Just make sure you smoke the real shit, not the synthetic weed that
  • The Dangers From Smoking Fake Marijuana ( -Smoking-Fake-Marijuana) Sep 30, 2012 I told my friend about the dangers of smoking this fake marijuana, but it did no good. He has announced a full ban on this synthetic drug, New Jersey Bizarro and Avalanche are the two I used recently as well as K4.
  • Bizarro Incans ( Incense | Herbal Smoke Blend. is bizarro incense bad for you legalbud gorilla dro how long does synthetic marijuana gorilla dro po po stay in your system
  • Bizarro Herbal Incense at Website Informer ( cense) Herbal Incense: Buy 2 get 1 FREE, 50 State Legal, All Natural, Synthetic Cannabinoid Free, K2 Incens... All Natural Herbal Smoking Blends, Cannabinoid Free,
  • Face-eating attack spurs city crackdown on synthetic drugs ( spurs-city-crackdown-on-synthetic-drugs/) Jun 1, 2012 Face eating attack spurs city crackdown on synthetic drugs sold across store counters, snorted and smoked throughout South Florida. The packages have names like Cloud Nine, Green Buddha, Bizzaro and Guci, and
  • Incense! - Topix ( 3I2LB0KLGAMQIJK4) Bizzaro is totally f'ed, don't smoke it. I've smoked plenty of synthetic JWH products but this shiz can cause a seizure like acid trip, you will be
  • "Bizzaro" blend - Drugs Forum ( %3D196039) First time users almost NEVER enjoy the bizarro blends, ive noticed that inexperienced and novice synthetic smokers get intensely paranoid or
  • Synthetic Marijuana. [Archive] - NeoshoForums.Com ( The fact that we even have synthetic marijuana is one of the best and whats really stupid is you can be charged with smoking it but I'll respond to any direct question you may have, and I may step in to bizzaro land again.
  • How long does synthetic marijuana stay in your system? - Blurtit ( Some of the most popular synthetic marijuana products that are currently being smoked are K2, Spice and Mr Nice. These products, along with a number of the
  • Real dangers of fake pot: Synthetic marijuana use goes sky-high ( -of-fake-pot-synthetic-marijuana-use-g/nMBwL/) Oct 21, 2010 But so called "synthetic marijuana" has left such a trail of emergency room "The kids at school are smoking fake pot they're buying at the gas
  • Bizarro Zencense ( 3364-bizarro-zencense) Needless to say I was surprised when I seen my smokeshop clerk reach out from under the counter and sell a 3.5g bag of Bizarro to this guy,
  • Synthetic marijuana: Experts say fake pot poses serious dangers ( ijuana-experts-say-fake-pot-poses-serious-dangers-c an-cause-manic-rage-health-issues) May 21, 2012 The names seem harmless, but the side effects of synthetic marijuana, can be as He tried it two years ago while trying to give up marijuana and has been smoking it ever since. I almost died from bizarro a few days ago.
  • Waren Ning - YouTube ( nreA) Nov 19, 2012 Bizzaro is totally f'ed, don't smoke it. I've smoked plenty of synthetic JWH products but this shiz can cause a seizure like acid trip, you will be
  • November 24, 2013. Am I Addicted to Herbal Incense, Spice, Synthetic Cannabis? ( nse-spice-legal-weed) When I started smoking Herbal Incense or Legal Weed I never thought it was addictive or going to Like this past time i just bought a 3.5 g bag of Bizarro.
  • November 25, 2013. BIZARRO?! [Archive] - ( 0.html) well if you smoke some give me a review...;) I'd like to smoke Synthetic is a good term for it, because thats how I would describe how the high
  • November 26, 2013. BIZARRO?! - ( IZARRO-!) I'd like to smoke something since I can't smoke herb and I trust your Synthetic is a good term for it, because thats how I would describe how
  • November 27, 2013. 6 Terrifying Reasons You Shouldn't Smoke Synthetic Weed ( u-shouldnt-smoke-synthetic-weed_p2/) 30 Dec 2011 6 Terrifying Reasons You Shouldn't Smoke Synthetic Weed This happened to me on my 2nd bag of Bizarro, so the randomness of it is
  • November 28, 2013. Where To Find Bizarro Synthetic Marijuana In Virginia Beach ( rro-synthetic-marijuana-in-virginia-beach-virginia- usa.html) 11 Jul 2013 Algerian herbal potpourri mix bizarro synthetic marijuana thc enhancer and extract. Do you want bizarro synthetic marijuana to buy legal highs
  • November 29, 2013. Bizarro Synthetic Marijuana Review Space Legal Buds In Elk Grove ( 13/09/bizarro-synthetic-marijuana-review.html) 4 Sep 2013 Legal meth brisbane bizarro synthetic marijuana review buy natural methylone. K2 kush spice how to get in Elk Grove, California, USA.
  • November 30, 2013. Synthetic Marijuana - New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs ( 26 Nov 2012 Synthetic marijuana has been available since 2006 but has recently gained in popularity. Sold under the names of K2, Spice, Black Mamba,
  • December 1, 2013. Buy Bizarro Synthetic Marijuana Orange, California Legal Bud For ( arro-synthetic-marijuana-orange-california-legal-bu d-for-cheap/) 27 Sep 2013 Legal bud for cheap shrooms for sale vanilla sky drug australia. Cheap legal highs paypal legal status in Orange, California, USA. Discounts for
  • December 2, 2013. Smoke Shop Selling Bizarro Synthetic Marijuana In Columbus ( /smoke-shop-selling-bizarro-synthetic.html) 20 Jun 2013 Magic mushrooms party drug bizarro synthetic marijuana legal herbal amphetamine. Where can i buy super potent herbal incense and green
  • December 3, 2013. Synthetic MJ in North Carolina - Police Forums & Law Enforcement ( to how readily available synthetic marijuana is in NC in head shops and The stuff he had was "Bizzaro Zencense" looks like low-grade
  • December 4, 2013. Authorities - ( 14 Mar 2013 Bizarro merchants continue to operated with impunity in Buncombe County. a bill designed to strengthen laws against synthetic marijuana.
  • December 5, 2013. Zencense's New Bizarro Incense Herbal Smoking Spice Review ( new-bizarro-incense-herbal-smoking-spice-review/) 24 Apr 2013 Bizarro incense is one of the most popular brands of synthetic marijuana. Not only is it cheap to buy and available in several tasty flavors, but
  • December 6, 2013. synthetic weed on Tumblr ( Find and follow posts tagged synthetic weed on Tumblr.
  • December 7, 2013. Scooby Snax for sale: why synthetic marijuana laws hard to enforce ( or-sale-why-synthetic-marijuana-laws-hard-to-enforc e) 26 Apr 2013 Scooby Snax or a number of other products identified by experts as synthetic marijuana. There was dopey and bizzaro. Others go by names
  • December 8, 2013. New, more potent synthetic marijuana spreads across NC - WSOC TV ( nt-synthetic-marijuana-spreads-across/nXhtt/) 6 May 2013 New, more potent synthetic marijuana spreads across NC The NC state crime lab is testing Bizarro for any illegal compounds, but it may be
  • December 27, 2013. Regarding "fake pot," smokable "incense" or whatever you want to ( Bizarro Incense is probably the strongest herbal incense I have ever tried in I burned the incense and the smoke was actually pretty smooth.
  • December 28, 2013. Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids - Erowid ( _Spice_and_Synthetic_Cannabinoids.shtml) A categorized index into experiences with Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids. (124 Total) (see also Products - Smoking Blends - Cannabis- Like)
  • December 29, 2013. Where 2 buy LEGAL Synthetic Marijuana in Maryland? - Apprentice ( -where-2-buy-legal-synthetic-marijuana-maryland.htm l) I found some P.E.P. Spice Twist Vanilla for $80.00 at Capitol Hemp DC. I thought the store was a rip off with a terrible selection of pipes and
  • December 30, 2013. Is it dangerous to smoke herbal incense(synthetic marijuana ( 044706AA8lw7B) 8 Mar 2013 I smoke 11 grams of Kush herbal incense a day. And last month I started buying these new kinda of potpourris, called bizarro, and orgazmo...
  • December 31, 2013. Spice, Kush, Bizarro - Forums at Psych Central ( ice-kush-bizarro.html) I am addicted to smoking herbal incense. I have smoked weed off and on for about fifteen years and I totally ignored when people would talk
  • January 12, 2014. Bizarro - Legal Highs Forum ( 03-Bizarro) The first time I smoked it I made the mistake of going outside and Forum · Drug Forums · Synthetic Cannabis / Herbal Incense Forum; Bizarro
  • January 13, 2014. Can we talk about herbal incense? : entwives - Reddit ( n_we_talk_about_herbal_incense/) 16 Oct 2012 He's on probation so he smokes this herbal incense stuff, Bizarro, which until I met him I had never heard of it. I've smoked it with him, and my
  • January 14, 2014. Herbal Highs That Work Bizarro Synthetic Marijuana In High Point ( l-highs-that-work-bizarro.html) 10 Nov 2013 Herbal Highs That Work Bizarro Synthetic Marijuana In High Point, North Carolina. Legal ecstasy ultra herbal highs that work best party pills.
  • January 15, 2014. Orgasmo synthetic weed ( Much like Frankenstein's monster, synthetic marijuana was created in a lab and orgasmo synthetic weed orgasmo fake weed bizarro incense side effects.
  • January 16, 2014. Synthetic Marijuana Ban Bizarro Synthetic Drug In Miramar, Florida ( ynthetic-marijuana-ban-bizarro.html) 27 Aug 2013 Strongest legal psychedelics bizarro synthetic drug homemade safe stimulants. Spice gold powder buy legally in Miramar, Florida. Mixing
  • January 17, 2014. Bizarro ( "Bizarro" is the latest in a ever growing list of synthetic intoxication products promoted in convenience stores, tobacco shops, gas stations, and head shops.
  • February 3, 2014. Herbal Incense Online Australia Bizarro Synthetic Marijuana Review ( herbal-incense-online-australia-bizarro.html) 23 Nov 2013 Buy lsd tablet herbal incense online australia common household highs. Legal lsd analogues cost in New Haven, Connecticut, USA. Where
  • February 4, 2014. Buy Smoking Dragon Herbal Incense Bizarro Synthetic Marijuana ( moking-dragon-herbal-incense-bizarro-synthetic-mari juana-review-in-canberra/) 2 Aug 2013 Buy cloud 9 incense online bizarro synthetic marijuana review legal high tablets melbourne. White rhino synthetic cocaine best online shop in
  • February 5, 2014. Buy Legal Highs Wagga Wagga Bizarro Synthetic Marijuana | THC ( egal-highs-wagga-wagga-bizarro-synthetic-marijuana/) 2 Oct 2013 Jamaican gold rush herb ingredients reviewed in Aurora, Colorado. Bizarro synthetic marijuana best legal opiate black diamond spice opium.
  • February 6, 2014. Bizarro Synthetic Marijuana Herbal Ecstasy Online | - LitNet Blogs ( ro-synthetic-marijuana-herbal-ecstasy-online.html) 18 Oct 2013 Buy damiana leaves online herbal party pills australia buy herbal incense toowoomba. Herbal ecstasy online best shop in Columbus, Georgia,
  • April 12, 2014. Feds charge new lenox father & son with running $2m synthetic pot biz ( feds-charge-new-lenox-father son-with-running-2m-s ynthetic-pot-biz) 31 Jan 2014 The father-son team ran a mail order synthetic marijuana business... Super Strong Incense, Diablo Botanical Incense, Bizarro, Smoking Santa...
  • April 13, 2014. Buy Bizarro Synthetic Marijuana Palmdale, California, Usa Herbal ( marijuana-palmdale-california-usa-herbal-smoke-seed s-australia.html) 9 Feb 2013 Star dust legal drugs buy bizarro synthetic marijuana legal high northbridge. Bonfire salvia get you high retail stores in Palmdale, California...
  • April 14, 2014. Euphoria Incense Pills Bizarro Synthetic Marijuana Review In ( /12/euphoria-incense-pills-bizarro-synthetic-mariju ana-review-in-wichita-kansas/) 12 Nov 2013 Molly powder drugs bizarro synthetic marijuana review mdma powder to smoke. Skunk herbal damiana review buy for cheap in Wichita...
  • April 15, 2014. Does synthetic marijuana show on hair test? - Yahoo Answers ( 111008160751AArSF3m) IGNORE EVERYTHING LISA WROTE; she is wrong, as she often is. And the other poster is partially wrong; hair drug tests do not go back years, and...
  • April 16, 2014. Buy Marijuana Grinder Melbourne Bizarro Synthetic Marijuana In ( y-marijuana-grinder-melbourne-bizarro-synthetic-mar ijuana-in-topeka-kansas/) 26 Nov 2013 Legal solid incense australia bizarro synthetic marijuana bzp for sale australia. Best legal happy pills smart drugs ecstasy smoking red devil...
  • April 17, 2014. Does Legal Incense show up on a drug test? - Topix ( G56ML47F5D/p5) i been smoking a 3g bag a day since november 2011 and til this day not... uses LabCorp then YES they now have a test for synthetic cannabis, be careful!... new legal spice shows up on drug test for example bizzaro incense...
  • April 18, 2014. Bizarro Synthetic Marijuana Review Cheap Dxm Powder For Sale ( /02/20/bizarro-synthetic-marijuana-review-cheap-dxm -powder-for-sale/) 20 Feb 2014 Salvia divinorum seeds for sale bizarro synthetic marijuana review k2 diablo for sale online. Blue running man pills buy molly legal high black...
  • April 19, 2014. Buy Bizarro Synthetic Marijuana Most Potent Herbal Incense ( ro-synthetic-marijuana-most-potent-herbal-incense-w ollongong.html) 9 Jan 2014 Nitro herbal incense review buy bizarro synthetic marijuana magic dragon legal high... Herbal party pills australia how to get in Wollongong.
  • April 20, 2014. Synthetic marijuana: Experts say fake pot poses serious dangers ( na-experts-say-fake-pot-poses-serious-dangers-can-c ause-manic-rage-health-issues) 21 May 2012 Cloud Nine. Maui Wowie. Mr. Nice Guy. The names seem harmless, but the side effects of synthetic marijuana, can be as serious as a heart...
  • July 16, 2014. Bizarro Incense (3.5,10,15G) - Incense Express ( e/5091-bizarro-incense-3-5-10-15g.html) Bizzaro Incense is a rich aroma therapy blend. We have Bizarro Herbal Incense in 3.5 Grams, 10 Grams, and 15 Grams. If you are looking for a top-notch.
  • July 17, 2014. Synthetic Marijuana: Do's and Don'ts for Buying Spice at Head Shops ( synthetic_marijuana_dos_and_do.php) 27 Jul 2010 A quick Google search for "synthetic marijuana" or "spice" will reveal... is legalized i know at least Zensens (makers of bizzaro) and zenbio a.
  • July 18, 2014. Feds charge new lenox father & son with running $2m synthetic pot biz ( feds-charge-new-lenox-father son-with-running-2m-s ynthetic-pot-biz) 31 Jan 2014 The father-son team ran a mail order synthetic marijuana business... Super Strong Incense, Diablo Botanical Incense, Bizarro, Smoking Santa.
  • July 19, 2014. Does synthetic weed cause death? | Addiction Blog ( ause-death/) 4 Jan 2012 In fact, synthetic marijuana has been thought responsible for at least 12 deaths, and many users experience tremors, vomiting and sever.
  • January 16, 2015. Police raid gas station suspected of selling synthetic marijuana ( police-raid-gas-station-suspected-of-selling-synthe tic-marijuana/24745964) 28 Feb 2014 Lab testing found the presence of a form of synthetic marijuana... synthetic marijuana that was sold under brand names Scooby Snax, Bizarro.
  • January 17, 2015. The two were smoking Bizarro. - K2 and Synthetic Drug Awareness ( 118502818) Deputies arrested two people for smoking K2 after they admitted to getting high and losing control of all of their body movements.|By David.
  • January 18, 2015. Bizarro 10 Grams Bud Herbal Incense K2 Spice | LegalExoticWeed ( -bud-herbal-incense-k2-spice) Bizarro Herbal Incense is in very high demand right now! If you love smoking potpourri and are looking for synthetic marijuana for sale online then our herbal.
  • January 19, 2015. How long does K2 stay in your system? | Addiction Blog ( -in-your-system/) 28 Dec 2011 Experts don't know how long the synthetic cannabinoids in K2 stay in your... marijuana and got the same feeling I did when I smoked bizzaro.
  • January 20, 2015. Spice synthetic marijuana side effects | Addiction Blog ( uana-side-effects/) 29 Sep 2011 Side effects of synthetic marijuana can be similar to hallucinogenic drugs. Side effects of Spice can even include hallucinations and delusions.
  • January 21, 2015. Smoking herbal incense effects | Addiction Blog ( e-effects/) 11 Sep 2011 Herbal incense can mimic the effects of cannabis. But users report more adverse than positive effects when smoking herbal incense.
  • January 22, 2015. Using Synthetic Marijuana Can Cause Unusual Side Effects | Health ( a-unusual-side-effects.html) 19 Mar 2012 Teens who have used synthetic marijuana can be sent emergency rooms to be treated for some unusual side effects, doctors say.
  • January 23, 2015. Bizarro Incense (3.5,10,15G) - Incense Express ( e/5091-bizarro-incense-3-5-10-15g.html) Dun dun dun! Due to popular demands we now carry this top-shelf potpourri herbal incense. The Bizarro Incense has been gerating quite a buzz among the.
  • January 24, 2015. Cloud 9 Liquid E-Liquid / E-Juice Synthetic Spice K2 - A - Reddit ( _9_liquid_eliquid_ejuice_synthetic_spice_k2/) 16 Jul 2014 If you like synthetic cannabinoids then you should buy some powder... Which current liquid (Cloud 9, Hookah Relax, Crown, Bizarro, Mad.
  • January 25, 2015. How I Became Addicted And Finally Quit Smoking Herbal Incense ( ted-and-finally-quit-smoking-herbal-incense/) This is my story on how I became addicted to and finally quit smoking herbal incense. I will explain how it ruined my life for almost 2 years and my struggle.
  • January 26, 2015. How Chelsea Quit Smoking Synthetic Weed - Spice Addiction Support ( moking-synthetic-weed/) He found synthetic weed (bizarro was the first brand we smoked) at our local headshop & decided to buy a bag to try, since it was legal & he loved to get high.
  • January 27, 2015. Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids - Erowid ( s_Spice_and_Synthetic_Cannabinoids.shtml) A categorized index into experiences with Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids.
  • January 28, 2015. DEA warns of a dangerous liquid synthetic cannabis harming kids ( w-form-of-synthetic-marijuana-targeting-kids/) 21 May 2014 They go by names like Bizarro and Cloud Nine Liquid and are marketed as herbal incense. But the DEA says some people are using it in.
  • January 29, 2015. "Bizzaro" blend - Drugs Forum ( 196039) 9 Oct 2012 iR, you seem pretty knowledegable as to synthetic cannabinoids...are there any others which are similar to "Bizzaro" which might lend a clue.
  • January 30, 2015. Synthetic marijuana: A legal high that has far-reaching effects ( hetic-marijuana-legal-high-that-has-far-reaching) 16 Mar 2013... photo to enlarge. A pouch of Bizarro, purchased from Sea The Source... This man was high from smoking synthetic marijuana. He asked a.
  • January 31, 2015. Zencense's New Bizarro Incense Herbal Smoking Spice Review ( -new-bizarro-incense-herbal-smoking-spice-review/) 24 Apr 2013 Bizarro incense is one of the most popular brands of synthetic marijuana. Not only is it cheap to buy and available in several tasty flavors, but.

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