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Well I just had mine...Aarraagghhf...GAGHH-..YOUTUBE VIDEO,...AGAabbb...bagghgabbb-...Wtf, helicopters...
Here's the problem with bath salts (mephedrone and/or MPDV) - it's not the drug that makes you crazy, it's being an idiot and staying up for 4 days constantly redosing yourself with the drug that makes you crazy. But, you know, logic isn't allowed.The media covers it...and more people do it. Kind of like the school shootings. The media is to blame most of all!!!!!!!Cocaine has nothing in common with this bathsalts shit, you would NEVER see someone on cocaine doing this shit, sure cocaine isn't like free and clear, people do break the law while on blow, but nothing like this, I do a little blow here and there and to be honest, they shouldn't compare the two, because there is no comparison.
There was an episode all about this phenomenon on the new Canuck (Canadian) show called "Cracked". A wild bath salt animal and a wild mentally ill suductress. one of my fav episdes.

yeah, get your priorities straigjt USA !!! Maybe the drug sniffer dogs get soo messed up they forget they are police! lol.
most of those video are people on pcp , and the toxicoligy report for the man in miami show no signs of bath salt at all lol. 2 Crumleyy hey Pendejo can't you tell I'm just being sarcastic?? I can't believe how fucking gay & stupid you are.
and yet the man responsible for eating the other guys face ONLY had WEED in his system. i guess ur harmless plant isnt for everyone.
That's it I'm packing my Glock, Uzi, Shotgun some grenades, a rocket launcher & a flamethrower. I fuckin letting no one eat me the fuck up, shieet y couldn't you people just stay to some fucking WEED??? #FuckedupWorld.
No human deserves epidemcis, just because our governement is fucked up doesn't mean you should put on all the citizens of America. You need to get your head straight kid.
Suck my dick, motherucker... your mother and all of her dirty offspring should never have been born... asshole...
i have thought the same thing and it seems very logical, imagine a future drug that is STRONGER than this?

A zombie (Haitian Creole: zonbi; North Mbundu: nzumbe) is an "animated corpse resurrected by mystical means, such as witchcraft zombies aren't real wake up there has never been a zombie.

Then he was crazy without a drug. Weed doesn't cause that kind of delirious behavior. Not even close..
JESUS CHRIST IS GOD, that's clear. He said: I and the Father are one. Seek JESUS CHRIST and get saved !Well ms.wilma I know because I saw the videos of the guys fighting with the police when I was in high school. Im 28 now and they said they were on PCP at the time. The video with the guy laying down breathing quickly is a video I seen on Tosh.0. He said the guy was on LSD.Take a look to the Bryan Adams song titled "cloud number 9", you will see that this song is about the bath salts and have subliminal messages (This song is dated from 1999, :S).
About cloud 9 and others new drugs: This drugs was developed to destroy the american system, because the demons hates the american way, because they are communist. The "cannibal zombie" stuff on tv isn't casual,this is what they want (the underworld, the demons), the destruction of the capitalism in USA. Behind hides the evil General Lex Luxor, the real name of Lucifer, and the demons from the underworld.

They're preparing the new age of aquarius , where the capitalism will be extinguishes to make the way to the communism. They will use a false Christ, the name of this impostor is "Lord Maitreya", to create the global religion of the communist new order (you can search for Maitreya on youtube, then you will see more clearly that this words are not fake). Peace.
BathSalts are AWESOME, they are eliminating the weak from the the equation. Keep this shit legal xD Besides, it gives the cops something to do instead of harass the good folks : /. Yeah! Bath salts rule man, keep 'em legal. Check out the dude at 0:47, I litterally ROFL'd for about 10 seconds. hahahahahhaha.
Either your ability to detect sarcasm has faulted, or you're a user of these 'bathsalts'... In either case, refer to Darwin for your prize xD.
What is WRONG with this country??!! It is interesting that these drugs are not illegal to sell across the counter and are readily available: (Bath Salts, Alcohol, etc.) known to cause permanent harm and death but marijuana is STILL illegal. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!I get you now--you just weren't clear. Not only pro-legalization for the reasons you mention but also for the economy--it can create jobs & be taxed. I've smoked since I was a teenager as I don't find it harmful or addictive. Of course I have to be secretive due to my profession. I'd rather see my kids smoke pot (if they must) than choosing the other toxins out there. It's nuts- alcohol & illegal drugs (and cigs) can kill. Prohibition never worked. You aren't annoying me. I'm glad you replied.2 HanZarelli what I mean is this stuff is made to mimic the effect of an illegal drug, but it kills people in the process. The original would have probably been less harmful. These "legal" drugs are far more harmful.
I don't need to do any research,been there-done that.I'm an RN & parent. I work in drug & alco. addiction medicine. You wouldn't have a clue what I see everyday. We all have our own views.Maybe you should explain yourself more clearly in your post instead of making an offhand comment as "that's why drugs need to be legal". It doesn't sound educated or mature.Try reposting your comment instead of replying to me. I'm sure others have gotten the same impression. Marijuana? I'm pro legalization.

OK, fair enough. At LEAST make marijuana legal, because it will insure quality control , and take money away from the cartels ;) I don't mean to annoy you or anything, lol.

That naked black dude was on PCP and that video is literally YEARS old, way before bath salts existed.

Thats what happens when stupid people get a hold of them, there is no possible way weed could kill you by smoking. exstacy, shrooms, molly and acid are all safe too as long as there not in the hands of a dumb ass. the government needs to focus on the drug lords and hard drugs not weed or hallucinogenics. it does int matter if there not pushing it hard like some of the comments but the fact is our hard earned money goes toward fighting something we cant and wont win.

Growing Tobacco and Weed are usually charged with the same severity, Its not because weed is evil - its hard to legalize because it causes issues in society so therefor it cannot be taxed and it creates a black market which helps fund an underground criminal economy.

what happens when you take bath salts? - you eat and kill people what happens when you drink alcohol? - you kill people (by driving under the influence or killing under the influence) what happens when you smoke weed? - you sit in your house with your friends and have a good time. anybody agree?
Of course, and theres so much to it too. All the different weed, ways to roll, all the bongs, grinders and such, it can be personalized to anyone apart from haters...which is a hint i think (governments, that little bitch 'laxkid458' etc). Also, monster (the energy drink) is responsible for 5 more deaths than weed last time I heard; monster is responsible for 5 deaths.
yea, the world can be a crazy place sometimes :\ i live in the United Arab Emirates and there is a drug here called Doha, i used to smoke weed back home but since i moved here weed is apparently highly illegal and Doha isn't, even though they give almost the same effects XD.

real life zombies man,why does the government do something about it,maybe they dont cause there in on it,cause this is insane chit man...

Personally, from what I have read, I recommend everyone stay away from "bath salts", they say the effects last a very long time, which means if the experience is unpleasant, too bad, you stuck with it for a long time. It is a substance I will never physically come in direct/indirect contact with for any reason. The Legal/illegal status has absolutely nothing at all to do with my choice. The people on the news likely had seriously bad psychological problems, prior to using this.

Never ever ever blame a human, blame something instead. People are always nice, calm, controlled and proper at all times and the ONLY thing that can make someone do something unpleasant such as violence and theft, is completely a result of taking drugs or alcohol. PERIOD! Everyone is innocent!

using this drug to see what it's like is comparable to saying, "Gee, I wonder what it would feel like to shoot a bullet through my brain?" The effect of this sh#t is PERMANENT!
Poison the minds of your opposition, and take control. Who created this? Do you think it was some guy in a garage? Not very likely.
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It is physically impossible to actually be unfazed by bullets where a cop would shoot to seriously wound.
Yes it is. There are cases of people being shot several times in the head and still being functional, there is video of a young officer being shot in the head during a gun fight and not even noticing.This is why drugs need to be legalized, to prevent this from happening... this is actually caused by prohibition. Prohibition has caused nothing but disaster.
um dude, the stuff is legal..or at least it was at the I don't really see how what you're saying is valid in this situation..
Hey-- sorry for the comment, it was not intended for you, it was intended for "sexmaster63" (that alone oughta be a clue, right?
*yawn* please research prohibition and its affects please before trying to insult me.  I have my own views... :3 And what I meant was prohibition has caused chemicals to be produced that have no purpose in the human body... humans //shouldn't// make drugs :P Ok, maybe my point doesnt make sense over the internet... whatever. The government shouldn't tell us what we can put into our bodies... it's OUR bodies.
ProLegalization not only for the reasons you mention but for the economy- creating jobs & taxes. I've smoked since I was a teenager as I believe it's neither addictive nor harmful, but must be secretive due to my position. I'd rather have my kids smoke (if they must) instead of the other toxic choices out there. The country's nuts- illegal drugs, alcohol & cigs are known to be addictive & fatal. No studies suggesting otherwise. Prohibition never worked, hopefully will be legalized someday.
This isn't being caused because marijuana is illegal. Nobody really gives a shit about pot (I've been a cop for 18 years and don't know more than a handful of cops that care one way or another about it). This is about people being stupid. Even cocaine and heroin are at least derived from a plant source. Drugs like "bath salts" and methamphetamine are a chemical soup that have no business being in the human body. People are just stupid and will take anything sold to them in the right way.
A lot of people try pot and find out it isnt bad for them and then think,well the Government lied about pot they must be lieing about other drugs too. So they go ahead and start doing meth,coke and now bath salts. Our government has made pot a gateway drug,by lieing about it.
But there's plenty of proof of how fucked up meth, coke, heroin & bath salts are. You always hear about people overdosing on shit like that. But people still take them. It's not the government's fault, people are just dumb as fuck.

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